Zyro Time and You - the Restoration!!

zyro time

When I was cleaning everything out this past weekend, I found the note pad that my mother wrote the notes that came thru Archangel Michael via the pendulum shortly after I got here.  That was such a great moment, to share my abilities with her and her open interest in them.  Of course when I started the pendulum session I asked Micky to give my mother messages and he agreed to.  Of course, as the messages came thru, she was very aware he was foretelling her death, she even said it out loud, I assured her he is the most cryptic angel I know and surely he means something different... but we both knew.  For her personally, the actual death phase was the only answer to a new mom, a new, enriched Being of Light.

I share that memory because as I look over the notes, everything is as applicable to us now, as it was to her then.  But the real reason for me writing about this, processing this out loud was the very last sentence that I never understood fully, until a beautiful soul put a note on my facebook yesterday.

So that whole message is my focus today... for us.

The first thing AA Michael swung out to tell my mother was: "Distance is collapsing on time."  Ohhh great, let's get quantum physical on my mother.  I explained to her that i have dubbed AA Michael as my quantum physics angel and laughed, but asked for clarity to help mom understand.  He simply swung out "Zero time."

For my mother, she only had 2 and a half months left in this plane of existence.  The distance was indeed collapsing on time for her, bringing her to zero point, a new life.'

I want to point out here too, the way my mother spelled zero in her note taking. She spelled Zyro time.  So for giggles I looked up the meaning of Zyro and came up with two very interesting finds:  As Zyro, you have a natural interest in the welfare of your fellow man, and a desire to help and serve others in a humanitarian way. You are responsible and generous, although somewhat scattering and disorganized at times.

From the Urban Dictionary: Top Definition. Zyro. A god, jesus, the omnipotent one, your all powerful leader.

I will get back to the deeper meaning of zyro in a bit.  Zero time for us, it means the same thing, minus the actual physical death.  The old world and way of being in it is dying, collapsing in time.  Because, whether we realize it or not, we are so in alignment with the quantum field, we will be affected first and foremost on this collapsing, this returning to zero point.

I fully realized yesterday thru each and every reading that these crystal teepee's that I see everyone within, is showing your zero point restoration.  One lady in particular really revealed so much of what this means to our collective, to each one of us bringing the emerald city to the field of life.

This lady is from down under, a timeline that stretched into tomorrow.  The first time we attempted to connect, skype nor the phone itself would allow a connection.  We spent her whole 30 minutes trying to connect, finally making the connection in a brand new way, thru facebook messenger, but it was too late, I had another appointment coming up.  We had to reschedule.  When her next date came up, of course the field was down and I could not do her reading that day.  So we were both waiting to see if the third time would be the charm... sure enough!!

The first thing I seen was her standing at the corner of my building, with a rope binding her arms to her side.  Now in my world, arms are all about our reach for life, in this case it would be our reach to merge into and as the emerald city.  Behind her was this thing that looked like a creepy Kermit the frog.  It took me some time to realize this was a past relationship, one of those frogs we kiss that never really turns into a prince, but is a toad (no offence to toads.)  He was still leaching her energy field and by participation, kept her bound from reaching what she desired and deserved.  When I looked at the ropes, there was thing keeping it in place.  One end started up at her shoulders and spiraled down to her hips, but not tied off or tied into her, just there.

When she turned around to look at this thing behind her, I realized his eyes is what was peering at her and not her memory of him keeping her in that place just outside the emerald city.  We asked for help from spirit and they came with what looked like a really large fish net and placed it over him and ever so slowly, started to drag him backwards, away from her.  With every inch he moved away, the rope released and beneath the ropes were all this flower heads, fully dressed, vibrationally for the entrance and reunion into and with, Shambhala... the emerald city and started the entrance into her diamond teepee.

Let's take a long look at the huge significance of what this means to all of us.  Very few of us made it to this incredible place without some serious challenges, especially in the form of relationships in our past.  I am not talking just love relationships, all kinds.  Be it with children, parents, co-workers, friends, relatives, whatever...  Because of the purity of frequency that is the emerald city, no matter how vibrant our personal field is, if we are still lugging around or being haunted by any part of our past, we simply remain bound to it.  Often times, we remain out of obligation, or better said, feeling obligated.

Like my personal situation.  Take for instance, my mother's cat.  Altho I have asked every person I have met since my mother's transition if they wanted a cat, I have made no real effort to find this cat a home, save the yard sale.  But how many people go looking for a pet at yard sales??  I finally did something about it and now I will be driving this cat to Key Largo on Thursday to live with someone who really wants her and even other cats.  My mom's cat is finally going to get some life in her life and I am grateful!!  The cat may not fully realize it yet, but she will be grateful too.  Other cat playmates and someone who wants to pet her 24/7 as this cat demands!!

I also contracted a realtor yesterday to start the process of selling this house.  I seriously dislike this community, but I love my mother and I continue to have this odd relationship of keeping my mother in my life by continuing to stay in her home.  But... this was HER home and she loved it here.  I am on the opposite spectrum of that feeling being here.

So, back to the pendulum message from Archangel Michael.  In a way, we must cause our own death or at the very least, recognize it as it starts to creep into our life.  Let the distance collapse on time.  No dragging our past around, whether consciously or unconsciously and trying to move into our new lives fully aligned with the emerald city.  There are universal safeguards in place to make sure that cannot happen.

Even the teepee, I fully l realize now, thanx to my lady mentioned above, the teepee represents a full spectrum zero point.  The month prior to this crystal teepee showing up on the field, God/Source was present, still is, just not as in our faces as he was coming thru February.  His purpose was to seed us with our new life, within our full conscious awareness of the Presence!!

So when I was trying my very best to explain to my mother in what zero point meant and time collapsing on distance, she was more confused than enlightened.  So I asked Michael for more clarity for my mother.  The next sentence he swung out was:  "Start in heaven."

I have to smile as I fully realize how my mother wrote those words:  Start -in- heaven.  Emphasizing the word IN.  As soon as he finished that sentence, without missing a beat my other said... "he's saying I am going to die, isn't he.  I tried to explain to her about Shambhala and bringing heaven to earth, but even as I said all that, I knew he was not talking about her entrance into the heaven on earth, but truly... heaven.  I refused to acknowledge that and told her AA Michael is cryptic and it means something very different.  DeNile is a vast river many of us swim in.  To be clear, it was me swimming, not my mother!!

The emerald city can have many names.  My team personally uses the emerald city to denote the magic that is in each of us.  We each have the opportunity to be the grand wizard of our personal and collective Oz.  It all keeps remnants of religious bias out of it too.  It keeps what we think about the past, out.  However, that said, it can easily be called the kingdom of god, shambhala, the new garden of eden and so on.  But the emerald city, taken from the movie the wizard of oz depicts Dorothy's journey to oz, with love, courage and brains and her releasing fear and staying focused only on love's wise courage to arrive deep into herSelf.  A place that was always there within her.

And here we can more fully understand the spelling my mother showed us of what is being asked of us should we choose to die without dying.  To become a God, Jesus Like... the living Christ to serve humanity.

So, back to my mother, I asked Archangel Michael if he had any last messages for my mother.  Until I read the note on facebook the other day, I remained rather confused about this last sentence:  "Queen restored to earth."  What the hell???  It has stayed in my question box of my mind all this while.  Even this weekend, when I unburied the notepad my mother took AA Michael messages on, I focused on that last sentence... what does that mean!!  Well, let me share the message from facebook that was posted under my most recent blog:

Listen Lisa....I have always wondered why you did not live in Mexico, but New Mexico. Because I have felt the real deal is where you would be the real queen of energies that you are. I hope you will move. It will be a big lift in easiness of living. The fact that your oldest daughter wants to come with you. I tell you after a little time, the others of your children will want to come too. So my question is. which side do you want to be on...Atlantic or Pacific. If you stay near Cancun/playa del Carmen. I would recommend Isla de Muheres as a place to settle down. However,all the way down south, in Chiapas there is a good crowd of american expats living in San CHRISTOBALDEL LAS CASAS. why...it is inexpensive, warm, beautiful and warm. There are high quality spiritwork going on there and a lot of cultur.. I know because i stayed there for a year....people would just love you there.....Keep us posted Lisa...it is exitin

Ignore the fact that I was just researching Chiapas the night before... when I read the queen of energies, my heart exploded with the cryptic messages from AA Michael.  I flashed back to my entire journey to this very moment.  Being on the mountainside in Vermont, I learned so much about working with the earth energies there.  I built, energized a medicine wheel, taught to me by two native american spirit guides who refused to speak english to me.  I prayed the medicine wheel daily.  My path eventually changed to do lower based chakra readings, then to doing massage readings and connecting with the changing energy body and communication system for 7 years and once I arrived in the Jemez, I learned how to connect fully and read directly from the soul of those who connected on the field.

I know, in the depths of my heart, the place in mexico that I will find, will be so pure and vibration as to allow the fullness of my entire path to come together, with others to truly start living Zyro time as the emerald city.

Once again, we ask... what are you willing to give up so you can have it all, BE it ALL???

Well, I have got to get my home picture perfect ready today as the realtor is coming back to take pictures and for me to sign paperwork.

There is still no freakin word on the home equity loan, and god bless both my loan guy and now my realtor who are both trying to figure out a secondary, less costly way for me to get funds to have my teeth done.  I love that they both love me that much to stay up at night and ponder!!  I would love to save the $3003 closing cost of the equity loan, but I refuse to apply for one more credit card, or in this case, I would need several more!! I have never carried a balance on any of my credit cards (save carecredit which is currently interest free) and now have 2 maxed out.  lol  Anywayz... movement is happening in my world because I am MAKING it happen!!   Ohhh and I have a backup plan should this place sell sooner than later, I will move into my office until my teeth journey is done enough to mosey onto mexico!!

May the power and life force of the equinox enliven ALL!!!

((((HUGZ)))))) of wonder and movement to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

P.S.  5 days left to take advantage of my package special, buy two get the third free.  I will be removing them the evening of the 18th.  Of course, the single readings will remain until I journey to Mexico.

P.S.S.  I choose todays particular main art because of the solar equinox, ring of fire image someone posted on my facebook called "the diamond ring."  Which I know is also in full relationship to the cyrstal teepee's everyone is showing up in... zero point, the  restoration!!

diamond ring