The Encodings of the Whole Body "Ruby Slippers" Underway!!

ruby4 I got up with a million things to share yesterday, ok it feels like a million as it all swirls around my head.  My computer was in the midst of a windows update, dammit!  A 45 minute long update.  Long enough for my body to wake up and remember, oh yeah we have serious diarrhea!  For the next several hours a river was running thru me and with each release, it took my brain function and my vital energy with it.  I knew for a while there was going to be an avalanche of energy happening on the 12/12, we were warned thru several of the readings this last week.  What I didn't realize is some of it was going to be stationed directly over my head and run thru my body like a power hose until the afternoon!!  I think the only reason it let up in the afternoon, there was literally nothing left but energy to come out (I know, TMI lol.)  Then I went into cramp mode, very much like the contractions of child-birth, minus the baby!  On top of all that, I swear my soul put something that reminded me of a straight jacket around my body.  I could barely move, I could take nothing in (information wise) and let nothing out.  I am just grateful it was my day off, at least there was that.

I fell sound asleep at 7pm and woke up just in time to go to bed (9pm) but not before I got intense itches on my head.  I'm surprised I didn't take a layer of skin off my scalp from the itching (which is still itchy this morning.)  But, I discovered something really bizarre at the back of my skull, less than an inch up from the base of the skull.  I have a large indent in there.  WTH??  It is about the size of a dime in circumference and easy a quarter-inch deep.  It doesn't hurt at all, but what the hell?  How and why does that even happen??  It's still that way this morning.  At least the rest of me went back to normal function... yay!!

Given some of the readings on Sunday, I can assume I went thru part of my own grand finale (at least for this phase, there will be others) yesterday.  One of my ladies on the field, really showed us how ongoing these december energies are.  She showed up spinning like a mad women in a counterclockwise direction over her own parallel bar stretched outward into the field about 5 feet.  This round, dull gray-silver bar reminded me a bit of sandpaper, I could feel her hands as they wrapped around this bar, ouchies even.  Her team corrected my language, it is not sandpaper but more like the cylinder in a music box:



What I was feeling and kinda seeing were the codes running into her thru her palms like the prongs of the music box, but instead of playing it out loud, it was all setting up inside of her.  This was going to last thru a few more days as she spun counterclockwise (which,in a reading, means opening up the energies) and then, it will shift to her feet.  The view I got was the reverse of this (instead of an outie image, it was an innie, indenting inwards):


However, she was standing still, suspended over nothing that I could see, and these really long silver needle like things (just like in the image above) was rapid-firing at the bottom of her feet.  Creating new codes and energies at her feet.  I think her team said that phase was going to last 5 days or a week (I cannot recall.)  Then if all that wasn't enough, after that phase is over, a massive energy dump down into her skull, that will last several days too.  Her team did warned her that if she has some odd sensations in her hands, feet and then head, she knows why.  There is nothing wrong, its all good, even if its uncomfortable.

Again, let me repeat the hazard of what I do.  I not only see all this amazing and at times, very intense energy, I am also feeling it and taking it into me as well.  So when the guy after her showed up with more energy intake, I was giving thanx he was my last one for the day, I was about to blow.

His was really different and tied so into the information being shared on facebook that day and even in a blog that morning, well, sorta.  In front him was this long wooden plank.  This board was about 6 inches wide, 2 inches thick and I have no idea how many feet long.  I can't remember.  But it was a really old, untreated piece of wood, there were all kinds of slivers poking out of its surface.  Ohhh wait, I got ahead of myself.  My first view of him he had on this yellow hard hat, the kind they use for construction zones.  His soul said that it was his soul energy, crowning his head, protecting him from the energies as well as serving to direct the energies thru him.  Then the next thing I seen was his bare feet and this wooden plank.  His team explained this was an ancient piece of wood, no longer in existence in this realm.  These "slivers" were a part of the trees wisdom, what it held and released back in ancient times (long before this or even the last 26k year cycle.)  Then I watched as he put his feet on this plank and slivers broke off and traveled up into him.  One sliver set up in the muscle structure of his left leg.  The way this sliver transformed itself into this large energy  thingie with prongs to latch into the muscle was odd and i have nothing to parallel it with except maybe transformers lol.  Another one set up in his right leg, similar energy transformation happened in his muscle.  Then I think in his hip, for sure in each kidney.  But instead of looking like a metal energy thingie with prongs, instead it was like sand.  The sliver became like tiny fragments of sand and embedded into the front side of his left kidney and at the back side of his right kidney.  My first question was jesus, I hope this does not translate into kidney stones.  His body replied, it shouldn't.  BTW, by this time, I was experiencing all this as if it was happening inside my own body, his energy body became overlaid on my own so I can really see and feel the energy patterns as they changed.  Then the last one there were willing to reveal to him at this time (their words) was around each arm/shoulder connection.  This time it took on the image of long white marshmallow-like strings that wrapped around where the arm connects into the shoulder.

Most of the time, all this energy happens without any discomfort at all, even to say not much awareness of it.  Sometimes the body's defense system gears up and rebels.  This is why we tend to get aches and flu-like symptoms.  And even sometimes, the body's defense system is also clearing out the unneeded energies.  This is why it is so crucial to not stop the process, do what you can to be comfortable thru it, but not stop it.

For the last few months, this last quarter of 2016 has taken on the theme of the wizard of oz in spirits analogies. Right down to december being "ruby red" and those that have done the inner work and now LIVE OUT LOUD their soul energy, are being fully infused with the ruby slippers.  So I took a stroke to wikipedia to really understand the purpose of the ruby slippers and this paragraph came to life in understanding this morning:

In the MGM film, an adolescent farm girl named Dorothy (played by Judy Garland), her dog Toto, and their farmhouse are swept away from Kansas by a tornado and taken to the magical Land of Oz. The house falls on and kills the Wicked Witch of the East, freeing the Munchkins from her tyranny. Glinda the Good Witch of the North arrives via magic bubble and shows Dorothy the dead woman's two feet visibly sticking out from under the house wearing the ruby slippers. When the Wicked Witch of the West comes to claim her dead sister's shoes, Glinda magically transfers them to Dorothy's feet. Glinda tells Dorothy to keep tight inside of them and never take them off, as the slippers must be very powerful or the Wicked Witch would not want them so badly.

Kansas, the old unenlightened mind that we lived from.  The tornado, the chain of events we all went thru to "wake up."  The wicked witch, the old separated ego, Glenda, the light of the soul mind.  The fact that the wicked witch had the slippers on her, she knew there was so much more, a brilliant kingdom of inner power and joy.  Dorothy (each of us) had to learn how to integrate the ego and the soul as one happy family, conjoined twins even.  The true twin soul!! lol (I kinda like that!!)

And so these energies of December, the last blast of 2016, is not only fusing the ruby slippers into the WHOLE body, but aligning their magic and abilities into the expanding consciousness of each person, for the true arrival into the magical, mystical Emerald City as we transverse into 2017.  It is crucial that we all SEE  and LIVE thru the energy of the heart (the green glasses.)


Let's straddle all this yumminess (smile) with a post someone turned me onto on my facebook wall written and shared by Suzanne Spooner:

Embedded in her sharing is the hypnosis experience she had with a client and information about the Trump came thru his soul mind while in trance:



When I clicked open the link that was shared, the first thing I got sooooo excited about was what they were calling "the light chamber" and what I called the beehive on my ladys head.  Same exact thing!!  Holy shit, I was thrilled and excited.  They had more technical info about the bee hive light chamber thing.  Tickle my toes will ya!!!

Then I listened to the video that is this guy deep in hypnosis.  At 6:38 in the video, he talks about the riots as trump was elected president and they will continue.  Then changed it to cleansing that will continue.  Very much like the people's gathered at Standing Rock, not so much riots as it is people, US coming together to say NO, NO MORE.  WE, you and I, are the vital part of this change.  The ruby slippers are meant to be used not admired!

I find it exciting that Trump is rounding up the darkest of the dark and calling it his cabinet.  Making our job actually easier.   In this video the guy says "the ego trump is an idiot," (no truer words) but the higher trump is guiding.  This really resonated with me in relationship to the shocking cabinet forming.  The best way to do a mass cleansing is gather all the old energy in one place, put them in public office where we the people have the free reign to infuse and change their energies (public service is like that) into mass light!!!

Well, another day begins and thank you dear god, I feel fantastic this morning.  YAYAYAYAY!!!  Solid as a rock even!! (giggle)  Time to throw out an 11 days of xmas Christ-Mass special too!!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) of Light Codes exploding thru you as you become the magical Ruby Slippers Dancing into the Emerald City!!

Lisa Gawlas

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