Winning the Lottery of Life!!

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I love waking up with an ah-ha moment!!  Of course, I also know I was elsewhere thru my sleep time last night, I recall shadow elements (not clear, but I know I was not here) from whatever I was doing last night.  The ah-ha moment I am having tho, is this:

If there truly is no past or future and ALL lives are being lived right now, whether on earth or elsewhere, then all that is being shared thru each reading is coming from the incarnation we are experiencing within the other planes of existence that are highly evolved societies, with the incarnation of yourself that is living as a highly evolved Being.

So truly, YOU are who is helping you assimilate all these new energy packets being brought to you by yourSelf.  I don't know why I find that kinda mind-boggling as well as so exciting all at the same time, but I do.

Thanx to my shadowy escapades last evening, I woke up late this morning, but I do want to highlight one reading from yesterday.  They were all extraordinary, but this one's presentation I feel can apply to every one of us that integrate and live the incoming energy.

She was standing out in her field with what looked like either bingo or lottery balls pouring down all around her.  They came in about 5 feet above her head and seemed to just disappear from my field of vision as they got down to about her waist area.  Each ball was assigned a number and her job was to lock it into her field of life.  The reason they used these balls was to give the relationship of winning... it didn't matter if it was bingo or the lottery, the idea was every  5 balls integrated, wins.  Truly winning the lottery of life or yelling Bingo!!

As was the case for just about ever reading yesterday, these energy packets, that cannot be understood thru the spoken word (hence I cannot see the details of what they do, just how to apply them within your personal field) and must be connected with and absorbed thru the soul mind.

What is now becoming common, when there is more than one thing to integrate in a reading, we can see only the first one, to get an idea of what to do with it.  There was a ball clearly marked 17 that she caught with her hand.  Her team explained this has nothing to do with our numerology (the first place I was heading to understand the number.)  I eventually followed along as I watched her place the 17 ball into the left side of her field and it suddenly opened into this golden geometric formations and instantly stretched out to her center field and oozed into her forehead.  It was explained that all 5 balls will be placed in various areas and then be absorbed into various areas of the body.

The one time they are keeping with numerology is with the 5 - change!!  Every fifth ball increases the lottery windfall within her life and of course, which naturally flows out to others.

The thing to be clear about, with everyone doing whatever they are doing to bring thru higher packets of energy from other evolved planes of Life, be sure you experience the vibrational integration of whatever it is you are doing.  That is when you know you finished that thing and it is time to move to the next thing.

It was also stated thru many of the readings yesterday, this energy is not coming up from earth, but down into the earth realm.  So there really is no past to assign understanding from.  This is new to this realm and will come thru you.

Which equally gave me a really clear understanding of something.  Some of the ones who lead the way getting to here and their passing.  Of course I think of Wayne Dyer or Dolores Cannon.  They had to leave so that more people would find their own way, a newer way of presenting in this quickly changing world.  And now you... We... will be the ones laying down a new templet of evolution.  No longer focused on healing, but on true expansion of the body and life field from the heart plane of highly evolved ways of life, which does come with amazing magic when two or more are gathered and focused.

If you are thinking that sounds a little grandiose, I promise you, YOU change me, alter my whole Being every single time you show up to the field.  You have added to my life, my personal evolution in more ways than any (unseen) spiritual Being has thru meditation in the last decade.  YOU really are that amazing, powerful and dare I even say, evolved!!!

In the way synchronicity works, within a minute of my last reading yesterday, I received an email that just has me dancing with excitement.  The new logo for our new website (still being built.)  We are so ready as a nation of lights, living and working, together:


I love and honor you so much and thank you for the amazing privilege of growing thru Your Light in Life!!  You are each amazing!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of loving wisdom into and thru the All of Life!!

Lisa Gawlas