The Last Quarter of 2017 Also Concludes Earths History.

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Here we are, finally into the big 3!!  I am kind of excited to have woken up knowing it is October 1st and this energy system, which my team has always broken into months, will not complete itself until December 31st, 2017.  This can be looked at and felt as a massive energy system, so big it needs 3 full months to complete itself.  For US to complete ourselves!!!

As it was explained in one of the readings yesterday, not only do we complete the energy of 2017 in December, but...

We complete the history of the earth with the close of December too!!

What I found pretty amazing yesterday, besides the fact I could hold ever reading in full length without coughing (smile,) is that not one person was in the October energies yet.  Not even my lady in Thailand and it was late at night (10 pm) in her world when we did her reading!!  Every person was withing the present moment, looking at the whirlpool of energy that is this last quarter of 2017.  What is even more amazing, if not super interesting in how any of this will play out for us, each person looking had a very different style/representation of the whirlpool energies.

I did what I could to give a simple visual layout of this system, keeping in mind, the yellow elliptical is the outer band, there is nothing behind it.  Nor does it have anything to do with the night sky, its just the closest image I could find that represented the movement and action that will be taking place.

whirlpool finale.jpg

What I used as the yellow band actually has height, again, different for each lady who showed up. My first lady had a series of bands of different sizes and colors that made up the outer band.  Nothing I could understand really, or was made understood.  Actually I did some handy dandy artwork which I think I can use as an example with the height of the outer most edge of this energy system:

energy bands.png

These color bands were stacked on top of each other, no space in-between, I just do not know how to produce that effect.  That said, the inside of this energy system has a moving floor bottom like the first picture above.  A whirlpool pulling the energies to the center and out thru the center hole.  Also, the size of elliptical whirlpool was steadfast for everyone.  It is just how it presented its display that was very different.

Funny, I was so transfixed on my second lady's form/body/ET blending that I cannot even recall her elliptical details this morning.  However, my last lady, even tho we were looking more at what she is doing now by the end of her reading her team stated that she is going to be playing her soul song.  Then my view was shifted to the elliptical energy of her last quarter and it was as if the entire three months sets down in grooved that remind me of a record being made with golden grooves in the fabric of her song on earth..


The only other thing I really understood about this whirlpool energy thingie is that we will constantly have a pulling out of us.  Things we unconsciously brought forward that can no longer sit in the new energy field building, will be pulled out automatically and funneled into the center and out the trap door.  We can, of course, keep what is leaving, but that would not be wise.  Let your last quarter mantra be:

Out with the old, in with the new!!

Our true soul song will never be written/recorded if there is static in the mix.  Not much more information was given about any of that.  Dammit!!  

I do want to focus now on my second lady.  She was standing on the 4th rung of a 5 rung ladder getting ready to get out of September and move into this last quarter.  I really feel she showed up in this position because she was close to midnight in her world and my other lady's were still in their morning and therefor, still on the ground peeking thru.  That's my story and I am sticking with it today!! lol

Her team explained the position of the rungs of the ladder are important to understand, 4 is the completion of her earth cycle as she steps into (onto the 5th) of complete change.  She did not look human at all, actually she looked very much like that bird thingie from the book of Kells I posted a while back.

bird tribe.jpg

Only, more human.  Her wings were the first thing I noticed, white with these incredible light blue feathers thru them.  I have to smile this morning as I woke up to some pictures she sent me, and her body type is super long and thin like this bird image.  

I turned my vision to her face, so I can see that.  She had an orange/yellow beak that took up the space of her mouth and nose on her human face.  Her eyes tho.... OHHHHHH My good god her eyes!!  They were made of celestite crystal energy.  The most stunning thing I had ever seen.  


It was also made very very clear to her, to us, that this is her ET form and has nothing to do with the "angels" we have created in our stories.  This is a living race of Beings, the ones referred to as

The Bird Tribe.

They are a race of Beings as diverse as the human race is.  She did ask about something called the Avery or blue Avery and they are not the same at all.  

I want to focus most especially on her eyes.  The power and energy that was being transmitted thru those blue crystal like eyes.  But first, I have to giggle as I look up the propterties of what we call celestite crystal from this website <--- Link

Celestite, also known as Celestine, is revered for its high frequency and Divine energies, and is known as a powerful healing crystal. Celestite has been called a “teacher for the New Age", as it will connect one with the Angelic realms, allowing for the free-flow of these higher frequencies into the Crown and Third-Eye Chakras, and also down into the Throat Chakra for expression.

When she was "looking with purpose" the iris of her eyes heightened, her pupil changed shape and this energy came thru that made (in what I seen in her reading) a sick tree instantly whole again.  

Come to think of it, the blue feathers had the same color frequency of her eyes.  

It was also explained to her that earth is not her usual place of incarnation, it is this bird tribe realm that is.  She does come back to earth when there is a massive shift in the energies, which of course, is Now.

I do want to touch on my last lady of the day because of the significance of the numerology that came with it.  

She was sitting on the ground, legs crossed Indian stile, hands resting on her thighs with another Being sitting in the same position, directly at her back in total alignment with her back.  It took me a while to realize this was her too, with an very interesting twist.

As we were looking at her slowly rotating in place, suddenly 5 turkey vultures flew overhead.  Two flew together with a span of about 30 seconds then three flew in the same pattern towards the same place.  Her team said that was significant for her and that she is to look at herself as one part turkey and one part vulture, able to shift from ground bird to flight bird instantly.  Hence the two forms of her that I had seen.  

A few minutes passed and suddenly a 6th bird flew overhead, but in a different location than the first 5.  This bird flew directly over her head instead of towards the back of the field. This produced a similar energy construct as the reading special I had just put together yesterday, which caught my attention even more.

Five is always about change.   Two is duality and three is action and communication.  When she is using duality, first viewing the energy from the skies, then bringing the understanding down for action, this is where change is taking place, repeatedly thru this last quarter.  Changing the understandings and approaches to everything.  This leads to new beginnings, or what her team called the harvest.  

As she is changing and stepping into new beginnings over and over, this is where a huge soul partnership (the number 6) takes place with both aspects of her bird types as well as with others around her too.  This is also forming/engraving her soul song into the earth as well.  How?  We will just have to wait and see to understand!! 

This last quarter is going to be monumental if we allow it to be.  The information that came thru my first reading is, yes there will be challenges, shifts, releases, all with divine purpose and higher fulfillment of our Presence on earth.  

I have made yesterday's Nation's webex class free for all to listen to.  It is about the exploding collectives of consciousnesses and I feel will help us all understand the coming days personally as well as collectively, more clearly.  I placed the recording at the very bottom of the Nations Join Page.  

I also want to make very clear, concluding earths history does not mean the end of earth at all.  Not even close.  

Until tomorrow... enjoy this amazing new system to the hilt!!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of deLight and In-Joy-meant to and thru ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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