The Soul Mind and Physical Mind Is Upgrading!!

soul-mind-upgrades I have decided, it's one thing when your higher mind goes into the shop for upgrades, it's a whole other, dysfunctional ball game when the base or lower mind goes in for upgrades.  I started to write my blog Saturday when I woke up, there was soooo much information to share.  There was this odd, constant, I don't know, like a disconnect between various thoughts and flows of information, so I had to stop and start so many times I finally just gave up.  I figured I will just pick back up where I left off yesterday morning, holy heavens, I had less brain function yesterday than even the day before.  On the upside tho, doing readings, I understood more than I probably ever did, but without the lower brain function at peak performance, the ability to bring it all down into words, holy heavens, near impossible!!  It was a challenge to say the least.

Yesterday was a day off and my car had already been scheduled to be at the local Honda dealership to have the recalled airbags switched out at 8am.  So I didn't even try to finish up the blog, besides my brain did not feel functional anywayz.  The drive was odd, to say the least.  It was like the road and world in front of you and around you were not solid things, but more like putty that can change and shift as you speed on down the road.  I could almost see the flow of energy I was moving thru and creating just by driving to Honda.  We won't even talk about the overwhelming feeling that something more than wonderful is on its way.  What that is, I have no idea and it may be nothing in particular, just the souls knowing that no matter what happens, it's wonderful!!  All day long I kept feeling similar to the Jill Bolte Taylor from her Stroke of Insight video experience.  Obviously nowhere near that extreme, but not all that far away either:



There was a major hazard to this experience tho, I was cranky and irritated by everything.  I barked at the man at the Honda dealership for no real reason, I barked at the man at Enterprise car rental (Honda uses them) for trying to sell me insurance.  I realized so clearly that Florida is the land of businesses taking advantage of people.  When I finally snapped at him, just screw the car and take me home, he finally shut the hell up about taking out $27 worth of insurance I felt Honda should have paid for, and gave me the keys.

When all that was finally over and I found safe refuge on my couch for the rest of the day, the oddness in my brain just became more odd.  I really had to stop and ask my body if we are stroking out.  The left side of my forehead and down around my left eye felt... weird.  I don't even have a way to describe the weirdness, it was an ongoing physical sensation with completely disrupted thought patterns that lingered.

This morning I think I see what has been (and will continue to be) happening.  I see it as two different patterns of magnetic energies, the higher frequency kind, which kind flows like water I suppose and then the more hmmm I don't know, disrupted or sparking like pattern that binds the lower mind itself.  My team is giving the analogy of new software being installed from the higher mind and the hard drive it installs upon, which is the lower mind, is going thru a massive upgrade to handle its incoming function.  Then there is the binding together of course.  Interesting days we are in!!

There is one thing I want to bring forward from my failed attempt at sharing on Saturday lol, and that is the prevalent images of things that so remind me of children's Erector sets.  These simple, but really large formations came thru several of the connections this weekend.  What I eventually understood as magnetic thingies (smile.)  One of the things, a huge arch looking Erector set formation was holding a dimensional field open for the flow and use of that energy system, but one in particular that has not left my mind, was this huge wheel inside the glass sliding door that is the divider (in readings) between being in 3D density or out in the field of light experiencing life.  It looked like a huge wheel rim, hollow in the center, but again, having that Erector set framework to its rim.  It was silver but seriously tarnished.  My lady's team explained that it is showing the oldness of time in the present.  Going thru this wheel, this release of time construct has become a one way flow.  Up until this quarter, this year's final quarter, we could bob and weave, 3D and then back out again... now, we are making the choice of which place we want to experience this upcoming year, 2017, AKA the Emerald City, which only exists in the field of light, NOT in 3D density.

I am going to have to end there for today, my day is about to begin.  At least I have more brain function this morning than I had at any given time yesterday!! Yay!! lol

((((HUGZ)))) Filled with Magnetic binders opening new highways of, well, everything!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Just another reminder that my fee’s will be increasing on December 1st.  I have put the notice on my reading page, booking page and main page of my website.  I will add it here too:

On December 1st, 2016 all of my reading sessions will be increasing.  I have not raised my prices significantly in 11 years, it will probably be another 11 before I do again.  But just want to forewarn everyone about the increase.  The One Hour reading will go from $99 to $149, the 45 minute reading will go from $83 to $95, the 30 minute and ET connection will go from $59 to $84 and the 15 minute reading will go from $33 to $45.  All packages will increase as well.