The New Energies of Multidimensional Choice Points!!!


One of the most common questions I am asked in a reading is "What am I supposed to be doing now,"  Usually followed by a statement of feeling in limbo or uninspired.  The reply is constant.  "What do you want to do?"

Part of our own deprogramming is moving out of our original life ways, including spiritual too.  When I first started doing readings back in March 2003, I could see easily 10 years into someone's future, bring out very particular events that would play out, and others that had the possibility of playing out.  Even the things the people desired, has an easily understandable direction, almost always, deal with the dysfunctional emotions within, and what you desire can reveal itself into your experience.  I never realized just how easy readings were back then.

Now, you present like a squeaky clean glass.  There is nothing left to wash away, it's just a matter of YOU deciding what you want to pour into it for your next flavor taste of life.  I would strongly advise, not to make the choice thru the mundane, but whatever you may be working on spiritually.  The most simple example I have to use from my own history is when I was in Vermont and moving off the mountainside where living life was free.  I needed a job and all i wanted was to keep expanding my ability to see and read for people.  I didn't care what the job was for as long as I could continue focusing on that.  I immediately became aware of an assisted living home looking for a personal care assistant.  The Lisa in me really had no desire to do that... but that which speaks thru my mouth let out an excited YES when they asked if I wanted the job.  The 2 years I was employed there, my abilities went thru the roof in experience and understanding.

That said, if you don't give instruction thru desire to your life field, guess what, you are both just staring lovingly at each other... waiting.  If life is your mirror of experience, then guess who has to do the decider, put the energy into motion.  YOU.  Then we can see the potentials in your field.  Or, even what needs refining for best outcome.

I truly thought I was not going to publish a blog today, because this is all that flowed thru me this morning.  And then I took the free time to listen to a Kryon link on my facebook.  OMG similar message!!  So I will leave the kink  here and wonder off until tomorrow!!

Since this is an MP3 audio from site, I don't know how to embed the player so i will leave the link to this stunning audio that compliments and takes further my sharing today.  YAYAY for Kryon and US!!

Short but sweet today!!  Love you all soul dern much!!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and movement to and thru All!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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