Light Explosions thru Thick Energy Within the Earth Atmosphere!!

light-explosions Man oh man, ya feeling these energies??  They hit my back on Monday like flipping fireman's water hose!  I really was trying to clean my house, I got two rooms in and gave up, my back hurt wayyy too much.  And we are only talking dusting and vacuuming, I wasn't being all superwoman at all!!  I even only vacuumed half the livingroom, between what felt like air pockets moving up and down my spine, someone seemed to completely pull the plug on the energy I did have... plop to the couch I fell and never got back up for hours.  That back energy was still there when I woke up yesterday.  We won't even talk about the overly bloated feeling I have been feeling for  a while now.  It is so full in the abdomen area that eating is a very slow, close to all day event to finish one meal and even that, is super uncomfortable.  So I wasn't completely surprised to see what I seen in the field yesterday.

The entire field is like covered in this beautiful but thick fog looking energy, from sky to ground.  Thru my second reading, I could see this like silver starburst explosions happening in the near distance thru this fog like energy and all of the sparks of these explosions heading towards her (each person on earth.) It was actually really pretty.  My second lady had these like swimming goggles on.  Her team explained to her they were both protecting her eyes from this intense energy (kinda reminds me of the bathing cap my other lady had on last week, come to think of it.)  Equally tho, these goggles were very much like the virtual reality goggles now on the market.  Her ability to see what she can do thru various situations will become clear, almost like focused thru these goggles.  She had said this now makes sense of the changes in her meditations, they have become movie like.  Perfect!!!

My first lady of the day had these amazing birds show up, white and gold and flying in a huge circle in front of her.  Since she was my first one, I assumed the white out conditions beyond her body and under the birds flying in a clock wise circle had only to do with their message, she is in a new cycle within her life and taking new flights into higher realms of experience.  The birds colorings were purposeful too (like it would be any other way in a reading lol) white, the pureness of spirit and gold the highest vibration of spirit I see in readings.  Of course, we tend to equate a new higher, deeper, richer level of spirit in body as something dreamy... harps and clouds and stuff.  Altho it will have amazing upward adventures, her team equally stated, it comes with tremendous responsibility too.  I think it comes down to, enjoy the magic, but assist others who need your magic as well.

My third lady threw me for a loop.  She was one of the rare few at the ground level, now I see why there are so few here, it's the most challenging place to be and do your work from.  She showed up directly in front of my sliding glass door, outside of course, with a crutch under her right arm pit and a bee hive on her head, almost looking like a hat.  Very much like this (and the yellow jackets were part of her clan, tho they were inside the hive, none were outside:


The bee's explained to her that she needs to pay attention to the sensations on her head, it may feel like buzzing or even bugs creeping around, it is them getting her attention, sometimes warnings she is about to go into an emotionally rough situation or something she needs to pay attention to.  The crutch itself is actually part of her ability to balance when she is in emotionally unstable environments.  She said she has been taking Benadryl the last few days because of what felt like bugs on her scalp.  Love it!!  She has been feeling her bee's!!

I also came to realize, what we think are disappearing bee's on this planet, is simply them migrating to the higher dimensions getting it all ready for our arrival!!  We have poisoned what we call 3D density and we will be watching it fall away in chunks... and emerge into higher planes of our own existence!!

Last but far from least, my last lady on the field was supposed to be a 2nd attempt at an ET connection.  I got the old finger wag with her.  The last time I tried to connect with her ET (a couple of weeks ago) she got a guide instead, named Jordan, helping her to cross the river Jordan into the (her) promised land.  Here is what I learned!!

There are many ETs waiting to have that intimate human connection and participation, but you really have got to establish your inner trust in the telepathic communications and how you receive and send out information.  She still needs to connect and hone her skills with Jordan, more often, more diligently so that when she goes to connect with them, it is effortless instead of feeling stressful from having what appears to be, but isn't, no connection.

We all got the warning yesterday as well, that these energies will intensify as we move thru the final days of 2016.  Yippie!! lol

On that note, I am strapping myself in for another elevated crazy day in the field!!  I am kinda glad that December comes with the Christmas holidays, as the energies bridge into 2017 I will be playing joyfully in the cooler weather of Plymouth Massachusetts from december 24th until January 3rd.

Ohhh let me give you an update on my daughter and grandson.  Talk about the twists and turns around every corner.  She took her car in for an oil change and tire rotation yesterday only to find out she needed a new serpentine belt and her head gasket was leaking oil onto her engine.  All of it got fixed, thank god she had the extra money from not having to rent the uhaul (over $400 to fix.)  Her sister has not left out of Houston yet, the truck she was going to take needed too many repairs to make the 30 hour drive to Cali, so she had to find a back up truck and get it road ready.  We are praying she leaves out today!!  Here's to bobbing and a weaving!!

I love you all so much!!  Have an adventurous day in all that you do today and every today that you get to play in!!!

(((HUGZ)))) of super goggles and buzzing bee's to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas