From the Chaos... Clarity!!


These have been the most exhausting and powerful several days in my world, in my consciousness.  I suppose I can starting from the morning of the full moon (friday the 9th) thru even this moment. I woke up without a voice so readings were not possible.  I decided to take a deep dive into meditation and see what the light of this powerful moon has to reveal to me.  Much to my surprise the focus thru the entire meditation was my new website and the constant delay in launching it (since May.)  I came out of meditation hot, I mean, freakin hot (angry.)  I have long ago  stopped letting anything fester in side of me.  I had no voice to speak with, so I did what I do best, took to email to address what I had seen in meditation and to revamp our ongoing agreement.  By the time I started my second paragraph, using the words "I don't trust you" at that very moment, my computer (laptop) completely shut off, it was dead as a doornail.  I realized the electric in the house was off, when I went looking for the circuit breaker, the whole house was shut off.  I texted my landlord, all of Fentress went dark (well it was morning, so not too dark lol.)  But...  DAMN!!

I took to the dumpster.  I figured I needed to release some of this anger and take my trash out.  Now lets me clear here, I was not saying anything mean in my email, it was just emotionally charged.  Really really charged!!

About an hour later, the electric came back on.  I ordered a new battery for my laptop, completed my email and left it all at that.

Hold that thought for a moment (smile.)

I had a full blog completely written yesterday, all about the readings on Tuesday, one especially that was centered around ET's.  It seems a good portion of Tuesday itself was centered around ET's.  However, my laptop that really needs a check up with the geek squad, no longer found the wifi signal I use to do what I do.  So nothing was autosaved except the first few paragraphs.  I had to completely rebook my computer to get it back in sync with the wifi signal and lost the two hours of typing I had done.  Screw redoing it.  I had been awake all night and woke up with less than 4 hours sleep and not restful sleep, under my belt.

In the ET connection came 11 Beings from The Brotherhood of White Light.  They insisted they did not give themselves that title, humans did long ago... but there are sisters in that hood too and even tho their visible field is white light, they encompass all Light.

My lady I was doing the connection for said she had heard that this brotherhood disbanded due to "shenanigans" happening on earth and within the ET world.  They said that would be impossible.  Later in the evening they gave me a parallel to what they meant by impossible using our red blood cells.  It would be as impossible for them to disband as it would be for our red blood cells to disband.

Let's hold that thought for a moment as well!!

Remember that pesky, in my freakin face, message spirit gave me on Saturday and stalked me until I made it public???  Let me remind you:

"Someone on the national stage of life is going to be suddenly making an exit out of life, which is already causing many light fields to rearrange and change plans."

Not for a single moment did I, nor anyone, think of my webmaster.  "The Nation..." makes it a national stage.  and everything that happened, was sudden, unexpected and had me in a state of scrambling chaos for 2 days and choosing new webmasters.

There was complete purpose to spirit doing this in this way.  We get a partial message without any real details and we set up all kinds of scenarios around it and it becomes one person's truth, that becomes other people's truth.  This is how misinformation spreads and non truths become believable and spread.

The only thing I knew for sure, with their message was somehow it affected the house I just rented and actually speeds things up in what it is and will be.  I could feel the chaos underlying their message, but for the life of me, had no idea how it could possibly affect me.  They were insanely tight-lipped about the who, consistently saying "the who doesn't matter."   I knew the weight of that message was on the chaos and what will come thru the chaos, the who truly is irrelevant.

I am no longer in partnership with my webmaster.  4 days of no emails, calls or replies to texts I can only assume he quit and my trust is full broken in our relationship.

This morning, having three consistent inquiries to help with the website the last three days, waking up so crystal clear and replenished this morning, I am going to hire all three  of them, if they are willing!!

The Nation of Lights is about working together, synergistically and with our unique skills combined.  Why would it have only one webmaster???  Spirit all-ways has a back up plan to a back up plan to a back up plan.  If we are supposed to emulate spirit (and we are) as a Nation, then it goes without saying...

My greatest lesson thru these last 5 days is that I am seriously learning the difference between interdependent vs totally dependant. I will never be totally dependant on another to the degree of ignorance of operation again. I will learn how to work and maintain this website!! I am feeling like the little engine that could..

How many of us, unintentionally do this too.  Because we do not want to do something or learn something, we become completely dependant on someone else to do it for us.  Tapping into spirit is a huge arena.  But without full access that goes thru any one person given or receiving the complete messages (the feelings, the feelings contain more information than words ever could) it is only a partial and limited glimpse of what is and what can and will be.

Late yesterday afternoon, inspired to do many things on my own (that I paid my webmaster to do, but was not done) and even questioning spirit on the delay of going to Arkansas this weekend to harvest crystals (absolutely no canceling came thru clearly) I received my new battery for my laptop.  Its casing says it all.  I LOVE MY TEAM and I LOVE YOU ALL too!!!  (Since I seriously consider you, MY TEAM!!)


With so much love, excitement and brand new, heightened inspiration (in spirit nation) to and thru ALL!!

Massive ((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas

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