The Earth is Charged and Ready to Go!! Are You?

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Once again, we are all in the midst of massive energetic change, as is the energy directly at the ground level of life.  Which is amplifying everything thru the body system, physically and emotionally.  After two days of fluid readings, I was sad and disappointed that when Friday's first reading rolled around... nuttin.  As was the case for the rest of the day.  I wasn't sure if it was the field, us or the fact that my mouth hurt so damn much when I talked, especially forming any words that had the S or F sounds within them, which is a surprising lot!!  The pain got so bad I decided to email the last two people on my dance card and then I took out my bottom denture (and it is still out) which helped a lot. By yesterday morning, my mouth was fine.  I only had two people on my dance card since I am winding down, for now, with weekend readings.  Once I get more settled into my new life and new routine, I will open a few weekend days for those who must have a weekend reading, but for now, we are all still adjusting.  Anywayz.... My first appointment of the day yesterday, nuttin, again!!  WTH????  I did everything except stand on my head to try and get the field ignited, nope.  So I did the only thing I knew to do, I hopped in the bath between her and my next appointment, hoping some understanding would be shed.  Especially since my next appointment has been rescheduled more than anyone else in the last several months and I wanted to come to her armed with an explanation.

Let me tell you, the energy of gratitude can seriously get in the way of a fluid meditation!  I have run several baths since landing in my new, expanded heaven and I can barely tune in because I am just overwhelmed with gratitude.  This bathtub is like the cherry on top of the bestest cake ever.  But I dug my way into meditation yesterday, cuz we need to know!!  Dammit!!

My vision opened to the back yard, now missing that wall of light and replaced by this beautiful golden vortex like energy.  Something sort of like this picture, except the green grass was viewable thru the energy circles and all around it, plus it was flat on the ground, not tilted in the air:

ground vortex

From my bathtub view, I could see the energy going down into the earth, or maybe, coming up out from the earth.  I kept feeling that all this happened because of the energy awareness of father earth.  I did take a moment to ask where I was in the midst of all this and I was as much that golden energy vortex as the earth was.  But no more was added.

At least now I knew it wasn't just me, but the earth and everyone and everything else upon it.  It also makes sense as to why my mouth suddenly became amplified with pain.  These energies have no bias either, if something hurts its gonna hurt a bit more due to the amplification underway.  We will also see all the other things amplified, base emotions, higher emotions, everything from the ground upwards!!!  As if it wasn't already amplified enough!!  Sheez!!!

Understanding all this, I did beg the "powers that be" to please let a little something something come thru for my lady.  I know she will, once again, understand, but please lets give her something... anything!!!

So when I showed up for my lady's reading, at first, I thought my plea's fell on deaf ears, until we started talking about the golden energy spiraling at the ground.  Suddenly I could see her light body position over the center point of the energy at the ground, elongated about 5-6 feet up from the ground, spinning (both are moving in a counterclockwise direction... opening.)

body spiral

Then she had some weird-looking stuff coming out of her field, these wiry looking things that came from her core outwards, sort of like this picture (the closest visual I could find, but not accurate in detail.)  Where the energies arced outwards, they only came not even halfway towards the ground but some of the energies had something like looked like this on them:

plug in

I recognized them immediately only because I had bought my grandson a little battery-powered, ride on fire truck, and the internal and external charger looked like this.  At the moment of connecting to her, she had three of these all coming out from her left side area (physical life) and each a different color.  They were not plugged into anything yet, so I could not understand what they were charging up.  This morning, I think I am understanding more.

For so long in this phase of our evolution, all the energies were ignited from above, coming down to us from the sun or the upper atmosphere and now, we are getting fully charged up at the ground level.  The earth is fully ready and prepared to host the greatest evolution of a species ever beheld in creation!!!

However, what we must fully realize, she is the power source.  Let's look at my grandsons ride on fire truck.  We can plug it into the wall, get it fully charged and ready to go, but if he never gets on and uses it, well, for a while, it's just a fully ready truck.  If it just sits there, the charge will start to discharge and it will have to be plugged in again to be used.  With us, if we do nothing with our new charges, the opportunities will be handed off to someone else.  This really has always been the way of it, the back up plan to back up plans, except this time, much more immediate.

Pay attention to what you are feeling inside your body.  I get a direct correlation with my hands as I try to understand this energy system(s).  For about a month before I left Florida, the energy in both of my hands, most especially my left hand but also my right, hurt like freakin hell from the wrists thru each knuckle.  It hurt so much I could not pick up my coffee pot most mornings with one hand, I needed both and even that was a strain.  I was pretty sure I developed carpal tunnel, since I had it when I was pregnant with my last child, it was similar but not really the same.  I already knew my hands were all about grasping the things I (really, my soul) was reaching for in its next experience in life.

I was hoping when I landed in the pre-rental place I secured in San Marcos, that energy would start releasing itself, ohhh no, not even a little bit.  It wasn't until I moved into this new home, this amazing place did the energies within my hands finally release.  I can even pick my (quite solid) grandson up and over my head with ease.

If we can look at the magnetics of our fields.  I was completely imbued with the resonance magnetic field energy to make sure this landscape and my body found each other.  Even as my head was pretty sure I would be strolling about the universe for a year, in Mexico, in the UK... my soul already knew and I am sure it giggled all the way here.

Not only did this amazing place come with all the "life" amenities I could have ever hoped for, it also comes with the most amazing landlord one could ever ask for.  This man is so accommodating, so willing to bend over backwards to make sure all our needs are met that I am humbled.  Not to mention the fact that he is not totally weirded out when I constantly tell him how much I love him.

I have no idea what is next for us, but OMG I am sooooo excited to find out!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of unyielding joy come thru and to the ALL of Life!! <3

Lisa Gawlas

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