Our Field of Life, Karma and Creation, in Detail!

Network over South America

I am sitting here, ready to dive deeper into the 13th strand of DNA and instead, I have a major focal point in my face.  Our field of Life, of Emotion, of Creation.  I did a simple diagram so you can follow along, visually with this sharing.

Field of Life

We can look at this whole platform or cycle as karma, or what you put out, comes back to be experienced by you (me, us.)

The sun and moon are always playing its energetic part on our life fields.  Right now, we are still in the full moon energy creating from the illumination of our emotional depths.  Of course I state it that way because our greatest goal in life, is to be aware of our emotional frequencies at all times.  But the better part of humanity is still catching up to that inner awareness.

If we take the output of the moon as the spotlight of our emotional creations, then the sun, in its spitting glory, gives the energy to make all that manifest.  Sort of like pouring miracle grow on our ever-growing, ever-changing gardens.

Then we have the time within the moon phase, where it all goes dark, becomes new once again.  We can almost look at it as every 28 days, we emerge from our own inner black holes to decide again.  Often times, we keep choosing the same thing, for lack of seeing beyond that stream of emotion.  Even if that emotion is wanting more or something different and not knowing what that may be, we create that ongoing experience until we decide otherwise.  And then there are times, when we get caught in a rut for so long, our souls swoop in and create chaos, change, something new!!  The more we resist that something new, the longer and greater the chaos in our field.

Of course, I am talking about our personal fields here, but there are many other types of fields.  Since I used a square, lets look at it like a chess board, several surrounding squares would be the community we live within, half the board would be the country and the whole board would be the whole world.  Of course, many deviations thru all that too.

Keeping in line with the chess board, I, nor you, cannot make a choice, at any given time, that does not affect the whole world.  Imagine that!!  That is a massively interconnected playing field!!  Equally, this is how we change the world by changing ourselves!

So the blue line that I created from the (current full moon) down into our right fields of life (the silver line separates our emotion from our outcome.)  We can look at our emotional output as the seeds of what we perceive as our future, whether later today, tomorrow, next week, next year, none of it is stretched out in time.  Time does not exist.  It is all just waiting for that trigger, that solidification point of the front of the field.   That is where I see the "eye of the needle" these days, directly in front of my viewing area, at the fore most part of your life field.  The stronger and I may even say, longer any given emotion is held, the bigger, more present the outcome.  Be it in joy or sorrow, the field has no bias.  It has no concern whether what we are holding onto so deeply in our emotions is going to create more sorrow or pain, it just knows the instruction it is given and develops that as life experienced.  So we can really look at the eye of the needle as the never-ending genie in your, in our bottle, coming out (at least) once a month for magic creation.

Some seasons are much more powerful, life changing, than others.  This particular May, this particular year of 2017 is one of those massive times.

Of course, nothing in life happens instantly, we have been growing and grooming this very season, well we could say forever, but truly, since we left 2012 and entered 2013.

Four full years to take a deep look inside and decide, then decide again, and again.  The higher the light field over the entire chessboard, the greater the chaos we see.  Well, I think we can all rest assured, we have brought in a massive amount of light thru these last four years.  Chaos is reigning thru most countries (not all, some really latched onto the higher light and doing all they can to change, make better, the lives of the people within their country.)  We can say the same thing with states within countries, cities within states, neighborhoods within cities.  And then there is what we call, family.  The black border on the square, that's where family resides.  A part of you and equally, not a part of you.  Many people feel obligated to keep and entertain the various family members who are in chaos, or just down right not nice, which, intimately affects your playing field, if you allow.  Or, we could just push them to the outside of our personal playing field, so their chaos does not intimately create within our own fields.

Let's get back to our personal playing field, since that is what we live within 24/7.  Let me tell you from personal experience, it is perfectly ok to not know where you are going or how you are going to get there.  What is not ok, well, depending on how you want to experience your life field, is feeling negative about it.  There is a hmmmm, heaviness to what we experience as negative emotions.  The heavier the emotion, the more rooted in our ongoing reality it becomes (since it is so close to the ground anyway.)

I cannot help, for this particular sharing, remember how much I wanted the change that I had seen so many people bringing into their field of readings.  Altho I loved my life very much, but spirit was saying that their new growth, spiritual abilities and attributes will become enhanced and noticeable if they allow the change to come in (it was coming anyway, resistance takes us out of grace and ease and creates harder experiences than we would have had otherwise.)  I wanted some change, some new abilities!!!  If there is more than I am capable of doing, sign me up!!  That became a deep emotional mantra reading after reading for close to a year!!  Mother's Day last year, I got what I wanted!!  In ways and experiences that I could have ever dreamed of, hoped for, fathomed in a million lifetimes!!

Now here I am, much has changed, pretty  much everything has changed, but I still do not know what the new abilities are.  With every ounce of my Being, I know that is what will be discovered thru the Soul Gym.  There is so much I know how to do, was trained to do over the last 17 years with my team, and so much I do not do with much of it.  I feel, for all of us, this is the time we see how our wholeness really rocks the atmosphere of life, all life, together.

OMG, now I get it!!  The 13th strand that will be coming in and doing whatever it will do, will be creating a brand new chess board for all of life, one connected square at a time!!  At least, for those who have a full functioning Emerald City / Field of life.  Not quite sure what that looks like, but no doubt, the readings will reveal more, as You all-ways do!!!

I love you and appreciate you more than my heart will ever be able to express in words!!

Big big big (((((HUGZ)))) filled with new chess pieces to and thru ALL!!  Only we are now making it a game of love, not war!! Imagine that the rook hugs the knight!! And the king and queen have babies, not pawns!!  Ohhh what a world THAT Will Be!!!  (Just a reminder that THAT is what God called himself back in February ;-) )

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html