Mercury Retrograde Begins Today As We Seed The Next Version of Our Life.


AT 5:55 am EST this morning (Dec 19th) we entered Mercury Retrograde.  And how fitting it is given what is not showing up on the field.  This is an excerpt from my email this morning:  This Mercury retrograde sets the pace for the next nine-year cycle that begins in 2017 and continues through 2026.  The Mercury retrograde spans from 29 Sagittarius to 15 Capricorn, which was the exact span of Pluto during the nine-year cycle.  The information that will prompt the changes and adjustments during the retrograde will reflect the inner alignment with Pluto’s use or mis-use of power.  Pluto’s power of influence is geared to make a difference in the world of others and to provide a positive impact to help others succeed and to empower the spirit within.  Mercury passes information to Pluto as Mercury turns retrograde to go back to tap into the Sagittarius energy of spiritual beliefs, perspective and setting goals to make a difference.  This retrograde phase shifts and adjusts the situations and circumstances as the stage is set for the next nine-year cycle and journey.

Now let's talk about the strangest ongoing event in the field I have ever experienced.  On the 17th, as I attempted to do reading after reading something really unusual happened.  I could not see anyones field at all, just my rug beneath my physical eyes (and yes, I still bend over to trigger the field of light lol)  However, once I pick my head back up, no longer trying to connect with you (which you still show up directly on my outside wall) I was seeing man dressed in black standing, hovering over the marina, midway between you and where I see the emerald city, AKA 2017.  Well, hell... if I cannot see you, might as well lock into this man and see what he is all about.

As I got a good, focal connection to him, there he is, dressed in a black business suit, black shoes, black hair and a faceless face.  He had a big black umbrella wide open, held at his stomach area pointing its top to where you would have been standing had I been able to see you.  He never moved nor spoke a word.  Above him was a steady stream of super light particles coming down and as if the inside of his open umbrella was magnetized, they started to fill the inside curve and eventually flowed out down to his feet.  How freakin strange.

If I tried to connect with whomever was in the field, he disappeared from my view, when I gave up seeing their field, he reappeared to my view, always the same way except the super light particles were accumulating more and more.

And like magic, who he was was revealed.  The masculine form of God/Creator/Source (pick a name.)  He is dressed in black as unlimited, unforeseen potential.  The outcome if you will.  I eventually understood the super light was his feminine form, pure light emotion of creation.  I guess if god was gonna have a penis, that umbrella pointing at the field of creation, would be it!!  It would actually put a whole new slant on getting pregnant, the sperm being the feminine part of the masculine and the egg being the masculine part of the feminine.

Much more than any of that, I did not understand nor was it revealed.  Yesterday nothing at all.  Blank stares thru my frustrated eyes and a shit ton of rescheduling, dammit!!

I have to giggle, of all the different types of clothing "god" could wear, a freakin business suit??  I want the party clothes, a toga maybe??? lol  Nope, he's dressed like the men in black toting a fully loaded umbrella at each individual field!!  Creation itself, ourself, getting down to business!!

Since that odd moment called the 17th, I am finding two things picking up in my field, in my personal life.  The personal conversations about Trump and how this country should be run by two men at the marina who are strong, right winged, trump supporting, loving Beings... Also the entrance of my grandsons paternal grandmother and the extreme anger she holds and the focus on blame and more blame and my choice points, interaction thru it all.  It's really giving me a wide world view of, everything.  The only question that matters to each and everyone one of us, is "how do I respond and interact."  THAT is what we are impregnating, creating as our new world within the emerald city, or actually, removing us from its suction field.  Which is why the field is unviewable, and I really have this feeling, will continue to be until we meet again on the other side, within the emerald city aka 2017.

I did a reading with a precious lady several days ago (before god showed up casting his shadow on our fields, pesky creator!! lol) and she asked about her adult son.  My vision dropped many frequencies directly below the emerald city and that was the point he was entering.  I could not see the details, it was like a blur of black and white moving energies.  I knew for sure this was not what I call the ground level of 3D reality, it was equally not the entrance point of Self realization we call 5D, it was just a hair above that place, which took me by surprise.  At least... for a minute.

All of our souls, no matter the alignment on earth, within collectives, are all on a mission of Self Expansion and exploration.  We will all hit a chaotic node, or several as we conclude this year, how and what we choose to do, impregnates everyone's personal field and a new life births, one way or another, as we enter 2017.

So here we are, the entrance of Mercury retrograde (let be your amazing boomerang of love) as we open to the super light of the solstice on Wednesday, thru this holy season of Christ - Mass (no matter your religion, everyone is familiar with this holy day season called christmas.)  Lest we forget that dynamic time of arrival too: 5:55 am eastern standard time.  Yeowzers!!!  Cha - cha - changes!!!

On that note...  Have a amazing Monday... moon day!!  (I had look:  The Moon today is in a Waning Gibbous Phase. This is the first phase after the Full Moon occurs. It lasts roughly 7 days with the Moon's illumination growing smaller each day until the Moon becomes a Last Quarter Moon with a illumination of 50%.)

((((HUGZ))))) of deep penetrating light changing it ALL thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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