Consciousness Mergers From Other Realms VS Walk-Ins.


I have come to realize more and more there is so much we will never fully understand with our rational mind about who we are and how we work as a species.  Before I share the amazing information from yesterday's one and only reading, my alpha and omega virgin (smile) there was an important detail I left out of my sharing yesterday from my fire lady reading, that ties into what I am about to share today.

When I had seen her flames, I was going to use words like "clearing, cleansing, purification" to describe what these flames represented to her world.  I didn't even get a word out of my mouth when her team said so a matter of factly "words have false meanings."  I was stunned and even a bit confused, but only for a moment.  It was explained that I may be using a word with a particular meaning of expression, but it can easily be taken a completely different way than my personal intention, or even, my word is completely inaccurate because it is, or they are, the only words known to describe what is being revealed.  Or more importantly, it is such a tiny part of the bigger picture, that we lose the truth of the bigger picture because we are focusing on one or two words meanings that aren't even the truth of it.  Hence why spirit uses words as a last resort of expression.

So my amazing lady yesterday....

She was sitting on what looked like a barber's chair or beauty salon chair with her team of light beings around her.  She was suddenly lifted about 2 feet up with the chair pedal then holy chit... she started spinning clockwise so fast I was getting dizzy.  As she was spinning cotton-candythis light pink and blue strands that reminded me of cotton candy started to swirl and wrap around her.  She looked like the stick in the center of cotton candy.  When she was done with all this spinning and cotton candy cocoon placement, my vision was taken directly into her eyes.  I mean, INTO her eyes.  My view became that of going into the pupil itself and set up just at the back of the eye and eye socket.  Equally, I realized this pink and blue cotton candy energy stuff was melting into her eyes to enhance the matrix that makes up her eyes.  To me it looked like this interesting mirror was in her eye set up at the side (not directly in the middle of her eye) and I could see images form that reminded me of something out of Avatar.  A plane of existence where the planet has many close and visible planets around its surface.

This plane of existence was dying, or truly, going into a rest period.  It looked barren and it was explained the last of the inhabitants, which were only several hundred left, will be merging their consciousnesses with other life forms their soul is hosting in other realms to continue on.  The soul will only choose enlightened incarnations that can handle the added attributes of the merger.  My lady happened to be a chosen one.

I could see and feel something that would be very much like a cloud of energy moving in, slowly, a merger of this female in another plane of existence within her own.  It is not a fast process at all.  It was explained to her that this will take several months to complete and gives the body and mind time to adjust to the changes and enhancements.

Her ability to "see" within the many planes that co-exist right on top of us, will start to come online.  At first, just sudden flashes in her peripheral, then more and more.  And just like any other thing the mind is learning to do, it will take practice to hold it but most importantly, control it.

The example they gave her was maybe she was looking at her table and chairs in her kitchen when suddenly, in a flash or a blink of an eye, she could swear she seen a Being from another world standing where her table was and gone as fast as it came.  That is her merger opening up.  A natural attribute from the consciousness that is moving into hers.

Then it was shown that the next place this cotton candy energy will seep into is in her throat just below the thyroid gland and then, down into each lobe of her lungs, to the left and right of where the heart sits in her chest.  An enhancement in the lungs, in the breath itself, in the overall expression of her Being (the throat area) to be able to understand and express what she is able to see and do via the eyes.  Actually, I just remembered, her throat area eventually formed into an eye.  We see more than with just our eyeballs!!!

When I started to see and understand what is happening with her, and her team said it start with Marches energy and will continue over several months, I used the word "walk in" few baby, talk about getting a tongue lashing lol.  Walk Ins as we use and understand that word is a very very rare happening.  A consciousness merger, not as rare and is actually much more common in acceleration since we moved over the 2012 timeline.  The DNA in the human body is more accelerated, more ready to receive higher light consciousness than it ever has been before.

It was also explained that there are worlds constantly going into their rest period while others are just opening to receive life, and everything in between. Earth is in her glory years, the last years before she goes into full rest.  Not today or tomorrow... maybe, not even a 1000 years from now, but she is in her end game and it will end with a magnificent love story.  Even this was explained...

The fear plane is collapsing, those that need those dense fear lessons for their soul evolution will incarnate in other worlds, not on earth.  This too, is a process of removal. As old energies die off, the light factor increases, WE increase in our abilities.  The more we master our innate abilities, the higher the Light frequency for everyone on this planet.  We are a team sport with Gaia.  Just as Gaia is going thru her growing pains with storms and earthquakes and such, so too, is our human body.  Sadly, the body hurts sometimes for a year or sometimes for a week.  We barely get some part of a consciousness merger integrated, wham we are getting more.  Ochies.

How many of us go to the doctors to figure out what is happening only for them to scratch their head as all our tests come back negative.  If they could only see the energy and truly understand DNA infusion, they would understand.  WE would understand and allow.  We are not broken, don't need fixing, dont need somebody healing us and so on.  False words take us down a different path than the soul intention plotted out.  And yes, FREE WILL will always be here for us and we can ignorantly just say no.

To change the subject to my own nerve wracking world (smile.)  Still no word from this communities attorney.  Can you all please join me in flooding them a phone call to my loan guy saying... YES let her have her blessed teeth!! Thank you in advance.  :-D  <3

I finally got my passport in the mail yesterday and an updated passport card.  YAY.  I am free to travel the world one day!!  lol

I woke up this morning with a decision to place this home for sale on my own for now.  Like I said, it will be at least 4 months before my final dentures are snapped onto my implants, so I have time to play with.  So I am going to start looking into how to sell this property on my own without going thru a realtor, now.  If I do not get any buyer's between now and the time my teeth are done, I will just place it in a realtors hands.  If it does sell sooner than later, then I will mosey onto Mexico and just fly back here for whatever appts I need to finish my teeth.  Getting a tourist visa requires an exit from the country every 6 months for 72 hours, that would fit into the plan easily.  Whatever is about to happen, I am so ready.  I just need this loan approved to free up my present moment, not to mention the stress in me!!

Valorie just may be freed on May 10th.  She has gone back and forth with classification thru the jail and they wrote her yesterday insisting that her release date of May 10th is her actual release date.  We are both on a wait and see moment with all that.  I have cleared my May calendar from the 9th thru the following week, just incase she does get out of jail, I want to be there to hug the bejeezus out of her and celebrate her new life!!!

The one thing that keeps coming thru so many readings, is how important it is for us to actually get together and increase our abilities, together.  We truly enhance the energies by Being together.  We were designed from the beginning to be a group energy, not a soloist.

When I woke up this morning and looked at my facebook my jaw dropped to the ground to see one of my daughter's artwork, stunningly enhanced.  I am going to share both versions with you... but the point of it is this is what we do as a group... take what may look like the barebones of our abilities and enhance them into living fullness!!

There is so much more to each of us than we may ever realize.... until we come together!!!

(((HUGZ))))) of might colors and wonder to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Thank you Deborah Horcoff for this amazing transformation and information!!!

vals enhanced art

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