The Emerald City is the Antithesis to the Emerging Trump Empire!!

heaven-and-hell_art As I watch more and more of Trumps cabinet come together, I think we are all gonna need those virtual reality goggles I had seen in a reading.  I am also realizing the need for us to fully embody a different state of living, a different plane of existence that we live upon.  Remember, we are moving into the Emerald City.  In all my years of reading (since 2003) and seeing a new year come closer, the vibration go higher with each year, never had I seen a completely different "city" for us to move into, separate from the complexity of the multi-conjoined consciousnesses that co-exist within each other, before.

As we move into what looked like thick energy fog, which I am now realizing set itself up in the field as a cloaking device of sorts, we are starting to see phase two of your extended super powers coming into view and online.  Let me tell ya, we are gonna need them.

It's kinda funny what triggers downloads and even what I write in the morning.  I was planning on writing about the super powers I am starting to see thru you now.  But ohhh no, my son sent me a video that is taking us in a whole other direction today.  Let me share the video with you:


When we started 2016 we had three buttons in front of us, thru this crazy thing we call our (USA) elections.  First button was ascend the country (that button was named Bernie.)  The third button was destroyed the country (that button was named Trump) and the middle button was more of the same named (Hilary.)  What we may have not realized is the first and third button had the same outcome, just taking different routes to get there.  There is always the easy way and the hardest way, of course we chose the hard way, why not!!  It is going to force us all to really develop our super powers instead of sit back and enjoy the show, now we must fully participate.  Extreme growth is like that.

The closer we get to 2017, the clearer the details are being shown in what my team lovingly refers to as "The Emerald City."  It really is taking on a lot of the symmetry of the image I use on my facebook (my own personal reminder of where we are heading.)


I am also going to note that spirit is really starting to use that word "symmetry" these days.  Just as a reminder (more for me than anything lol I googled it:  the quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis.)  What I am seeing as the emerald city are multiple domed like buildings huddled together, very much like the above picture.  There is not a corner in sight, everything at the top is rounded.  The light comes from deep inside, from the occupants (us) who have yet to arrive (except via the soul.)

Let me bring this point back, in years past, I have seen the energy frequencies of the coming year, sometimes it was silver, sometimes gold, I think last year was red, like ruby-red but never did it house its own building.  It was always an energy frequency we had to assimilate to or towards.  Not this coming year.  So I have to wonder, why emerald, there are a lot of nice green stones out there, so I just googled the metaphysical qualities of emerald and one line says it all:  Called the “Stone of Successful Love,” Emerald opens and nurtures the heart and the Heart Chakra. A stone of inspiration and infinite patience, it embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love.   Emerald promotes friendship, balance between partners, and is particularly known for providing domestic bliss, contentment and loyalty. It was dedicated in the ancient world to the goddess Venus for its ability to insure security in love.

Emerald is also a stone of great vision and intuition, associated with the eyes and sight, long believed to foretell future events and reveal one’s truths. It is a stone of wisdom, enhancing memory and increasing mental clarity. It combines intelligence with discernment, and brings to the conscious mind what is unconsciously known. Emerald also increases focus and intent, activating psychic abilities and opening clairvoyance.

For anything to form like a city, that means there must be enough minds living that frequency as a way of life.  Interconnected at the heart level of Life, of Soul, of Beingness.  So in truth, the emerald city has three parts to it, the trinity spirit has talked about for years now.  The heart of God/Source, the heart of the human and the heart of Gaia.  Three living as One.  What we also must realize in this place of life, it is not an outside source, not an outside living space, but birthed into this earth thru us, together.  WE are the Emerald City.  We ARE the qualities stated above (in italics.)

Trumps white house and his minions beyond the white house are the antithesis to the Emerald City.  Ha!!  I love this... it comes down to the battle of good vs evil... evil (ego violating internal love!)  And its four freakin years long, I'm exhausted just thinking about it!! lol  Thru it all, we will be breaking up dense collectives still holding onto separation and fear.  The Legions of Love are on the ground dressed as each of us!!  Which makes using your/our personal super powers individually and collectively more important than ever.  And altho, just thinking about it all may sound extreme, well, violent, I promise you it's not.  Stressful maybe lol.  Using our wisdom and our love is not so much violent as it is firm, penetrating.  I now have a real example to use!!!  Anytime I enter an adverse situation, there is something happening beneath the surface to discover and understand.  Well, my recent example of how we will be changing hearts, changing mind came thru my new dentist!!  It really takes that "verbal frequency" to an interesting level of expression.  Let me 'splain! (Smile, using my ricky ricardo impression there.)

Last month I finally made a dentist appointment to deal with the filling that fell out of my tooth when my mother was still alive.  I no longer have dental insurance (or any insurance for that matter) now that I am in Florida.  Long story short, this new dentist said I can have the new patient special $49 for x-rays (to see what that tooth may need) and a cleaning.  I booked my appointment and showed up expecting to spend $49.  I had a piece of paper I had to sign, something I had never seen before, which really raised a red flag that I ignored.  The paper stated that once the work is all done, I cannot refuse to pay.  I did ask about that and the receptionist said they had a person dispute the charges after the work was done.  I hesitantly signed, just wanting to deal with my tooth before any more of it fell apart.

I didn't get a cleaning or a full set of x-rays, instead, their focus was on the tooth in need, which I didn't fully realize.  That day I woke up with such a fog in my head, I should have never gone anywhere that would require me to make large financial decisions, my brain was too foggy, but I really needed to deal with my tooth.  When they showed me the one and only x-ray they took and the reason my filling fell out is because of the decay around the filling and said I needed a root canal and crown.  Made sense to me, plus I could see where the decay was going up into the pulp.  Then he quoted me $2200... well lets forget that!!  I don't have $2200!!!  I barely have $220!!!!  They gave me a discount down to $1500.  They said I may qualify for credit, I insisted I wouldn't... much to my surprise, CareCredit extended me $1800.  I was shocked... but even more shocked when suddenly they are filling my mouth with goo and taking impressions and getting utensils ready to drill my mouth.  What the hell ya doin????  She said the root canal... what???  Today??  Right now??  Shit, I'm not emotionally ready for that yet!!  But since I am here and you found a way to finance me, let's do it!!  Well as he was doing the work he decided no root canal was needed.  Phew... less stress, less money.  NOT!!  When it was done they gave me the bill, $8 less than they quoted me!!  I told the lady there must be a mistake, I didn't get the root canal.  Well, since the actual price without the root canal was $8 less than they quoted, they cannot offer any more of a discount.  WHAT???  Hey, I have been in sales all my life, I know shiesty math when I am in it!!  I got a bit loud and incredibly angry.  They had a full waiting room as I am shouting you deceived me!!  That's not nice!!!  You better only charge me $8 when I do need a root canal and I grabbed my paperwork and left.  I was too angry to even think with my foggy mind.  I was soooo freakin pissed.  I had 3 weeks to stew in my juices before I would see them again to get my permanent crown.

Of course, I had another minor heart attack when the paperwork came in from CareCredit and they charge 27% interest.  Holy shit batman, that's worse than my car!!  Then I realized, I got one year interest free.  That sucker will be paid off by Dec next year for sure!!

So my new dentist office called to confirm my appt for dec 8th, I asked her how long the warranty was on my new tooth, she had to go ask.  1 year.  Ok.  I go in yesterday and the first thing I ask is for a copy of all the financial binders I signed on the first day.  She never asked why, she left the reception area for about 5 minutes, came back and ignored me completely.  When the dental assistant took me back, (the same one who I vented on the first day I was there) she apologized to me for a good 5 minutes, said they were going to give me x-rays and cleanings for free today after my crown is set and they are going to enroll (and pay for) care500 dental program which will reduce any work I need in the future up to 73% for as long as I remain a patient there.  Considering I was already looking at a similar policy, I was good with it.  I made her swear no more shiesty math, be honest and truthful at all times and we will have a new beginning today.  She agreed and again, apologized.  When she wiggled my temporary crown out of my mouth, what was left of the tooth came with it, which exposed the pulp.  I got a root canal anywayz at no extra charge!!  I really liked this dentist, he was funny as hell and good at what he does.  Just deceptive in his pricing... or at least, was.  I pray the goodness they gave me, flows to all his clients present and future.

This is how we rock the system.  Knowing that at the heart of everyone, is good, IS GOD.  We just need to find our way in and yank that good out.  Confront and change!!  We have some serious work to do, together!!

We are equally the antithesis of those who practice to deceive others, weather by consistent choice or just habitual action, either way, we are the Divine Change Makers and we have a lot of work to do!!

Ohhh speaking of working together!!  My daughter's paternal sister is almost in California.  (As of this morning, she actually already maybe be there or will arrive today.)  She found an affordable RV space in Kyle Texas (just outside of Austin) and put her reservation in.  Things are finally falling into place for her, thanx to each and every one of you!!!

I love you all soul very much!!  In-Joy the Power of You, of USm together as One!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of emerald love and sassy pants to and thru ALL!! :-D  <3

Lisa Gawlas