The Changes and the Waiting Co-Mingling.

New you, old you.
New you, old you.

What an intense, crazy season we are in!!  There is so much changing inside of every one of us.  So much of the old releasing, or at the very least, doing its best to release itself from our minds, from our lives.  Like... waking up at 5:30 in my bedroom only to find out it is 6:30 on my computer!!  HEY!!  I need that freakin hour.  Good ole daylight savings time, snagged an hour right out of my hands lol.  So again, this is going to be a quicky.

I am going to straddle my first reading of the day and that ever present thing of comparison called my life.

There was a lot of new energy coming into my first lady, but what really caught my attention was the single windshield wiper placed in her brain, within her mind, going back and forth, back and forth, and I could see little specks of black, old energy, old thoughts, old concepts (not bad, nothing is ever bad, just... out dated) being removed to allow a full infusion of the new light coming in.

This is happening to a lot of people, especially those who cannot seem to break free of their old beliefs or thoughts or even the way they see or experience the world they live in, the world they created for themselves.

Free will allows for what was removed, to come right back.  We are aided in this transition, but never forced.  Never.

Often times, this removal of old debris makes us feel so done with our old life, the relationships, the living space, the work space and I think, for many of us, that is easier to feel than knowing or allowing what to start to look at next to come thru.  Emptiness for many people can become a huge burden instead of a gift.

Now, let me straddle this with my life and how spirit will spin us in a circle to get ready for big changes.  First the winds of change came down thru the potential of going to Australia and Thailand for a while.  It motivated me to get my passport done, since the energies were so intense and directive, urgent even.  ...until they subsided to the point of withdrawal.  Not that movement withdrew, just the place of movement.

Then I became complacent, I'm really good at that.  I found a way to get my teeth done and with that, created the lack of urgency of new placement in my life.  So my team had to make sure there was a fly in my ointment to keep me out of complacency.  To fully remind me how out of alignment my personal life is with the energy field coming in and laying down.  Stonehedge is the antithesis to the true way of life coming thru us all.  And it was as if my team pulled my face towards mexico and keeps reminding me... remember mexico??  The one consistency with my life, I rarely visit places, I move in.

So moving to Mexico, later, after my teeth are all done, feels good.  Or at least it did for a long minute.  As this higher energy pours in daily, waiting to start this process of selling my home and getting my ducks in a row to move, no longer is in the wait and see arena, its jumping up and down inside me daily yelling... let's go, let's get 'er done.  We (my life and my soul) are becoming stagnant here in Stonehedge.

So the last couple days I am looking at rentals in Mexico, but most that I can even find are in big city's like Mexico City or the coast line.  Not what I want.  I want rural, truly a place where we can start to gather together, eventually.

So last evening as I was sitting here, looking at all I have to do to accomplish this task of transitioning my life to Mexico, and harder yet, exactly where in Mexico I want to set up my new life... I must have left the door open.  My soul started to share something that really took me by surprise.

I was reminded that since 2009, the last 7-8 years, I buried a business that was truly the Presence of God made manifest, The Wonder of You in VA.  Then moved blindly to New Mexico leaving everyone I loved behind.  Then buried my father, and then buried my mother, all the while making sure everyone I connected with grew into their higher soul light and expression.  It's time to discover who I Am in this next phase of life before I cater to others once again.  I am to take time to explore the many areas of Mexico that realtors don't list, there are hidden nuggets, serious untapped power centers in Mexico that will be available if I allow myself to find them.

Fortunately I gave birth to a bigger gypsy than myself, my oldest daughter.  I asked her if she wanted to do this with me.  Of course, we have already been talking about it, but this is different.  She is in and excited!!  She is awaiting a court date for her settlement of wages never paid from California, $25k.  With her settlement and my sale of this house, we should be able to pool our monies to find the perfect land to start again on.  And I get the privilege of Being with Rune, my amazing little life changing grandson.  The fact that she already has an RV is a huge plus for our adventure!!!

So Monday I am going to hire a realtor, I researched selling on my own... no thanx!!  I am feeling that by sometime in the summer, July maybe August, we should be ready.  I am setting up life as if that is my time table.  So with that said, this is going to be the last week I am going to offer my 3-4-2 reading packages.  When I leave for Marco Island on the 19th, I will remove the option to get packages.  This was pressed heavy into me last night, simply so when the time comes, I am not leaving stray hairs left out.  I want us to phase this journey out together efficiently, together and leaving no reading left undone.  With that said, I will still be doing readings, understanding ourselves and the bigger changes yet to be revealed til the very last moment!!  I have my office till July, so we have time, good and much needed time together.

I do want to mention another reading yesterday.  It was odd the way this information showed up, unlike any other time ever before.  I have read for this incredible young lady for years.  Her and her baby daughter were inside her crystal teepee.  She had her daugher held up in the air above her head in front of her and the energy was coming in thru her daughter (not even a year old yet) and out of her daughter into my lady's hands and then creating a pink/lavender vortex in her heart.  It was so beautiful to see.  Then my vision was taken to just behind this swirling energy of her heart and there was this white box just behind the vortex.  In that box, came the knowing that she is going to have a major job change that will bring in much more money (she works at taco bell right now,) a new relationship with a man who will be more of a father to her baby girl than the biological dad is now, since this new man has been her father many lifetimes previous and a potential move as well.

Usually when this sort of information comes thru, it is stretched out on the field so we can get some sense of time.  This was all rising from inside her heart.  She had explained to me she has already been looking into schooling so she can get a better job geared towards assisting other people who have gone thru what she has gone thru with her baby.  And she has been feeling deeply, moving somewhere, but cannot come to where.

All of this is her soul aligning her future.  Knowing this energy is stirring is enough.  Our trick is realizing Divine timing, when everything is aligned... no timeline was given or known even by her team, just assured all of this will come to pass... eventually.

So what she is feeling is the same things I was feeling when Australia and Thailand crossed my path, it was there as a tool to get the juices flowing and whatever action needed to be taken first, done.

We are in for an amazing wild ride these next two quarters.  Hold on tight and be ready!!

On that note, my body is ready for a shower!!  lol

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of wild rides and extreme adventures to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas