The Equinox, Easter and The 2nd Coming, En Masse!!


The one thing I am absolutely sure of, March is going to be an extremely tumultuous energetic month.  So many doors closing, and as many doors openings.  The end and the new at the same time.  Ha!!  I love this visual... we are all on a back road that is filled with potholes.  We can swerve to miss some them, but not all of them.  We may blow out tires, bend frames, create leaks... all designed to have us take a deeper look at the car we have been driving and install new parts as we cross into the next phase.  There is no just fixing the old.  Keeping in mind (and I think we are all being warned as well, bout damn time) this is all going to make "the field" highly unstable as well.

Another thing I am sure of as well, from all the readings yesterday, more of our celestial DNA is coming online and demands to be integrated as a working part of your tool set.  4 out of 5 people showed up in their celestial body's... or as I would call it, their ET forms.  Not that they are truly an ET, but their soul, with an incarnation in another realm, is bringing into those aligned in the emerald city, a merger of this celestial DNA for use and application.  Emphasis on use and application!!  Which will become amplified as we start using it in group settings at the ground level (in person) with each other.

I don't have time this morning to go over everyone's amazingness, but I do want to talk about one that just surprised me.  She was in the form of a triangle.  A living freakin triangle.  There is a realm where there is living, conscious geometric shapes.  I was even given the privilege of seeing into that realm and there were all kinds of shapes I have never ever seen before working together, building I guess, reconstructing their energy configuration and I am sure so much than I can even come close to understanding.

There was one lady, the only one that didn't show up in another form, but also was nowhere near the emerald city.  Instead, she was parked out on the equinox  (towards the water in the marina) in this little canoe made of wood.  She had this thick rope that came out of each side of the canoe and loosely made its way to the emerald city, which now looks like a magnificent earth.  Our view of the emerald city was a space view, like nasa takes of the earth.  Instead of being this blue and white ball, it was now green and blue.... so beautiful!!

My ladies dress was unexpected, given she was sitting in a canoe! lol  She had her sunday best on, or as we realized, her easter dress.  A beautiful Pink outfit trimmed in white lace. it was eventually explained that the pink harnessed the passion of life (the feminine) while the white lace held it all together (the masculine.)  She was set up in some gravitational realm that keeps the planet(s) moving around the sun.  And yet, she was parked on the equinox pole of energy, not moving.  Instead, these ropes that were part of her canoe, and her canoe was part of her energy field, gently pulled the emerald city earth towards the equinox.  The only thing I understand, and not clearly at all, is as we pass over the equinox, the gravitational field will change.  I tried to understand if we are talking about just the emerald city or gaia.  I have no idea, it was left unclear.

Now that I think of it tho, given the first paragraph of today's sharings (which I didn't fully realize until I woke up this morning) each one of us has been in a gravitational pull or rotation in our lives, more or less.  The bands of energy are changing... so are we.  So is the life we led to here.

Something gianormous is happening right now... and WE are what's happening.  This is not an outside of us event, it is an US event.  The equinox is the truest easter ever.  I had to look up exactly what is celebrated for easter and I smile as I add a couple a word and a letter:  the most important and oldest festival of the Christian Church, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus (the) Christ(s)and held (in the Western Church) between March 21 and April 25, on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox.

We are the 2nd coming... en masse.  In its own way, this whole first quarter would be equal to the stations of the cross, preparation of Full Life!!  There is a time, in all that die of natural causes, where their mind opens to the other realm, they see their loved ones, get help and assistance from the other side.  As we ended February and emerging into March, with the Presence of Source in us, in the field, as the center peace of the emerald city and our hearts... we too at that beautiful opening.  Rebirthing while still Here on earth.

May your focus be in celebration and jubilation this equinox.  The best is yet to come!!

Have an amazing, love drenched day wrapped in heavenly ((((HUGZ)))) thru it ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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P.S.  This Saturday is the annual community wide yard sale where I live.  I have been focused on going thru my mother's things (not easy on my heart at all) to prepare for the yard sale.  Forgive me if I am not engaging on facebook, emails or my blog as much, my focus is elsewhere.  There is soooo much stuff!!  And it brings back missing the time I did not get to spend with her.