As the Biology Rests, the Light Expands!! Happy 10-10-10 My Loves!!!


Now that we are 9 days into October, to the end of all ends as we twist into our new forms and understandings, I am seeing some consistencies I can talk about.  Talk about and really understand are not synonymous mind you!!

One of the precious lady's at the void workshop had a dream experience in which we were working with what she called the platonic solids.  I had never heard of them before (big surprise there, right.)  She also stated I was in the dream working with the 2nd solid, which when I looked it up, was the cube.  Kewl!!  But the antiscience brain of mine still had (has) to clue what that means, yet.  But some of the solids are showing consistently enough in readings now that I want to at least talk about them.  At this point,  9 days into this whirlpool strangeness of ending, so far two have only presented themselves and not thru every reading, maybe 10 out of 30 so far.

Let me share two images I found of these platonic solids (which I mistakenly have been calling periodic solids when presented in readings, forgive my confusion please.)


The common shape I have seen in the readings so far is the cube.  Most times it looks like home plate in a baseball game, then when worked with, becomes this amazing cube of energy.  However, as I look at the cube in its flattened out state (smile) I am feeling I missed an important connection with those who have shown on a + or x formation in their reading.  

My man yesterday showed up inside the first tetrahedron.  I kept calling it a triangle and his team kept making sure I called it what it was, not by the familiar shape name.  But unlike anyone else so far, this tetrahedron was around him and his biological body was inside of it.  It emitted this pure white light energy inside to his body.  When it did that, the shape and his body grew from regular size to like 15 feet large.  It was explained it was an emotion that passed thru him that enhanced his size.  

What I only realized this morning, as I went and looked for artwork to share with this verbage, I had no idea elements were associated with each shape.  I am instantly reminded of the crystalline fire energy that was consistent (the last 5 flames) thru July and into August.  So there are two distinct fires, what we know as the earth fires (the red and orange flames) and the diamond-quartz fires.  One does not automatically work with the other.  From what I am being told right now, we have been assigned one particular quality, one particular shape so no one person can do it all, understand it all.  We are a team event.

Speaking of team events.  I must add in at this moment a clarity that has been presented in several conversations these last few weeks.  We assume our souls are all knowing.  It is not.  I think we have associated ourselves as God for so long, we have forgotten we are not pure Source, but a facet of Source.  Even in the soul state, we came in with particular qualities and interests that make up our soul personality and we set off on our own evolutionary experience.  Yes, we have access to all information that exists in all of creation, but only when we are at a vibratory state of Being to understand any part of it, does that information become released to us whether in soul or in body.

There are things being done on earth right now, that no soul has ever done first handedly.  In spirit, we have created various scenerio's, what I see as a playroom of experience, to get our feet wet (so to speak) before this particular incarnation, but doing something live, at the earth level, with so many variable constantly in play... does not equal the experience we may have had in our playrooms before incarnating.  So we must practice consistently and diligently to perfect our new evolving crafts.

Another anomaly I am now seeing, as those who have listened to the homework audio from the other day's blog and class show up on the field, our physical bodies are in a blacked out presentation.  Since Sunday I have pulled 3 or 4 people into what I call a split screen, their biology on my porch, their light body out in the yard, the field.  Every persons body is here, but blacked out from seeing deeply into it at all.  I finally understood thru my last reading yesterday, that the biology itself is going thru massive change.  What we are seeing in the field is affecting "the quantum packages" within the body.  Quantum packages like, the liver, the lungs, the intestines, muscle groups, and so on.  How we work with our light field is going to reveal how our bodies look and preform, as we move forward.

Also, many of us are having heat spells in our bodies.  I cannot tell you how many times I suddenly start pouring sweat for what appears to be no reason, to the point I check to see if the AC stopped working.  It is the energy of our light field infusing in our biological cells. Increased frequency creates heat!!  Sweat on!!! (smile)

I can use myself as an example here.  As everyone knows my youngest daughter, in prison, has been moved and is in segregation, which is an isolated cell (no one but her in it) in with other inmates in the same isolated space in the same ward.  She has nothing but her thoughts and an 8 X 10 cell to deal with 24 hours a day... and the noise produced by other inmates not handling this cruel and inhumane punishment well.  Equally, the lights never go dark, which messes with the pineal gland as well.  It has been 2 weeks and I still have not heard a word from her, so I went into meditation the other day, trying to find a way to comfort her, to ease her emotional field with love.  

It became the oddest meditation I have experienced.  Unlike the last time when the wind was ready and participated for me, this time, we entered at the cieling level with water.  Not the usual water, but I keep seeing the symbol H3o in place of our usual H2o.  To be clear, there is no + after H3o, which at this moment, thru the googling i have done, makes it a formula that (currently) does not exist.  But yet... it does in the ethers where we work from.  To my view, it looks like water, only not so much clear as it is tinged with blue.  Which was exactly what my bathwater looked like before I entered it.  (I tried to find the cause of this blue hue to my bath, none whastso ever that I could see in my physical reality.)  

Anywayz, back to Val's jail cell.  Her body was still on the top bunk but blackened out.  Of course I did this meditation Sunday before I understood everyone's biology is off line, so to say.  From the ceiling it was as if we squeezed an orange onto her cell room and the water came out from whatever it is we squeezed (I could not see what it was) and in a very unusual way (that I have no way of describing) ran down to the floor and created a radiance barrier all over her floor and out the cell itself.  I could not seem to hold myself there, so that ended my meditation.  Of course, I embedded it with the visual of her calling me, but so far... that has not happened yet.  I also feel I need more practice, more understanding of this new, high vibration water element and working with it.  

I did start my own letter writing campaign to Val yesterday.  I know she has zero contact with anyone or anything, including pen and paper.  I do not want her alone with her thoughts without getting some love that she can see and feel so I will write her a letter every couple days until she is out of segregation.  If you would like to join me, that would be so appreciated by both of us:

Valorie Gawlas#1619780

Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women
144 Prison Lane
Troy, VA 22974

On that note, my day begins shortly.  Today is October 10th, 2017.... 10-10-10!!  Power up my friends!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with liquid Light and new dimensions within all of us!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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