Your Territory Enlarged, Your Alchemical Master Awaits.


For many years now, I can feel spirit going thru the Rolodex of memories, concepts, ideas, and stuff in my head as we do readings, to find the closest thing we can relate to what is being shown.  These last several days, I can still feel them routing in my head, but now, it is so bizarre because it is like they keeping coming to a completely empty room.  How odd to feel your own emptiness.  Of course, all of this is pertaining to science stuff coming in.  Even with that I hear my team giggling as they say "a true blank slate."  Yeah, very blank!!  

Before I even try to talk to you from my empty, I do want to touch on something that is becoming very consistent in the readings too.  How freakin far our light field stretches.  In the years leading up to this moment, I have seen field stretch 25 feet in diameter and thought that was huge!!!  Now, holy shit batman, 33-44-55 MILES (53, 70, 88 kilometers.)  The value of expansion has both a numerological value as well as a full reflection of whatever it is they are in the phase of Doing.  When we asked "to enlarge my territory" we sure as hell received!!  As usual, not in the way I was anticipating tho! To make this understanding simple (I like simple lol) lets say you are working with water, well you are affecting the water 33-55 miles around you.  I am understanding that everyone has a master number assigned value in their expansion field (and of course, they are using my math not the metric math, but even that has numeric value too, prior to the decimal point.)   If we are working on a body, then we are working on all the body's in that frequency (relative to the person we are working on) in the same radius.  

Which all of a sudden, makes clear sense of my oldest daughters, sudden and unexpected lung issues.  Not only does she live near by, she also has half my DNA, so all this is effecting her, hard, biologically speaking!!  Which, is equally affecting my grandson (they both had vomiting issues several days ago. (Clearing the solar plexus area to bring in higher light codes.)

Now let me skip on over the crazy science.  In one of my readings yesterday, a science strand (or whatever the hell they are called) was placed next to her dodechedron light body as her "element of power:"  HO3NO3HO3

Let me tell you, I tried to blink it away... what they hell is her team doing giving me something I have zero connection with.  But it would not go away, so to google she and I went.  First, let me share my shock that both the HO3 and the NO3 are things.  The middle one was much easier to understand than the bookends.  Nitrates/salt.  The first sight that came up with I googled HO3 science said a lot of things I have no comprehension of (smirk) but... it is this one line that hit me, give the zero mass I just wrote about in my blog:  the OH concentration approached a nonzero value at long times, allowing equilibrium constants for the reaction with O2 to be calculated.

The only thing I could understand was in relationship to the salt... which is a natural occurring thing in our body's that we release, especially when we sweat.  Thank you dear god, this is for her (equally unscientific mind) to understand and use.

Here is the good news for all of us.  No one is being asked to understand the science of any of this. Science has no clue and wont for many years to come.  

What we may not fully realize, I sure as hell didn't, that last year when the version of "stem cells" of energy was released, en masse, to the earth, much of the binding/instruction of form, came from other dimensions, other elements that was not here in our realm before.  They have reached the stage of usability in our realm, thru us. Keeping in mind, they still vibrate an a highly intense frequency (hence science being clueless for now) and can only be used by equal vibrations and DNA matrices.  Which means, not everyone can work with every compound or element.  No more than an arm could be a kidney or vise versa.

Which actually helps me understand me more.  A precious soul placed a news release article on my facebook wall yesterday announcing science to announce an astronomical phenomenon never seen before.  and a line within the article, caught me:  "Gravitational waves caused by cataclysmic cosmic events result in ripples that propagate through spacetime—similar to a how stone thrown into a pond would create a ripple effect.

Einstein first predicted the existence of gravitational waves 100 years earlier, but scientists did not have instruments sensitive enough to find these tiny ripples in spacetime until the LIGO detectors were up and running."

That second paragraph confirms what spirit is saying to each of you in the readings.  It will be years before science can see or understand what is readily available to you, right now.

Wind and gravity work together!!!  Which is why it was effortless for me to partner with the wind in my meditation a couple weeks ago, and yet challenged to work with the new (H3o) water.  I only do meditations on my days off (Wednesday and Sundays) so I will experiment with this new (to me) combo on Sunday and see what I learn/experience from it.  It would be great if I could levitate a phone to Valorie, in working order of course!!  It has been 16 days since I last talked with her.

I cannot remember if I mentioned this the other day or not, so I am going to say it here, with a meditation exercise too.  Every person in this band of energy we call the last quarter of 2017, the end of earths history, each has been assigned an Alchemical Master to assist you in what you are doing and will do.  If I am understanding this correctly, it is would the conscious aspect of the chemical foundations coming thru.  Which really takes me to a place of... stunning wonder.  We have a tendency to think we must teach or partner with energy, control it and direct it... and yet, it is highly conscious, alive and aware and in this scenario, much wiser than we are.  It knows itself... we are just remembering "it."  

So, your homework, if you desire:

Close your eyes (yes, removing any and all external stimuli is so important) then see and feel yourself in a wide open field, no trees, no flowers, just the greenest grass you ever experienced.  Start walking forward and you will suddenly see... either a pool of water in the ground (like a deep pond,) or a pool of shimmering fluid above the ground (at least 5 feet above the ground... not on-top of the ground.)  Also, one is not better or more important than the other, it is just where the elements reside for your use.  

As you step closer to the pool, feel your body shift and merge with the release of energies from it.  Pay attention to what area of your body is most affected, this is your power center when using these elements.  

As you get to the edge of the pool, dive in or jump up into the pool.  Feel the shifting dimensions as you dive or jump.  Keeping in mind, in meditation, you can easily and effortlessly jump feet high.

As your feet steady in this new dimension, look around you.  What is the first thing you are aware of?  Note it in your mind.  Now walk around until you see a simple cabin, feeling and experiencing every step you take.  Every breath you take.  Once you locate the cabin, go to the door and knock.  Who ever opens the door is your Master Teacher.  Take time to get to know him or her, like you are meeting a new friend.  Relationships are important, not only with people and elements, but with all of life.  

When you have formed this relationship (getting their name and stuff) present to your Master Teacher whatever it was you first experienced, became aware of, in this new environment.  This will be the foundation of work and understanding between you and your Master Teacher.

We will go over this in meditation class on Sunday (4pm CDT) thru the Nation and expand on it.

On that note, In-Joy the expanded wonder of YOU!!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of new energy, new life, and power unmistakable to and thru YOU!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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