The Wall of Light and Unzippering of NEW DNA

zipper DNA1

I swear to god, even in this amazing transition of Life, spirit is still the greatest tease on and off earth!!  One reading in yesterday... wham, down I went.  Well, Sorta.  I did get to see the layout of my second reading. but zero audio and zero feeling information to even come close to understanding what we were seeing.  That's just plain unfair if you ask me!!

So let's look at my one and only reading yesterday.  Man oh man, knock my socks off!!   What is even better, for the most part I can add some pictorial's for you to see thru my eyes (only much more humble than what was really seen.)

First let's start with an empty reading field:

new field

When I cranked out my antenna for my first lady, who happened to live in the land down under, AKA OZ we opened to a massive wall of Light:

wall of light

Ok, it wasn't "boxy" like this image, but there was depth to it, maybe about 10 feet thick.  The next thing I know, Archangel Michael shows up behind the wall and suddenly something that looks like a golden zipper appeared in the middle of this wall of light.

zipper DNA

The zipper and the loops were closed, until AA Michael started to slowwwwwlllyy open that zipper.  I mean, so freakin slow all I could think of was... hey Micky, this is only a 30 minute reading, can you speed things up a bit!!  I surely could not anticipate how far reaching his reply would be.  He said something like 'you cannot speed up this process, it must unfold slowly.'  I now realize, he was not talking about just the reading itself, but what was actually happening in what was being shown.

That zipper ended up being the 12 groups/strands of DNA energy, which he also referenced the 12 tribes within it as well.  I was stunned to hear the 12 tribes brought back within the first reading, but he wasn't done with the visuals and partial understandings we received in florida.  As he sped up the visual (not the process) something that looked like this appeared:

4 bars

Four golden bars appeared\, one side of the half circle bar attached to the right side of the wall of light, where it was unzippered, and the other half on the left side.  Aligned so that each bar housed 3 groups of DNA.  Even tho in my humble artwork it looks like those bars are on my side of the wall of light, they were not, they were on the back side, where AA Michael was.

Then my lady was placed inside these 4 brackets or whatever they were.  One aligned to the back of her head, one to the back of her heart area, one around her butt and then the bottom on just above the ankles.  The next thing I know this massive blue and red energy started sparking and spilling out of the bottom bracket into her legs but also all around her legs too.  A new energetic ground work was emerging from this area.  A circle that enlarged as the bracket released more and more energy.  However, the circle was more the color and texture of a soap bubble and not blue and red.

We were then shown the next phase, which was at the butt area, and this shit, I forget already, I think gold and silver energy was released and created a second circle that was enlarged from her body.

Then, the next thing I see are these crazy fish, 6 of them to be exact, bouncing around on her bottom circle thing.

fish symbol

Of course, I had to ask, what the hell are they??  AA Michael explained that they represented "mana."  The energy, the "food of life" needed to engaged in the various intersecting points that were being created.

I then realized that a whole network of string energy was unfolding between her bottom circle and her butt area circle, depending on where the fish were jumping.  Opportunities.

It was then explained that all of this energy will continue to unfold as we move thru the end of May.  There are some that will feel it immediately and then others that will feel it in a month, several months, next year... this is not an all at once gig, nothing is ever done all at once.  There are too many variables within the human plane for anything to be distributed at one time.  Instead, if we look at it more like the flow of the ocean, gently moving outwards into the field of life.

With all of this information, it was also explained that new skills will suddenly come online as these 4 planes of energy (those circles) complete themselves and interconnect to each other.

With it all, there is already a massive uptick of Light happening thru all of earth.  The pineal gland being the most affected (initially) since that is the light receptor for the human body.

Thru this entire session, which went way over time since it took me so much time to understand anything that was being revealed, not to mention AA Michael said this is a high intensity field that must be adjusted to, no diving straight in (I had no idea what he really meant by that... but do now.)

I could not even imagine what more would come thru with my second reading.  By this time, my head felt bloated with energy, like an over inflated balloon.  The constant talking hurt my mouth so damn much.  I had not spent close to an hour talking straight thru at all since having my teeth pulled, implants implanted and dentures on.  My trip to the dentist later in the day revealed several blisters caused by constant talking.  This is going to be an interesting transition of efficiency lol.

Anywayz, my second beautiful lady showed up and her field was sooooo different, except the wall of light, that was very present.  But unlike my first lady, her field unfolded on this side of the wall of light.  Here is my humble rendition:


The only thing I knew for sure, the guy that was on the left (my yellow stick figure) was Sananda.  My lady, dressed in pink, was hugging the wall of light.  Now all this, I seen clear as a bell.  However, I had zero audio and zero feeling connected to the understanding of the images.  If I didn't know Sananda's energy signature, I would never have known who was standing to the left of my lady.  His appearance was not like the ones we know of Jesus, very very different actually.  He did have what looked like a gold ring (like a wedding ring) placed on his head slanted backwards (it was over the top of his forehead and down towards the base of his skull.  He also had three robes on, in three different colors, all layered.  I cannot recall the colors at this moment.  I think the top layer was tan, the second layer was blue and the bottom black... but don't quote me on that.

And that pathway my lady was on.  It was about 10 feet long out from the wall of Light and no wider than her in this beautiful multicolored pattern.  She was about mid path when we opened up and the only movement in the whole (attempt at) reading was her.  She walked up to the wall of light and was hugging it.

I kept asking Sananda to talk, explain, say something... nuttin.  What was odd too, he had his arms crossed across his chest.  Where with AA Michael, he was showing this amazing golden heart of energy, sparking outwards from his chest thru his whole connection.  One thing I knew for sure, my job was to assume nothing.  I had no idea what anything meant and it was meant to be like that.  Kinda pesky, but spirit always has a reason even if the human thinks its asinine!! (smile)

I understood absolutely nothing about what I had seen for my lady.  Nothing at all.  Which I will never understand spirit giving us a view into the field but no other information at all to understand it.

I was getting seriously frustrated with no audio, no understanding at all... I rescheduled her.  The thirty minutes between my 2nd and third reading, I now can say I know what an over inflated balloon feels like when the air is released.  I could feel my mind contracting, deflating and by my 3rd reading, I had no connection ability at all.

Since I have been in Texas, I have awoken every day at 4am.  Don't you know yesterday I started sleeping until 6am!!  What the hell is up with that.  When I adjusted my online calendar to Central time, I did not expect all my appointments to be moved an hour back, but sure enough, this week, I am now starting my readings at 7:30am!!  There was just too many affected to even think about changing it.  So everyone who had a preset appointment prior to the change to Central time, your reading will now be an hour earlier than we thought it would be!!

When I awoke this morning, I felt like lead.  I swear whatever energy Michael and my lady released yesterday in the first reading, penetrated every part of me while I slept.  And my ability to see is still somewhere in the wall of light!!  I cannot see or read at all today.  What the hell is that all about!!  One reading in and I am over loaded with energy.  Jezuz, when Michael says this is going to be slow going, I had no idea he meant with reading the field too.

The one thing I am sure of, this field is like nothing ever before.  WE are like nothing ever before!!  I am chomping at the bit to see and understand more!!  Here is hoping that tomorrow will allow at least another glimpse, if not a fuller view, or at least and understanding of this side of the wall of light.

These are interesting times for sure!!  Until the next time....

I love you all soul much!!  Thank you for this amazing dance we are in together!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of mana leaping joyfully thru your field igniting unexpected surprises to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas