YOU Are the EverLasting Sunrise in The Realm of Shadows.

mountain-sunrise-background-wallpaper-1 There is so much subtle understanding that came thru yesterday I am at a complete loss where to start today.  Maybe I will just start with what I am recognizing with what I call "the reading field," where you show up in all your beautiful glory and the changes that is happening.  I have been reading you, in one way or another, since 2003, always sitting on my ass, bent over to kick-start the connection and never moving or changing my position in my seat.  That is, until about the last month I was in New Mexico, suddenly, and quite unexpectedly to myself, sometimes, I would stand up and finish the reading, sometimes, moving to behind my chair standing up (it was a kitchen chair, no wheels or swivel.)  I came to realize that the new positions enhanced what we were seeing and understanding.  Now I am in an office that does not provide the straight out the back door platform that my home in New Mexico did.  There is a lot of bending, a lot of angles and contortion (within my own vision) I must do to see the whole of you.

I started to realize there was a whole other scope to the field I read from, depending on the angle of my focus.  It became clear (but I could not say I understood it) on the 11:11 when I could not see the outside field at all, the light was just too bright.  However, inside the office, plain as day.  In the rear outside corner of my walls is where I seen the thing that reminded me of an hour-glass (triangle shaped tho) light getting ready to flood into the bottom, the pitch black.  When the conversation turned to trump himself, I automatically turned and moved myself on my chair (which does have wheels and a swivel) and he was in another spot inside my office and once again, clear as day.

So I really took notice yesterday the variations of light outside.  From bright light to more toned down or muted light, but all light nonetheless.  The only time I seen any sort of color spectrum is when I turned my chair around (without even realizing I did that) propped my feet up on the couch that aligns the back wall and wham, there was full color spectrum of your beautiful self.  Holy shit!!  This is surprising and kewl.  When I turned back around to look straight out my sliding glass doors, variations of light is all I could see.

This is a realm of shadows.  Shadows in the light, shadows in the dark and shadows everywhere in between.  For a very long time, the shadows have gotten as bad a rap as our beloved ego has.  Its bad, gotta go.  Quite the opposite.  It really is our realm of power.  The shadows enhance what we are capable of.

This actually brings me to what I had constantly seen on the 8th, the light from the cone of light hitting the 3 inch space between whomever I was reading and it then bounced up to cover the person.  I hear the word refract, so I went to handy-dandy google, found the physics classroom website and this is what gave me that ohhhhh yeahhhhh understanding just now:

We have learned that refraction occurs as light passes across the boundary between two media. Refraction is merely one of several possible boundary behaviors by which a light wave could behave when it encounters a new medium or an obstacle in its path. The transmission of light across a boundary between two media is accompanied by a change in both the speed and wavelength of the wave. The light wave not only changes directions at the boundary, it also speeds up or slows down and transforms into a wave with a larger or a shorter wavelength. The only time that a wave can be transmitted across a boundary, change its speed, and still not refract is when the light wave approaches the boundary in a direction that is perpendicular to it. As long as the light wave changes speed and approaches the boundary at an angle, refraction is observed.

Pure Source Light must refract to meet the medium (you) at its place in the realm of shadows (earth.)  None of this is a bad or negative thing, actually quite exciting, at least to me.  It overlays with the post I wrote about speed (emotion) and velocity (thought.)  Knowing your target enhances what and how you are capable of doing what you do.

Now I kind of look at my office like a skull lol.  Outside is the field of light brought into the optics thru refraction and the back of my wall would be the visual cortex.  "It is in the primary visual cortex that the brain begins to reconstitute the image from the receptive fields of the cells of the retina." (Taken from my google search.)

Eye and visual cortex nerves

There is another wave we must look at too, one not depicted in this visual.  The release of that light information out the mouth.  Whether you speak it, think it or just breath with it, light is always in motion, in thru the eyes out thru the mouth.  And lets think about that little quote... "those with eyes to see."  We all have them, few use it to the highest degree of light we are capable of.  Thank you dear god I attract those who use them day in and day out, even when they feel they aren't!!

I just got an amazing glimpse beyond my office.  Out there is the marina, which is part of the Anclote River, which is also a part of the Gulf of Mexico.  All this pure and tempered energy (your light field) is bouncing off the walls of my crazy office and enhancing its journey thru the realm of shadows via the waterway outside.  So there is nothing that we do, say and resolve that isn't carried outwards to the greater ALL thru the dynamics of the waterways.  Shifting the earth and its inhabitants into greater awareness of their own Light.  That does not mean everyone on earth is happy about this lol.  Shine a light in a room filled with cockroaches and watch them scatter.  We are seeing many of these elements being played out on earth, have been for a long time, it's just going to get more.... interesting!!  We hit a huge peak in the light field of our personal and collective lights.  Its shaking shit up!!

There is a secondary theme I am seeing and understanding too.  The complete release of self (small s there) identity.  The less you feel the need to use a label, identify yourself as this or that, the more powerful you are!!  It is one thing to enter a room full of people and immediately declare "I am a doctor, who needs my help" and a completely other thing to walk into the same room and just start assisting without the public declaration of who you are or who you think you are.  Only the ego declares, which also limits and restricts and dare I say, scatters.  The heart moves to where it can do the most good and begins.  Period.  Think about sunrise... you are the sunrise to this earth, to the people, animal, plants and the ALL.  The sun never declares what it is or how it is, it just shows and shines for all the world to use its brilliance and energy.

On that note.... I love you all so very much.  Thank you for radiating your amazing Sun into the heart of my Life.

Big big shiny ((((((HUGZ)))) to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas