The Morphing of Our Biological Energy and Cellular Systems.

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Man oh man, I was so hoping to get the long view of this last quarter energies yesterday, at least a glimpse, an understanding, something... not so much.  We got the intimidate moment and week view thru every reading. And even that, the understandings are minimal at best.  Instantly I hear my team remind me how important it is to understand the beginning of anything.  There was one bit of information that came thru one of the readings about our biologies that at first comforted me, within my own biology, until I really thought about what was said.  Gulp!!  I will get to that in a moment tho.

The one thing that was consistent for everyone is the movement of this high wall.rim of energy that each person was standing upon.  It not only was circulating clockwise slowly, but for each a movement up and down too.  No two patterns were alike, in color combinations, in the pattern of movement up and down or even the swelling on the sidewall as it moved.  My words are really inadequate to give a whole picture of the beauty and intensity that is this whirlpool wall thingie!!

 This first week of October is all about adjusting to the intensity and purity that is elliptical energy wall and again, even that is radically different for each person I seen yesterday.  One lady was submersed all the way to the bottom of this rather large (going to scale of vision, at least 10-15 feet high, 5 foot thick) wall of energy.  It was explained that she will be absorbing the energies from the feet upwards.  Another lady was slowly tumbling down the inside wall, head over feet, her head moving into this bulk of this wall, she took a big gulp in, and tumbled down so that her head was out of it and she exhaled what she breathed in.  Her team explained she will be taking these energies in thru her crown in patterned gulps.  Yet another lady emerged as bat-woman, bat-wings spread wide as she took flight towards the forward ground area..  Her team freeze framed her visual.

Try as I might, there was no way of seeing what anything other than the wall of energy looked like.  The inside ground was unviewable to me at any point and thru anyone.  It was explained that we are... the closest word we have, that is not accurate, but we have nothing accurate in our language, would be assimilating this energy and distributing it as a live system thru our whole Being.

One thing that did come out yesterday I do want to talk about today.  I woke up really late so I do not have the hours I usually spend sharing today.  

This energy system we are in, we are in live and in fullness.  The energies are penetrating and permeating our cellular biology at high rates of speed and frequency.  Life, inside and out, is changing with each blink of our eyes.  

This intense energy is serving to infuse the multidimensional energies into our biology.  We can also think of it as taking parts of our ET aspects and bringing in the energy cells that make up that part of us and splicing it with our human cells in real time.  Some of the cells in people are having a hard time keeping up with the infusions/adjustments and are mutating or breaking down in some way.  

This information came thru one of my precious ladies who is getting stem cell therapy done on some of her veins.  One site suddenly ulcerated from the treatment.  I could see how the stem cells are taking on the new matrix of infused energy and rushing to create that new template in her leg, in her veins, faster than the physical body can change.  Equally, which was kind of weird to see, this infusion should only be done at the energy level, not the biological level.  We do not want anyone growing beaks or tentacles from their other forms (smile. wink) but sometimes the instruction gets confused in the process and a mutation happens.

This too, is one of the reasons for this whirlpool affect we have going on.  So the body itself can self correct as the mutations pull out of the DNA and release thru what I call that trap door in the center.  

This is also one of the major reasons spirit has asking us to really be aware of what we use as adjustments thru these times.  The example I am being given is, most of what we have created in essences and elixirs are for, lets just say, frequencies 1 thru 3 and now we are vibrating at a frequency 10.  The affect will be adverse.  Trust the body's desires more than what anyone of us think we know.  Take my crazy ass for example, my physical body has desired/craved prednisone to assist its ability to breathe.  That sounds like the most contradictory statement ever, but it is what it is and I can breathe and talk at the same time since taking it.  

We tend to discount the pharmacy industry because of its overuse and addiction profits.  Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Many of the medicines are essential for assisting well being.  Even the medical things were and continue to be created by gods in human form.  Become the living partner with the whole system of life.  You have much more control than you may realize.  When there is no judgement or fear, the host of heaven in all forms, appear to get to work!!

There is so much more I wanted to share, but alas, my day has already begun.  

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) Love Morphing into New Forms!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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