Living The Higher Energies of Truth!

golden truth
golden truth

I am hoping everyone is feeling the magic that May seems to dump (in illumination) on us every single day.  Granted, today is only day 5 of this wonderful 5th month of the year, but... wowzers!!

One of the biggest things I am really starting to notice is the harmony within the field and my actual back yard.  I did a rescheduled reading Wednesday morning and her reading was amazing.  Well, they all are amazing, but hers was music based.  Behind her legs was the energy of a short Y formation.  The tail of the Y originated from beneath her feet and only went back about 2 feet.  What is interesting, if this Y was in front of her, it would be denoting a major choice point coming up in her path, but having it coming thru her from behind, meant nothing like that.  Took me a while to understand it, but hey, I'm up for these ongoing challenges of new understandings and presentations.

The right side of her Y presented this marching band, all masculine players, all drummers (snares and bass drums) all dressed in white and gold and distinctly representing her masculine side in her feminine energy.  They were all bunched up moving individually instead of together like marching bands do.

On the left side of her Y was a double image superimposed on each other, at first anywayz.  The first thing I seen were wine glasses, all filled with different amounts of champagne, the bubbly kind of champagne.  Then there were these colored balls, like you would find in a childs ball pit, all different colors.  Her team explained this represented packages of oxygen, each color was a different variant of oxygen and they would bounce in and out of the champagne glasses, how I do not know.  The rims of all the glasses were smaller than the balls, yet they did so perfectly!!  The beauty of the field, making the impossible, possible.  These glasses, that all create sound/tones when used, were representing her feminine energies within her masculine field.

What really surprised me was what it all meant!!  The vibration of truth that is coming thru her.  Her masculine side still needs a little organizing with their unified energies marching, not so much playing.

As her team started to explain what we were experiencing and what it means to her... the expression of truth that comes thru her whole life field, how she lives, how she expresses, what she does and how she moves, all exemplifies the energy of truth.  As we were understanding all this, I realized my actual back yard started to get really loud with the songs of birds, lots of (different kinds of) birds singing all at once and I had to start talking over them.  As soon as we acknowledge the birds singing, they soon stopped.

The harmony of life, of life expressing, that is what we do in everything we do.  This is how we live our truth because talk is cheap.  Your life is the song and the more organized your song, the greater the experience of life is for yourself and others.

All the readings yesterday, gave way to this fuller expression coming thru the field of truth, living it!!  Even the energies that are widely being distributed right now, is enhancing the truth of All life.  The good, the bad and the ugly are really amping up its stage presence in all quadrants.  Just look at what has happened in the last few days in our (USA) political field.  One giant step backwards for humanity, but we do see the truth few wanted to see last year, being lived out and made into law.

What we do not see quite yet, is the clash that is brewing from it all.  I'll get to that later.

My first lady of the day yesterday, kinda crazy looking, in a wonderful way really.  At first, the only thing I could see were this shiny gold and silver coins raining down all around her.  They would catch a glint of light and sparkle outwards in reflected energy.  This rain was no more than 6 feet in circumference around her.  As the day progressed yesterday, that became a major theme for this energy coming in,  Thru your personal body and immediate energy field surrounding you.  The wider field of life (where other things come in to influence you and vise versa,) was in a sort of stillness thru the readings.

My lady however, as we acknowledge the "change" raining down in the entirety of her life field, creating changes in both her physical, spiritual and mental life, suddenly she had these odd goggles on her face, which made her eyes super huge as if they were magnifying glasses, which, I suppose they were.  They are her tools to see the enhanced energies, from all the changes she is absorbing as well as others.  Kind of like being able to see thru the distortion field, but learning how to adjust the vision, as if they were the lens of a microscope, was key.

As her reading started, so did the wind in the yard.  It came to a cresendo as we were looking at her big eyes in her glasses (she was on skype, so I was straddling looking at her on the computer as well as out int he field) and I was looking at my computer, this massive wind gust that seemed to circulate from the left side of the yard, whipped around to the right and launched itself behind the computer screen was rather telling.  The winds of change are at her back, blowing her forward!!  Again, the second time the yard joined into the reading in full expression of what was being seen and understood.  I'm kinda loving that!!!

And of course, I am now running out of time to share the other readings before my days starts, but let's say the key theme was LIVE YOUR TRUTH.  Talk is cheap and everyone is talking, the only true and steadfast way change of any kind anchors into all the collectives, is by living it as a way of life.

If we can learn anything from the political field, they are living what is true for them, regardless of who cares and who is affected by it.  There really is something to learn from that venue, whether we like it or not.  How many of us, sitting quietly in our knowing, not wanting to live what we know how loud, for fear others may not like our changes.  Do it anywayz!!  Hell, I have had a good many emails saying how erratic I am being with my constant changes.  I personally do not care if anyone understands how I move or make life changing decisions, but will never hide the process either.

Our duty is to reverberate a new way of living thru all we think, say and do!!  It will catch on!!

I will not have a blog out tomorrow, it is my lasik surgery day and will be leaving way early.  I am only having one eye done, my right eye, so here's to pulling up a new flap of spiritual vision!!!

Ohhh one more thing, the energies coming in thru this month, and it will be thru the full moon at least, is not to understand mentally, but to shift the mental planes of understanding and to be lived.

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of life altering, life enhancing changes thru the All Lived Out Loud!!

Lisa Gawlas