The Coup Of Light Is Happening!! Are You Participating??

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Man, yesterday... Oct 11th, was the oddest day in body, I can remember having in a long while.  Aside from the fact that lately, actually since the night my daughter moved out, my body is wide awake going into the midnight hour every night.  I have not been able to keep my eyes open past 9 pm in decades!!  But this too has me sleeping until daylight, and today is the second day I actually used an alarm clock to wake myself up in the morning.

Yesterday I woke up like a space cadet.  I think my body and brain took the whole "cosmicnaut" to the literal level.  While fetching my 3rd cup of coffee, I became intensely aware of the pull of gravity in my bones.  I was aware of the pull downwards at the base of the skull, on my spine at at my hips.  I think if this happened upon awakening or even, shortly there after, I wouldn't even think twice about it's weirdness, but I was awake already for close to an hour.  The sensation in my body was so.... obvious.  It only lasted the trip from my kitchen to my back porch, but the memory and experience is now consistently at the forefront of my minds wonder!

Since it was so late when I woke up, and thank you dear god, my day off (I surely could not have done readings yesterday, my whole body and mind was in... weirdness) I decided to attempt to transfer the contents of my phone (mainly, the videos I took from the void workshop) to my computer, hoping i can upload the audio files from the videos like I do our webex classes.  Well!!  I realized my computer only has 110 gigs of memory and my phone 300 gigs and all the files could not transfer because I filled my computer up.  This is not as easy a road to navigate as I had thought!  I am still working on it tho!!!  My computer feels a lot like my brain, only so much incoming data allowed before I have to go in a delete unneeded files to allow room for the needed ones from the expansive device called... readings!!

So I decided, a meditation was in order.  I have things I need to understand, especially about gravity or the awareness of it in my physical body.  

Thru so many readings, our teams are constantly saying, pay attention to the unusual feelings or experiences in our bodies, that will be a key as to what element we are working with and to go further into understanding of it.  Hence... meditation!!  Well!!  Just because I dialed into the channel of understanding this whole gravity thing, doesn't mean that the channel of information our teams show up within!!  

The moment I entered meditation, I was witnessing this massive circle of white glowing Lights circled around the prison my daughter is currently in.  I was kind of surprised everyone was outside the building and not inside... and the conversational information flowed with understanding I did not like.  

My spiritual team and Val's were set up at my shower head very much like a classroom setting.  Only I was the only student amongst many teachers.  I will share the understandings via a story.

The prison systems here in the USA are very dark.  Those who work within the systems are usually within a dark place themselves and that is why they are attracted to work there.  There are some lights within these systems, like the lady who called me even tho she had nothing to do with my daughter.  Those who dwell in fear and separation are as powerful as those who hold the light of love within their Beings.  This is the land of extreme duality where both parts are equal (in strength.)  

Our teams quickly reminded me of the experience with my oldest daughters father and him intensely apologizing "for the life he took from her."  This was not part of Valorie's soul path to experience.  It was never on her "agenda" (so to speak.)  But it is where she is now.  An event took her emotional field to a tipping point, very much like an explosion (that's all i seen, not what happened) and the dark descended like flies and placed her where she is at now.  

Many of us have experienced parts of our lives that were never on the "table of experience needed," but once we end up in the diversion, it is our responsibility to deal with it, grow from it, and find our way back to center of power.

Let's double back to the opening of the meditation, seeing all the prayers and love being sent to Val, circled around the outside of the building.  We can no longer be passive players on the changing field.  We are not only talking about the prisons, but with all that is happening and about to happen in the realm of change.  A Coup is currently underway on planet earth.

Let me change the subject for a minute.  BTW, I still have heard nothing from Val.  My oldest daughter was at work the other day and asked me to look at the Santa Rosa fires, my grandsons father and family live in Santa Rosa.  (He is safe.)  It was that point of focus in that moment my team showed me the split in our country with the elements of change.  Fires on the West Coast, floods and storms on the East,  Harvest (west) and new beginnings (east.)  

While I was watching CNN to see about the fires, they were also talking about Trump and North Korea and the building tensions there.  Instantly my team reminded me of the views pre August... where something was coming to our country that would be (to the human experience) very unpleasant and call to action every single Light flame in body.  I totally forgot about that stuff.  Maybe I hoped we changed the channel.  Not even close.  It is just getting closer to time-space experience.

These two (I use this term lightly) leaders are exact reflections of each other.  Both intense narcissists with other emotional handicaps present.  The countries tho, couldn't be more different.  The USA was at a massive choice point of experience in 2016... no matter how, the change... the coup was happening.  It would have been brought on by Bernie Sanders and his supporters or by Trump and his supporters.  Hilary was never an option, so she (and her supporters) created massive chaos by making sure Bernie was not a choice.  

Now lets straddle both of these scenario's, where my daughter is currently and where we are at as a country with my teachers up there at the shower head... explaining...

Any and all from the other side of the veil, are guides.  They are not leaders, they are not doers, they are doing what they can to steer the waters of change in the best possible direction, but that does not always pan out.  Our history proves that statement.  

You and I, we are the boots on the ground.  We are the key players of this coup of Light.  Passiveness is no longer an option, otherwise we are surrounding the field and not participating on it.

Now, let me circle way back to my gravity experience and understanding.  "Gravity, also called gravitation, is a force that exists among all material objects in the universe. For any two objects or particles having nonzero mass, the force of gravity tends to attract them toward each other. ... Isaac Newton defined its behavior with his famous Law of Universal Gravitation."

The bold italic represents the whole thing... like attracts like.  Of course, I must equally look up (understand) nonzero mass: In the theory of gravity, physicists often discuss a point mass, meaning a point particle with a nonzero mass and no other properties or structure. Likewise, in electromagnetism, physicists discuss a point charge, a point particle with a nonzero charge.

The emotional field.  It is the very thing that creates a signature in the field of light.  Those of like emotional gatherings will be attracted to others of the same.  Trump and Kim.  Me and You!!  

For about as long as my sleep patterns have changed, so has my immersion into what I can only call the sorrow field of life.  it happens daily between 3 and 4 pm.  My whole body system seems to process the depths of sorrows rising up out of the earth and it must be taking some heavy lifting since I am awake so long each day.  

This too, is the pull of gravity.  The heavier emotions go deep into the ground.  Thru several of the readings now, spirit has talked about how toxic (emotionally speaking) the crust of the earth is.  That is why so many are directed to go to the belly, the heart of Gaia to bring up new compounds and elements to the air phase of living.  To change and enhance what is to what can Be.  

So now, I am consciously aware of my partnership with gravity.  I am also aware of the ability to reduce or increase it and anything else I am using governed by those laws.. like the new water I attempted to use in my last meditation with Val.  I did not configure new laws with new elements of water.  New mission underway!!  lol

OMG, I keep forgetting this information.  I was reminded when I went looking for art for todays sharing.  What we call dark energy (not negative or fear based) is what we see as frozen light... that which we call matter.  When we purposely place our light into the dark, solid mass of matter, it creates the realm of shadows.  Energies changing from one form to the next.  

If we can do all of our work, every aspect, with excitement and zero negative anything... that is when we are fully participating in the Coup!!  BTW, it is this picture that I am talking about:



I hope this story helps everyone really go into new places of understanding and participating with whatever element(s) is your strength.  As everyone's team keeps saying... we have these last 3 months of this year, of this conclusion of earths history, to perfect our new gifts!!

Party on people!!  Participate with purpose in all you do!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with buoyant energies to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas




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