There Is Nothing More You Need To Do!!


What a very powerful week this has been!  Just with my three kids I am seeing a new beginning for each of them.  My daughter and baby grandson arrived into their new life yesterday around 5pm Texas time.  For me, its much more than that.  Katt/Michelle and I have not been close since she was a little girl, and thru this whole ordeal, I really got my daughter back, emotionally.  I watched her heart bloom and stretch and open in ways that just humbled me each and every day, especially while she was at the in between place in Redwood Valley with Terri.  Love is like that when it is accepted and brought inside any given person, it blooms in ways that was held back before.  And this truly is the season of new blooms for a new living earth!!  Thank you everyone for your seeds of love to this little beautiful family.

My daughter growing in jail, finally is beginning the "Inner reflections" program, which is an in-house drug program and at the same time, she is starting her G.E.D. program this week (she has been on the waiting list for close to 6 months for these programs.)  Just for the record, she completed high school.  Her senior year is where she discovered drugs and failed two classes, at $600 a piece to take in summer school, I refused to pay for them, so no diploma for her.  This I find interesting, all coming together during the one week she is so focused on others in jail via the secret santa project.  It really brings home the saying "give unto others and you give unto yourself."

My son, who was text fired over the Thanksgiving holiday, starts his new job on Monday.

All of this gives a deeper clarity to the readings yesterday.  The common theme for yesterday is there is nothing more you need to do, or can do really.  The energies are already in motion, moving outwards and upwards and magnetizing your personal fields of life from here on out and seeding the new year, your place within the emerald city.  How?  I am not allowed to see.  I do all I know how to do to push my vision into and thru the intense green growing structure, still located across the marina, and my vision gets pulled back.  One day, I am going figure out how to sneak around spirit and see what we want to see instead of what they let us!!!  lol

Ohhhh there was one lady I got to see the entrance I guess we can call it.  There is no "front door" that I can see, that you would open and walk into.  Instead, it's more like a force field absorbing you.  I watched my lady merge her physical body with the green emerald, light infused front of this cathedral-like structure, and she was pulled in thru the energy field.  As she was half in and half out of this structure (her team would not let me see past this image) I knew the emerald-green was igniting all the new codes, new DNA points within her body.

There is something else happening that I have been meaning to share, it just gets lost in everything else coming thru.  Again, keeping in mind we use the word dimension, but it's not really a true dimension at all, since there are uncountable dimensions all around us at all times, but more as an ascending frequency of thought and Being.  Equally, keeping in mind that my team has consistently referred to the placement and inhabitants of the emerald city as 11D, the living christ in body.  There is a merging, a full on energy opening of the 9th, 10th and 11th to form one hole new, inter-blended collective.  I have no idea what that means to us or even what purpose this serves, but I have seen it within several readings.  Again, there is nothing revealed that isn't important to see and absorb and eventually understand and use!!

The next huge event we have concluding this year, this massive energy system of stripping down and building back up... the winter solstice.  At 5:44 am EST on the 21st, we will receive the crowing glory of this gigantic year.  Of course, the sun is in harmony with the magnetic field of the solstice too.  A huge coronal hole is making its appearance for the third time this quarter.  (Taken from  This is the same coronal hole that lashed Earth's magnetosphere with solar wind on Oct. 25-28 and again on Nov. 23-26.   It is spinning around with the sun, strobing Earth lighthouse-style every ~27 days. The last two times we experienced its solar wind, intermittent G1-class geomagnetic storms and bright auroras were observed in the Arctic. A repeat performance is likely when the solar wind returns on Dec. 20-22.

We can look at this event as putting the lights on our Christ-Mass Tree.

I know there were so many other details I have been wanting to share, and now that I have the time for them today, they vacated the building!! lol  So on that note, have an amazing today, every day!!  I love you so much!!!!!  Thank you for always seeding my world with your soul light/love!!

((((HUGZ))))) of bright lights and joy to and thru All!!

Lisa Gawlas

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