Working Out the Inner and Outer Details...


The Emerald City, my good lord I brought so much romance and dare I even say, expectation to this party.  The ascent into this plain is nothing like I had hoped or expected.  I look at it now, like being in a spaceship making a landing in on a new planet in an underestimated atmosphere and the capsule (the body) is still bumping up and down on the surface trying to land and find its stillness.  And yet, the view is that of the old eroding energy system, earth system, where the cracks and bleeds are so evident, so overwhelming that it can be easily missed, the glory of where we are Now.

I spent the better part of yesterday in my own little pity party.  I do entertain the human part of me at times.  (smile)  When I finished my sharing yesterday, I could feel my whole heart field desperately wishing I had a functional bathtub, my personal cocoon of deeper understanding.  There is a life force energy coming thru the readings for all of us to take in, understand deeper and apply outwards and I need that connection.

For me personally, the bath meditation itself, is like submerging my whole being into the control mechanisms of the engine of my life, the details that come thru for me personally happens in no other way.  Intricate, detailed, and energetically delivered to my core.  Of course, outside of my bath meditations, I still get information, understandings, visuals, but not the same at all.

My time at the dentist office was just devastating.  All he took were x-rays, it's the cost to fix the few teeth I have left and even, the cost to take them all out...  I just came home and cried me a river.  We really must allow ourselves to dump out the box, so we can really see what we are looking at.

Somewhere along the way, I gave, consciously, full permission to the universe for my physical body and my life to always be reflective of the energies happening intimately and broad scale.  So where there are small and big shifts, my life will always reflect that too.  It is one thing to look from the sidelines at what is happening, it is a whole other ballgame to be knee-deep in the energetics and understanding first hand.

So, lets take a backwards look at where we are now.  In 2012 a massive new energy system started to enter earths atmosphere.  Creating something akin to nuclear fusion.  Our old bodies started to change to handle this new energy system.  Of course, 2012 is also the year I entered menopause.  Take an unstable body system and bring in a highly volatile atmospheric system and it looks and feels like you are dying.  I developed asthma, chronic bronchitis for a year and my teeth started to degrade and just fall out of my head.  In one year 6 teeth went from my gums to my tongue... whhhhaaaa.  Thru tons of meditation, I understood there was nothing wrong with me, it was the way my body was assimilating the new higher energies.  I never factored in the teeth tho, at all.  They were secondary to my ability to breathe and talk.  In that year, I would lose my voice just about every other week as well.

Then like magic, it all started to stabilize, thank god.  That is, until the last quarter of 2016, where the emerald city energies started to be released into and thru readied humans.  To be clear, ready is a frequency thing, not a mental thing.

Unlike the wonderful place I lived in and thru back in 2012, New Mexico, a place that really loves and cares for its people, I was ripped out of my heaven and placed in Florida.  Ok, I came of my own free will, but still!!!! lol  It was a sneak attack!!  This may be the sunshine state, but it is more cold and frigid than any place I have ever lived, vibrationally speaking of course.

So this morning, with a good nights sleep under my belt, still pouty, but very aware of how important it is that I am Here, Now.  Without the comforts of medical or dental insurance to nurture and support my ongoing well-being.  No possible way of getting help in the things I do need.  And let me be straight out, I am a huge huge fan of marrying medicine with my energy abilities.  I will never throw the baby out with the bath water.

In just looking for help with my breathing after I returned from Massachusetts, I found a local health department that offered sliding scale fee's.  I immediately went down there to get the paperwork and stopped in my tracks as I read this requirement to get help:


The "authorization" paragraph... I threw the paperwork away.

Now putting all this on pause for a moment, all thru the day yesterday all I could see and feel in relationship to my whole teeth dilemma, is that living wall from one of my readings, the first one I wrote about yesterday.  A slice of a living tree, life force moving up and down its fibers, right hand placed upon its energy, on its surface.

This morning, I fully understand that these "living" rooms or floating mountains of Pandora, must be located directly above where the biggest cracks in the human systems are.  We are here to bring in the living life force of Source energy.

Ya ever feel like there is something on the tip of your tongue to say, or in this case, pulsing thru the right hand... and yet... the details are too fine to see and understand clearly... yet.

The one thing I know for sure, many of us have been placed in challenging positions to leap into action when that whistle blows.  Between now and then, it is all about taking in the instruction set of what to do and how.

With bated breath, I Am soooo ready!!  I may be toothless and ready, but hey it's all superficial at the end of the day (having teeth that is lol.)

I cannot wait to see you in the field today!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of sparkling smiles to ALL!! <3

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I did get web work done yesterday, by force of my team.  

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