A New Visible Moon, Star Collisions and our ET's


Once again, I woke up an hour past my alarm going off.  Hell, the fact I even have an alarm set to wake me up is a puzzle.  I haven't needed one for decades!!!  No time to wine about that today, let me get straight to dinner time!! (smile)

Two articles came across my awareness yesterday as I was scrolling facebook.  One was this one about science discovering a second moon around earth.  Granted, it is an astroid, but it is the name that struck me first: 2016 HO3 that very sequence came up in a reading recently, a chain sequence HO3 NO3 HO3.

Then the second part of that discovery really hit me with the current cycle we are.  What I call the whirlpool energy that makes up this last quarter, coupled by the fact this is energy system is very particularly called an elliptical by our teams.  I know the two are very much related.  I will pull a paragraph and an image from the article to share:

This new moon has been dancing around for over a century now. Its orbit is extremely elliptical, affecting it to go a wee bit off tangent—between 38 and 100 times the distance of Earth’s primary moon—and bob up and down across Earth’s orbital plane. This new moon is tilted by about 8° and it orbits the Sun for 365.93 days, which is a little longer than Earth’s 365.24 day-long year. 


Even the fact when I do see this energy system, it very much has an up and down motion to it, in what I call the wall of this system  

I know there is a correlation to what we are experiencing right now in the field, in our lives and this asteroid moon.  I was hoping to use this morning to gleen some information, sadly I have just over 30 minutes left to get this sharing done, so I highlighting and skimming!!  Sorry.

The other article that came into my view was about two stars crashing together and releasing gold.  

Again, highlighting certain information from the article (in bits and pieces)

The super-dense stars crashed together 130 million light years away, spewing out precious metals and other heavy elements like platinum and uranium...

The huge explosion rocked the fabric of the universe, distorting spacetime. That is a major discovery in itself, marking only the fifth time that gravitational waves have been spotted on Earth.

I find it interesting that the article states this is the fifth time... My team marks history's changes by calling the, "era's."  There was an era prior to Lemuria, that in my rushed state this morning, I cannot recall.  Then there was Lemuria, those who lived during the era of Lemuria, chose to leave earth consciously and without trauma (we can say this was a highly evolved time, but the era prior, was almost pure spirit inhabiting this earth) and then a long rest period for earth before what we call the Atlantian era. then the dinosaur to now era as we prepare for the fifth and final era of the golden age before earth goes into her long rest period again.

I have got to add in an interesting little tidbit that my team is reminding me of at this moment.  A few weeks ago, when I want to end my post by calling everyone a rock star, my team changed the wording to "you are the rock of the stars."  I giggled at the twist, but it was repeated again in readings a few times.  Now tho, lets take that literally!!

This is where all the new elements are coming from and thru you.  It must all be assimilated by the living matter on earth, to fit earths frequency and atmosphere conditions.  

The new event – though still very distant – was much closer and completely different in nature. It was caused by colliding neutron stars – burned out remnants of giant stars so dense that a teaspoon of their material on Earth would weigh a billion tons. (taken from the article linked)

Which too, makes sense each chemical, each compound is coming thru individually, thru each one of us willing to work to make it earth solvent.

There another thing that happened yesterday that I just did not have time to include. Our friends from the stars were leaning on me heavily to let everyone know, they can now re-enter our atmosphere.  Again, I did not have the time to even open that up yesterday, so I am making sure that I do so today since 2 out of 4 readings yesterday had ET invasions in them (smile, with allowance of course.)  

It is my last reading of the day that really hangs in my mind with this news about the gold explosion.  She had three ships park above field towards its back.  I must also add, this is the first time, since being in Texas, the ET's showed up over our field, usually they come thru at a distance beyond the yard.  

The three ships were releasing from its bottom, three very specific magnetic fields that resembled gold energy, or the coloring of a manila envelope but made of light.  One was Pleiadian, one Sirius, and one Armada (I think that's the name.)

These beams of magnetic energy formed the bottom part of the octahedron shape, and my lady was the 4th part of the energy mix, earths magentics which reflected a silver white energy from her.  

It was explained that the magnetic fields in our very airspace changed and will continue to change (which also includes the magnetics in the ground, waters, and upper atmosphere, but her focus was on the air that naturally surrounds us) and she is to bind these four very different, yet harmonic magnetic's thru her new relationship with these 3 Beings.  The spokes person for her was a radiantly beautiful Plieadian female who called herself Song. 

I do want to touch on another ET that snuck in a reading when my lady asked about who her team was/is.  We do have several teams helping us at this moment, whether we are conscious of them or not.  First appeared her "spirit team" about 10 feet above her.  At the ground level to her right, was an ET and another form I could not recognize) who said we could call him Mars.  

Mars explained to us (first his name is reflecting our planet Mars) that the planet we know as Mars did not originate in our atmosphere, but his.  He is from there solar systems above ours and they seeded what we know as Mars, with their energy systems.  There life on Mars (most of us) long before there was even a molten planet called earth.  It too, was closed down for a long rest, as we grew earth.  And now, some of those elements and magic that was part of Mar's life and eco system, is being brought thru to earth since the Light frequency can now house them.

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Now I have to head into my day readings.  Enjoy this amazing time!!

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