Change, then Change Again and Again. We are in a Fast Moving, Unstable Event Horizon!!


Here we are, April 1st, the beginning of phase two of this life changing year.  A phase so large it needs 6 months to move thru it.  I think we can look at this phase as orienting ourselves into a brand new life that has never existed before.  Kind of daunting, kind of exciting.

I sit here this morning with the energy of a new wave swelling up from deep inside me, building to something new.  Of course, I am down to my last three days in Florida, in my mother life, or at least, what was my mother's life.

There was so much I wanted to share with all of you from ongoing revelations since the Marco Island adventure, but they seemed to blend in to this new wave slowly building in me, in my center.  Instead, I have stared at the computer screen and was given a sort of life review.  A spiritual life review, my teams way of preparing me for this next phase.  I share with you to perhaps help you in the same way.

I started this path on the beautiful Crystal Coast of North Carolina.  I move to NC in Oct. 1996 and fell in love with the area.  On Nov 11,th 2000 at 7:30pm thru 3am, I had the life changing Ouija board experience.  Thru that experience, I learned meditation, pretty much lived in my bathtub and visited my kids occasionally running around the rest of the house.  Never in a million years could I foresee the depths of my life falling apart once again.  Or at least, in those early years, falling apart was all I knew.  I would have never looked at it as the birth of something new, something so new it needed to be grown and nurtured elsewhere.  By mid summer 2001, life having crushed my world again, I moved to Virginia and in with a psychic who worked out of the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. center.  I think I learned by osmosis to understand how she did what she did and borrow some of that for my (future) self.  Again, to my seedling of a self, that relationship went devastatingly bad and into a homeless shelter me and my 10-year-old went.  An eye opener for sure about homeless shelters and not in a good way.  We were evicted 5 weeks in.  My daughter and I took up residence in a hotel until some church group came for the summer and made everyone move out.  Of course, I was not looking at the lack of compassion by this church group, I was down on my knees once again, because my world fell apart.  Or at least, that was the way I was looking at it.  In less than two years from the Ouija board session, my life that I was living and loved, dissolved 5 separate times.  FIVE!!!!

I never once stopped to look at the lack of compassion and amazing compassion we were experiencing, building within ourselves.  I was grateful that every place we went to had a bathtub, my connection to my team, my bitching, ranting and raving was crucial or I know I would have tried to commit suicide again, but that energy was wiped from my system with my last attempt Feb 4th, 2001.

Stripping down my belief systems were hard enough, stripping down my life, over and over again with a 10-year-old in tow. She was my blessing.  She always seen the higher road and I needed her!!  My beloved Valorie!!

An internet friend invited us to stay on her camp in Vermont and we gratefully accepted.  it became the most amazing playground on earth.  A rebuilding of what I never knew I was capable of.  Another move into the city, into a real apartment with a real job (paycheck) provided even more extracting of my latent abilities.

By year two, I loved Vermont, even the icy cold winters they provided.  And another ending was looming, another move was becoming eminent.  March 2003 we drove to Idaho.  More latent abilities came out and became developed.  That was a short-lived experience.  This move was provided by yet another internet friend, I rented a wonderful house from her and her husband and she and I opened a business called Souly Beautiful.  She was a bookkeeper turned massage therapist, I had no idea what I was!!  Her husband hated me.  Past life karma was evident.  The relationships all fell apart, but not before this community in Iowa was presented.  My daughter and I got permission from the founder to move there.

The one thing this community taught me is that I never want to live in a community again.  It was supposed to be spiritual, but it was really a mix of mormon teachings, native american teachings, judaism and seriously fear based.  To the degree the founder was insisting that my beautiful labradorite crystal was created by satan and I was asked to remove it from the property and he was pretty sure that satan must have been my teacher!!

Eight months later, I got the hell out and went to visit my son in VA.  I needed to breathe.  In a million years, I could not have foreseen within 3 days of landing in VA, on my 42nd birthday no less, I would be enrolled in massage school, completely funded by student loans and grants.  I was looking for a job and ended up in school.  Then I had to ask my son if I could stay for 9 months until I graduated.  lol

All of that set up a whole new set of skills within me.  Blending what I had already developed over the years and what I learned in massage school.  I developed a session called the hands of light and sound therapy, creating a niche no one else on earth could provide.  Which made it easy when my life force was being squeezed out of me 5 years later and sent me packing to New Mexico.  Getting clients is easy when you are the only one in the world that can do what you.  Not for the lack of trying to teach others, but it takes great inner commitment to expand and for most people, life's distractions are the focal point.

Just under 2 years in New Mexico, a good steady clientele under my belt, the Jemez was presented as my massage business, my forearms and hands were winding up that phase of my skill set. Until this point, I read from the physical level of life.  The denser emotions, the blocks within a person's, physical and mental.  The Jemez was going to open up a much broader skill set.  Reading from the Soul level of incarnated Beings and reading at the leading edge of constant change.   5 years in the Jemez, the learning was large, deep, soul changing for all of us!!  The more we connect directly to our soul mind and energy, the more the soul itself can evolve.  That is, after all, why we live life.

Now here I Am, 9 months to the day, into the field of my mother's world preparing to leave.  I left my beloved Jemez on July 3rd, I close here on April 3rd.  My mother transitioned back to the Light October 3rd.  An absolute ending of endings like never before.  Miracles and heartache blending so lovingly together to fuel whatever is next.

As everyone knows, over these last few months, my direction has changed and changed and changed.  To me it now feels like looking at a slow-moving carousel of possibilities, all that came directly from the focus of my teeth.  My teeth, a life changer!! lol  It started the spin.  The emerging possibilities and I went for them all, until the went back into the abyss energetically.  However, it all started the movement.  That was the point.  Start the movement of movement.

Let me tell you too, for those that funded my gofundme teeth adventure, you may not realize how crucial your part in all this was, is!!  We can liken it to putting gas in the car, you kept my focus on getting my teeth.  Without your generosity, I would have let that go, all of it appearing too big to bite off (smile.)  Instead, you seen what I could not and it started me pushing on other doors I never would have looked at.  So, beyond thank you.  And I will be updating the fundraiser soon.  I pick up my refund check and my new temporary dentures the morning of the 4th, on my way to Texas.  I have an appointment with the new dentist, same company, in Texas on April 7th.

When I thought I was going to be traipsing around Mexico, maybe parts of S. America for a year, I started to see something in relationship to that.  It was so beautiful... a gentle waterfall spilling into this amazing blue pond of water, hidden by flora.  It the image, the energy of it drew my breath in.  Of course, I assumed (silly me) this was an area I was looking for in my travels.  I would excitedly explore the jungles to find this peace of heaven (yes, spelled that was on purpose.)  And then, my world direction changed again as Julie and I came together.  The UK is on my target zone after, completely after my teeth journey is done and my new dentures are fixed onto the implants.  So I had to ask, what of this waterfall.  I wanna live there!! lol

Over this massive, internal week, I remembered....

Back in 2001, while I was in school learning Life Between Life regression with Michael Newton, PhD, all the students had to have a LBL session and conduct one.  On my amazing regression back to spirit, my regressionist asked me, once I was fully integrated back in spirit, what I did for fun when not incarnating.  I was immediately aware of creating a world, a planet that only housed me and my soul partner, (who was my mentor at the time) and on this world, we created this place, this waterfall and pooling pond in a jungle like setting.  Much to my surprise, we did not experience this place in human bodies at all.  Instead, we were these short, squat, green bumpy creatures that stood upright and had 6 arms.  Thru these creatures, the sensory experience of being in that world, of each other, was wayyyy more than our physical bodies were ever capable of.

What I could have never understood then, or hell, even thru the years, was that spiritual memory that was opened up in that hypnosis session, was showing me what it feels like to live heaven in a physical plane of experience.  Experiences and senses that just do not exist in the pure soul state.  But to live like that, is to be so open, so pure in our energy fields that nothing, NO THING could ever take you out of there.

That said, focus on what you desire.  What we are creating, even, especially within the unknowable of it all.  Only look at what is falling apart if you can look it with love and appreciation.  Including your own life.  Something better, bigger, is revealing itself.  Look, then look again.  Move and allow yourself too change your movement on a dime, with the next revelation pulling you towards it.  It may feel initially, like living in chaos soup, and we are!!  Swim, dunk, play and splash around because we are building the inconceivable as we go.

There are two things I want to conclude with today, pulled from the audio I embedded in yesterdays sharing from Kryon.  Something our teams have been saying for well over a year, maybe two years (time blurs lol.)

At 16:00 minutes into the audio, Kryon is talking about this new fractal of life emerging, one that has never ever ever been before.  And he says "A time that has no prophecy about it.  There are no elders, no channelers anywhere giving you good solid prophecy about what's next..."   Couple that with what he says at about 18:30 minutes in:  "Some of the very essence of metaphysics is changing processes, procedures.  How you meditate, how you pray, what it feels like, how long it takes, expect these things to move, because you are sitting in a fresh new energy..."

Your souls have been saying this very thing for the last couple years (thru our readings together.)  If you can allow yourself to do one thing... let it be this.  Wake up every day as if nothing ever existed before that moment.  No past lives, no atlantis, no lemuria, no history about what the earth has been thru.  No nothing.  It is ONLY in this place, the new will be revealed to you, thru you.  Otherwise you are trying to bring an energy that can no longer hold itself together and dare I say, you may even try to bring others into the illusion with you (unintentionally.)

Trust, that inside of each one of you, of us, are master creators.  We have created grandness in many places before this moment.  Allow the untainted knowings of that be what drives you forward.  Nothing less will take hold!!!  And most importantly, move with the ever changing movement of your LightField, LifeField!!

Speaking of LightFields... I am so hoping to see a little something something today.  However, last night I was reminded of something that came thru the last reading I had post eclipse... the energy field here in FLorida, even at the office, cannot hold the vibration of light that will be next.  The landscape where I will be in San Marcos, can.

Talk about the importance of Location!!!

Speaking of location (smile) YOUR HEART is the Emerald City, as we combine each city to form the Nation of Lights, together.  New.  Never before seen, experienced...

I love you all so so much and thank you for allowing...

((((HUGZ)))) of fast paced changes and new worlds emerging to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I will be raising my rates on April 4th.  I will also start phasing out new readings by the end of April.  The landscape is changing too rapidly to assure completion beyond that.