Our Intergalactic Friends Solidifying the Higher Energies In and Thru Us.

ships-purple-small-pano-1140x638 I woke up yesterday so excited because I actually slept thru the whole night.  OMG my body felt soooo rejuvenated, and no after tremors of coughing on waking up.  I was sure... absolutely sure, this is the day!!!  This is the day we connect back into the field together again.  I had nothing to write about yesterday, today is day 7 since I woke up with no voice and major bronchitis/asthma like symptoms happening in this body.  For close to three hours yesterday, there was barely a cough in sight.  ...Until one minute before my first connection, the coughing started in earnest.  As we connected, the mine earthquakes coming from my lungs were steady.  Hack, hack, hack... bless her heart and ears.  She had concerns I knew I could help her with, so I started spinning my chair around in a slow circle, realizing that each point of light (position from my chair) creates a different point of view from my seat, maybe I can find the one that isn't quaking my lungs.   We did find a spot where we could actually talk for about 5 minutes to talk her off the ledge of change she was starting to back up from.

I had started hoping this lung quaking with her was due to the fact that she is in the midst of massive life changes and when we are in that space, our team has got to fall to the background so as not to interfere with your/our choices.  My next reading wasn't for 2 more hours (some folks rescheduled on their own before hand) and I was chomping on the bit to see if this was just my lady's change interfering with our connection.

In the meantime, I talked to my daughter in California, she is going thru some hard, massive life changes as well.  My voice was steady as a rock talking to her, save a few throat clearings.

When my next appointment called me, earthquake city just from saying hello.  Jezuz!!!!  I don't care, I am going to try to connect anywayz.  On my way into the "position" of connecting, I got a quick visual a very familiar finger wag saying no no no.  The surprising part of the finger wag is that it wasn't spirit, but a huge ET hand wagging their finger just outside the sliding glass door.  Hey!!  What the hell???  Why are you there!!??  It didn't matter, my lung quakes were now in serious overdrive and I could barely breathe.  Just trying to tell her I love her and thanking her for her thanksgiving kindness was blowing out a lung.

Thank god, at times, I do listen to my inner voice.  Because I had plenty of room on my calendar yesterday, I was going to email two people to see if they wanted to go early, that felt more wrong than right, so I sat on my hands.  On my way out the door to the office, I was prompted to go grab my inhaler, I did of course with the question in the back of my mind... why???  I felt freakin fantastic!!  Well hanging up with my second and last lady of the day, just walking to the car I was in a full-blown asthma like attack.  Albuterol to the rescue!!  Instant breath in a puffer :-D

Before I had the finger wagging ET outside in the field, I found an article about a fireball over florida the other day and posted it on my facebook for one reason.  I tried to take a picture of the morning sliver of a moon close up but each picture was oddly blurred and nothing I did unblurred it.  Here are two photos, one from the regular visual and one at 4 times zoom:



All I kept feeling with the blurred light of the moon was there was an ET presence happening.  That alone was an odd thought for me, I just don't think like that, my first assumption normally would be something is wrong with my phone.  I didn't even bother to share the pictures until I read the article I linked above.  It all felt connected.  And still does, especially now after my attempt of sleeping thru the night again.

I came home from the office immediately after my last lady feeling completely defeated.  I was so sure, given the perky energy in my body, this is the day we get to connect again. This spirit-aholic is jonesing for her next gulp of your light!!!  But alas, my lungs were in earthquake mode once again... I spent the afternoon and evening hacking up more lung!!  I spent most of the night awake, coughing, trying to breathe, and yet, somewhere hovering above the earth at the same time, just like the other night when I could so clearly see the potential of those at standing rock.  But I suppose last night, the view was from higher up in the sky.  I could see the earth, it was dark so it was the part of the earth that was in nighttime mode, and there were these... shit, I have no idea now (I did while I was witnessing or assisting what was happening) these particles of pure white light exploding in our atmosphere and being embedded in a way that looked like huge light seeds beneath a particular quadrant of the ground.  Again, I could not recognize the landscape itself, when you look at the earth from way above, it just looks round and without sun, unidentifiable placements lol.  Hell even with the sun, I would have no clue, my geography did not make the trip into this incarnation with me!!

I woke up this morning, coughing, in a full-blown asthma like attack (they should bring me with a space on or something lol) with fragments of knowing, remembering what I learned thru my attempt at sleep last night.

There was a tremendous amount of new energy being released into our breathable atmosphere for weeks now.  When new energy meets the existing energy, the energy changes just like when a sperm meets an ova.  Because we actually breathe this air, this energy, there was/is a lot happening in the quantum realm of space, our atmosphere of space, and into the human DNA as well.  There are some humans, sadly I am one, that are hosting the change in DNA while in body, which allows the DNA of all, I don't know, not hurt as much lol???  And I am being told, not everyone goes thru the massive symptoms I do, but I do simply to understand and share what is happening.  Lucky me!!  NOT!! lol

Anyway, there are many ET's assisting in all this change we are going thru, both in body, in landscape and in the atmosphere.  Many ships from many parts of the universe that are here on earth.  Please know and trust with all your heart, there are no space wars happening.  No ET's fighting amongst themselves for domination over earth or anything else.  We humanize so much and we humans are the only ones fighting.

But anywayz.... the energy in the atmosphere that is now coming together almost like solid particles and releasing itself into the earth, looking like fireballs because it needs to speed to penetrate deep into the soil, safely.  The soil of the earth has got to change its matrix too, to be able to absorb the new energy from the air as well as the rain.  So in a way, all of earth is getting a lung transplant.  Since all systems work as a whole, everything else must change to be able to digest and use the new higher energies.  So some will be having what feels like digestive issues, others joint issues, others whatever... find comfort, just don't stop it.  What you are going thru, doing is a privilege, even if you feel like shit!! (Stated from my own human self lol.)

Following a link in the article above, I am sharing video of what a guy's drone captured, looks like my moon picture only moving instead of still out of North Carolina:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAEi9rltoqU&w=560&h=315]


It now makes perfect sense why an ET made itself known in my brief attempt at connecting.  From what I am hearing in this moment, which is why I go into massive coughing gags with you and only with you... "we are breaking quanta of light together."  I don't even know what the hell that means, but I know what it feels like in my body!! lol  Thank you????  lol

I am being asked to remind everyone that all of this is preparing us to fully enter the "Emerald City" of Light on earth.

On that note, time to get to the office for another dose of quanta light exploding!!  I will be there for every connection today.  Now I am just a curious cat toting albuterol to the party!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of Light changing realities to and thru ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

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