The Emerald City Explained.

the-new-shambhala "Be the change you want to see in the world."  Mahatma Gandhi

"The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: ...Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."  Luke 17:20 -21

Different ways of really saying the same thing.  We are starting this way to reply to what I am now going to call our Divine question asker (smile.)  Yes, I am referring to the one who asked about Trump that evoked the insertion in yesterday's sharing.  At the end of that blog she asked another question, which I thought I answered, but seems spirit wants to really expand on this reply today, because it is way to important not to understand and Be!!

Okay Lisa I have another question for you. Where exactly is the New Earth. the Emerald City? Another dimension? Another planet? Another lifetime? Thanks, Katrina

YOU are the new earth.  You are the dirt of the new earth coming together (which started in earnest as we crossed from 2012 into 2013) to form the foundation of a new city, the Emerald City, the Kingdom of God, of Shambhala.  For four years we have been refining ourselves, pulling out more wisdom and sharing it with others.  Dropping the chaos out of our persona and perceptions and each day, each hour, moving deeper into clarity.  A clarity that can only be truly experienced from the soul mind.  We can look at this process just like how dirt forms.  Old energy (trees and plants and all living things) break down and decompose after their stay here on earth.  Their decomposition is what makes up the dirt.  The dirt is always in a state of change, always refining itself to serve the greater all in new ways.  This really takes in "carbon dating."  The changes that happen over time that present data of once living things.  In many years to come, the human is going to be carbon dated back to this very time as the moment when the most radical change inside and out, happened.  There is going to come a time, a rather long time from now, when the earth will reflect emerald-green from space.  The living heart of God/Source incarnate thru its people's.

So where is the Emerald City??  It's in you.  You are it!!  When more and more people start to Live the changes they wish to see in this world, a new form starts to emerge.  Be clear here, not just know the changes, not just talk about them, no sitting back and observing (going back to Luke) but truly LIVING out loud, who and what you really are.  That is what has formed the emerald city, critical mass was hit as we entered 2016 and each form (each one of us) started to bind together, create a new form, in this case, a new, LIVING hologram we call the Emerald City, the City of Love, Of God.

So in reply to the question we can say yes to it all as well as no to it all.  Yes, its in another dimension, and no not separate from all the other dimensions that are coalescing together right now. Yes, it is another planet called earth, and no, not separate from the one that is changing beneath our feet and from our hearts.  Yes, another lifetime, and no, not separate from the multiple lifetimes we are extracting from right now.

I remember way back in the beginning of this hellish, life changing adventure we now call the spiritual path and all I desperately wanted in my life was love.  Genuine love that didn't dessert you, kick you in the heart time after time, feed you when you were hungry, shelter you when you were cold and I always looked for this thru someone, anyone else.  My team, tho I didn't fully understand at the time, paraphrased Gandhi," if this is what you desire, this is first what you must become."  Sounded like an oxymoron to me.  How the hell do you become that when you have no role model to draw from.  In my infancy, I couldn't fully see the attributes of my first two guides Jill and Ramus.  Jill was always like a best girlfriend to me, never judged my meltdowns, never raised her voice but one time when I would demand this or that time after time.  Ramus, my silent hero, did not talk to me for the first 8 years and once he finally said "now you know how to live your life within action, not words" left and I hadn't seen him since, or Jill for that matter.  Because I became what they were, what I needed to be for my own desires.... which was, Love, to Be Love!  That is the purpose of our guides and our connection to them.  To be the living embodiment of whatever facet they are reflecting back to us.

This morning, as I stared at my computer and marveled at how quickly you move to fill a need I may express outwards, I am humbled really.  Within 2 hours yesterday we had the exact amount of secret santas fulfilled.  How quickly you jump up and say... ME, I will Do that, Be that!!  You have done it with my daughter who is currently in Tucson, AZ just 13 hours away from her new life.  You did this, you created the pathway for this to happen!!  And then there was my mother, her end so different that the years leading up to it.  Drenched in unconditional love and repairs, on her home but more importantly, within her heart, the truest of homes.  In 2013, when my father took ill for the final time, you filled every need I had so I could be with him til the end.  You are God incarnate, and yes you get to be human too.  That's the beauty of it all and yet, so many "light workers" out there struggle if not condemn themselves and others for being human, for the less than finer qualities of Being Human.  That truly is our gift.  When we are not incarnate, we are already perfect, this game is blending the perfect with the perceived imperfections and having fun, allowing our meltdowns and our dance parties.  It is one and the same and it is each of us.

The hologram, which is the true reflection of our living system together I call The Emerald City goes a little like this:


For the last hmmm, I think two years spirit, thru the readings have been referring to us like factory workers (within our super powers.)  So keeping in that vane of analogy, the emerald city's structure is the factory building, the building that house and protects from harm, the workers, the living expressions of god incarnate not hiding behind fears.  Each of the pillars that go upwards would be equal to what our teams have been calling clans.  Lets say this was a dress factory, and each clan had its own purpose and skill that was crucial to the greater outcome.  Like the clans that make the thread to sew with, the ones that make the cloth to be sewn, the pattern makers and seamstresses and so on.  We are very much like that, in our clans of super powered abilities.  We obviously came together in courage, in wisdom and in love to enter the very city we built.  This amazing city is not for the weak of heart.  That is stated in both the excitement that will be experienced as well as the greater responsibility to assist those reaching higher, even if they don't fully realize they are reaching.

Unlike the last remembered place of the city referred to as Shambhala (in Tibet) this is a planetary thing.  A no soul left behind kind of gig.  There will be those who refuse, but that's ok, other worlds are now ready to house their evolution in density.

I did a reading on the 13th with that beloved man of mine (yeah, I get possessive of each you lol) I refer to as "my architect."  I watched as individuated sun rays blasted their way onto and into his whole body, leaving the most amazing visual I have no way of putting into words, not even for him in that day.  But what I was able to see and put into words... his change of dress.  Almost every time I connect to his soul via the readings, he is almost always dressed in a business suit.  This time, he was changing clothes, beneath this massive, reflective light field that was engulfing him, I started to see farmer overhauls.  WTH??  Of course, he has come here to really put into motion a true evolved community of living beings.  He has been working out the kinks (which is crucial) for years now.  His team explained that he was one of the original "farmers" in a timeline that escapes our conscious memories, but will come back thru him.  When we lived in pure harmony with the earth beyond our wildest imagination.  Where farming was magic, effortless, not work at all.

There is so much wonder we are about to bring forth... but first, we have to clean up what is about to fall!! ;-)

I love you all so flippin much!!  Thank you for Being the Wonder's that you are!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with magic and love to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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