Living In Love AND Living Your Truth.

city of light within

Well, whet my whistle batman!!!  It is a most enjoyable day when I show up to do my job and the field is open to play in!!  For all but one person yesterday, that was the way of it!!  Seeing and understanding!!  I am also finding, especially this morning, it is getting harder and harder for me to keep you, the people I read for and talk about the day after, individuated.  In my mind's memory, it is more like blending into a whole picture of understanding by each presentation.  The borders of separation are leaving my memory recall.  So with that said, I am going blend the understandings of the entire day.

First of all, and most exciting and surprising (to me) of all, that wall of Light is Source/Creator/God!!  I about shit when that was revealed thru the first reading!!  Even as I share that, I am equally connected to the name of my new (currently being built) website "The Nation of Lights."  Ohhh I feel something bigger brewing!!

With each person that showed up on the field yesterday, there was a unique relationship to this wall of light, all participating in some way, but each one, very different from the other.  I suppose, as I really think about it, it makes perfect sense.  Each one of us has our own unique relationship/connection with Source/God which also allows for our own unique expression of that beautiful Mastery to be contributed to the All made manifest (thru and as us.)

I do find it interesting that the field, my back yard does not have an equal set up (size wise.)  The front side of that wall, representing the landscape of Love, is so much larger than the back side, representing the landscape of truth.  Even as I think about it, the understanding is presented.

Love, true, genuine, unconditional, non expectant love is a wide and accessible landscape that everyone is birthed in and from.  Even if one appears to be the darkest person on the planet, the field of Love is still surrounding them, available should they choose.

The landscape of truth is much more concentrated, dare I even say, intense.  From the field of Love nothing more is or ever will be asked of anyone.  The landscape of truth however, demands to be seen in the Light of day, every day.  This landscape is not a matter of knowing stuff and parroting it out loud, but LIVING IT.

I am instantly reminded of my pesky master guide (the one who has been with me thru this incarnation) Ramus.  For the first 8 years of my path, he never spoke a word, but was present in every connection I made with him and Jill.  He eventually (8 years later) told me that his duty was to help me understand... to LIVE the fact that action speaks louder than words.  We can even bring in our dearly beloved Gandhi's words "be the change you want to see in the world."  This is living your truth.  And in order to live your truth, you must have a wide breadth of energy in the field of love.  It really is the only thing that will sustain the many changes that will take place in your personal field and life field as you dedicatedly start LIVING your truth.

Not one person can be the full on example of Truth made manifest, which is why god has always been a team sport.  You are uniquely and beautifully different from me, and vise versa and yet together, we are a larger picture of the whole.  If we look at us at just the hand on the body, 5 very different fingers, 5 different placements of the fingers, the palm and wrist different yet crucial to the fingers movements.  Each finger working independently and collectively.

This is the time we are in Now.  To understand ourselves as a working whole of Source made manifest, individually and collectively.

More than anything, This is a time for Action!!  Y/our Action!!  Y/our deepest desires are ready to be fulfilled, but only if you get up on your feet and create the energy field to hold them within your field of life.

Even some missed opportunities will be circling back to the present moment for fulfillment, if we dare!!

I will end this with a question from the universe.... What changes are you creating and dancing with in your own life???

Big big big (((HUGZ)))) of dreams come true (becoming truth) and wishes full-filled thru the heart of y/our Soul in action!!!

Lisa Gawlas