A New (to us) Vortex of Power Opens and Our Light Intensifies!!

opening-of-a-vortex I have a million things to share (again) lol, I can probably say that everyday and dammit if my morning or mind or a combination of both only allows for a few things.  In one of my readings yesterday I had a lady ask me about Toto's meaning our story, hmmmm... It never came up so I had no idea, except to interpret the dog itself, which is all about obedience and loyalty (to the Self, not any outside source.)  Then she told me she took in this dog to foster, she fell in love and is going to adopt her.  It was what she was considering naming the dog that brought an avalanche of ah-ha's and holy shits to the conversation.  She was going to change her name to Fiona, the first I thought of was Shrek's wife, who happens to be green!!  But, that was not "that" moment, it was remembering that Fiona is actually a beautiful Princess who choose to remain an ogre for the love she had for Shrek.  Now hold that thought for just a moment...

I cannot recall if this came thru the same reading or one of the others yesterday, but... It came to light that as we entered into the January of this year (2016) we were given a massive choice point, to move into the vibrational field of life where Bernie actually becomes president and start the process of change, of living as an enlightened society or... stay and help the deepest of dark energies on a world that is splintering way off from the other choice point.  The world where Trump is president (that is still hard to say as a reality lol.)

Just like Fiona, we gave up our royalty, well the external appearance of it (it does and always live within us) for the love of humanity, for the deepest desire that we know they are on the biggest brink of change they will ever experience and we wanted to be there as a hand up into the royal kingdom of the Emerald City.

This is one of the biggest reasons I say I LOVE when you ask questions in a reading, outside of the information coming in.  I hear all too often "my questions are so mundane," but we are living in the mundane world and your questions open secret windows of information that would never otherwise be revealed!!

Now to change the subject a bit (I didn't want to forget to share the above revelations!!)  It was an intensely foggy day in my world yesterday.  When I got to the marina it was stunning being drenched in fog.  The only boats visible were the ones closest to me.  I barely opened my office door when I heard my team say "hurry up and take a picture."  Hey!  Can't I just unpack my computer first??  Nope. dec13thgod

The moment snapped the picture, i could see something in the fog, for a split second it kinda looked like a vortex.  I uploaded the image to my facebook.  My phone's screen has a much richer HD output than my computer does.  As I was uploading the image, I could see the slight contrast in the fog, it was no even close to visible on my computer.  So, again, being prompted by my team, I opened up the image in my phone and adjusted the brightness and the contrast to reveal not only the vortex I really did, but the amazing colors of it...pink/red and green... surrounded by the sea of blue (which in my world is the presence of source/God.)


This was shot looking directly across the marina, the sun was nowhere to be seen, but it rises to the far left of this picture.  This vortex was located directly over ETville.

My first lady was supposed to be an ET connection, we tried, but ETville was closed to upgrades!!  So I went back into the office to do a traditional reading (yeah, like there is anything traditional the way I do readings lol - and yes, I do laugh at myself a lot!!!)  Well, before I get to that, my team wants to me to continue the information about this post 12/12 vortex that we opened.

When we gather together, constantly in the same spot bringing in higher and higher energies, we naturally open resting vortexes.  We did it at the top of the Mesa in New Mexico and now in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  Because our focus together is always on the soul evolution within a reading (and the human keeping time with the evolution) what we open together are the higher frequencies of bringing, of LIVING Shambhala right here on earth.  Finer, or maybe, more refined information can come thru.  Your soul body is seen in a way that could not be seen without the added influx of Light thru the vortex.

Now, back to my first lady!!  Thank god she is flexible in what we do with her time, there are many things I have zero control over (dammit.)  She had on these yellow goggles, her team referred to them as "her soul goggles."  The lenses of these goggles were incredible, a mosaic of various colored energies that made up the lenses.  Then, my body was situated in hers so I could see and experience how these soul goggles worked.  Now trying to explain it was a who different story!  Freakin words!!

I never once thought about the energy output that happens as we look at anything thru our eyes.  Well, not until yesterday as I was experiencing the energy of looking and then that energy hit the mosaic of her kewl lenses and then bounced back into her skull and hit the visual cortex at the back of her head.  What was so interesting, and this happens every time I do a reading, I am actually showing you with my hands what is happening, even tho I know you can't see me, but still, I think it helps me to understand what I am trying to explain.  Ohhh but she was on skype, so she could see me!!  So as I am using my hand to trace the energy coming back into the skull, I realized the crazy indent I now have at the back of my head is at the visual cortex area!!  I still don't know why that dent happened, but at least I know where in my brain it is affecting.  But anyway...  then I watched this intake of visual energy, hit the visual cortex and go straight into the pineal gland and bounced outwards from her third eye.  Her third eye was huge, made up the entire forehead area, kinda looking like the most beautiful cyclops I had ever seen!!

Her team explained that it is vital for her to start practicing using these enhanced soul goggles so she can always see what others cannot in any given situation.  Then they explained that is exactly how I seen the vortex in the snapping of the picture.  Giving the relationship to the cameras lenses that can see what our normal eyes don't.

I just love when the days events ties into the readings.  Which reminds me, I so dropped the ball on a point I was trying to make yesterday about the ancient wooden plank of my man with the slivers going in as codes.  There are many many things encoded with higher frequencies in our ever evolving world-scape.  Once it is brought down thru this realm within a living thing, it will always be here.  This was straddling a conversation on my facebook about old ancient trees being cut down, don't think for a moment any of that wisdom is lost, you just need to put your soul goggles on to find it and then  open yourself up to absorb its energy!!

This information was not necessarily on my morning dance card, but a beautiful soul just asked a question on my facebook and the reply I am hearing must be shared!!  Especially given the information thru the hypnosis video of Suzanne Spooner I embedded yesterday.  The question:

I know that the opinion of a lot of Psychics is that the old regime needed to be outed, and the Illuminati needed to be outed from the US government and Trump has done that. But do you see him as evil and do you see him actually taking office?

I really loved the acronym my team presented for the use of the word "evil" a few days ago: Ego Violating Inner Love.  Inner love being the soul itself, of course.  So to that degree, yes, at this moment Trump is currently evil, but not in a bad way, much more in an arrogant, self-absorbed, narcissistic way.  And yes, he will take office and yes things are going to go to hell in a handbag, as needed.  But the revelation I wanted to share this morning with everyone kinda lingers from my own inner query from listening to the hypnosis video.  The answer I was seeking came thru her question (again, can I give a shout out to how important YOUR questions are to my own understandings, which becomes OUR understandings!!)

If Trump's ego is so ingrained in his way of life (and it is) to the point his soul is always trying to cover his mouth so he doesn't spout more atrocities outwards... how the hell is he going to go from all ego to all soul mind over four years?  One of the quickest ways for a person to change their entire view of this world and their relationship in it is the NDE (near death experience.)

Lets expand on how this can even happen.  So January 20th 2017 Trump sets up home in the white house (which really has become the dark house.)  If we look at this as a series of circles, the white itself the outermost circle.  The house of representatives and congress two outermost circles just inside the outermost circle.  Trumps cabinet the innermost circle and trump, being the president, the center point of these series of circles.  All energies directed at the white house itself, must go thru to all the other circles and hit the center to complete itself.  So all the energy workers around the world sending higher light to the white house, the house of representatives, congress, this crazy new cabinet being set up, or to trump himself, all eventually flows into the center point, into Trump.  The sheer amount of energy surges going thru his body is going to have an effect on his body (how, no one is telling me, dammit.)  There are many ways this can play out... it could create cancers, the complete morphing of his cells at a rapid rate, it could create cardiac issues, brain issues... the potentials are endless and all depends on how he deals with the incoming energies will determine its effect.  One long shot is that he can actually choose to absorb them into his Being and USE them without any NDE needed... but one way or another, he will have a change of vision, a genuine change of heart and like the rest of us, he still won't give a shit about the rules he is supposed to play by as president.

If we take a step back and really look thru our soul goggles (I just love that, a lot) at what is being formed.  Let me use a meme going around facebook, one that reflects the surface truth about trumps cabinet:


It can appear that he is taking any and all forward motion of earths evolution and bringing it all 200 years backwards... but that energy is what creates velocity.  I get the visual of pulling the band of a slingshot has far back as you can without completely breaking the band... and then we, me and You (and know, You is being used very very plural-like lol) release the velocity and change the contents (hence the super powers and the full on energy from the emerald city) into our emerging Shambhala for All.  So he is really putting all the old hens directly in the henhouse (white house) for us to change into diamonds!!  I guess that would really be rounding up a bunch of coal and turning it into diamonds with our heat and pressure!! We do have a lot of work cut out for us, but the results are going to astonish the world and even ourselves!!  A world already changing for the better.

And on that note, I must get in the shower and as usual, so much more to share.

Ohhhh, another thing I have been forgetting to ask.... Me and another beautiful lady have conspired with Valorie (my daughter in jail) to become secret santas for the holiday.  Valorie found several inmates who are really good people but never ever get icare, canteen, phone calls anything from the outside world and we thought, wouldn't it be great to send an inmate who seems to have been abandoned by the world, a holiday treat to say... we do love you.  This made valorie so excited and eve one of the guards helped too, in getting their inmate numbers for her.  She has given us 6 names of people who would actually appreciate the holiday love, one of the ladies she gave me just went into solitary confinement yesterday for touching another inmate (rubbing her thigh, nothing violent at all,) Val said to drop her because she cannot get icare while in solitary, but I am keeping her because she will be out one day and then the icare will be delivered.  Please email me if you would like to be a secret santa to an inmate this weekend.  I have their names and inmate numbers.  lisagawlas@gmail.com  Please DO NOT PM me on facebook, I do not look at private messages on facebook, too many places for me to look for stuff, I can barely keep up with emails.  iCare has a "seasons greetings" package,  It's a little pricey, but val said it is a wonderful treat (items they never get otherwise included.)  If we can order it all this weekend, they can have a christmas party on Monday!!

Have an amazing today, every day!!  I love you all soul much.

((((HUGZ)))) of power made manifest thru ALL you do and say!!

Lisa Gawlas    www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

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I have got to include a giggle that someone posted on my facebook (god I so love facebook!!)  It's oz in duality lol.