Seeing What is REALly There Now, NOT What We Programmed In!!

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Lordy lordy, I spent three hours writing, detailing so much new information yesterday and in a moment of rushed haste, deleted my entire post.  I rushed the process because I only had 15 minutes before my day of readings was to begin.  I glanced and not really looked at the button that said “discard.”  I wanted to discard the place holder for an image I was going to use, while I went into my blog to add some details that I forgot.  3 hours of typing and processing new information and interlinking it together… gone without a trace.  Yes, I tried the control Z buttons, the back buttons, and no trace was in my saved drafts file either.

Everything I (attempted) to share yesterday would have helped every person on the field to understand what was coming thru more clearly.  This was so obviously clear as the day progressed.  When something so drastic happens, we tend to think… it was meant to be or not meant to be published yet.  I even had that thought as I went into my own internal bitchfest inside about completely loosing all that information and research.

I know my team and how they work.  If I do not understand something fully enough, or do not have enough information to formulate a blog, they scramble my brains and I cannot harness a word.  I harnessed 3 freakin hours of words!!!

One of the things my daughter, Valorie, said she learned most while in segregation, was patience.  That was a new experience for her.  When we talked about patience, it was like her story rang bells in my heart, in my entire field.  I was kind of surprised by that, because I thought I had patience conquered for the most part.

Let’s take a whole other look and put a new spin on the word and usual understanding of the word and definition of patience.  The most thought of definition is (thanks google:)

1the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

What if we added… slowing down to meet the passing time concept.  We are in a stage where our entire field vibrates almost as fast as light travels.  Yet, we are in a landscape that travels in experience and outcome, tremendously slower than that.

We have worked so diligently and steadfastly to speed up our vibration and now, we must purposely slow it down… using the full scale energy of patience.  When we are looking too fast, or doing something mindlessly because it is so family ya really do not need to think about it too much to get it done, we tripping over ourselves and making errors.

I seen something on facebook last evening, I didn’t even realize the value of what I seen and shared on my wall, until this morning, right now.


We really just glance at things, the brain says ohhh I know what that says, and even tho it does not say that, we see it that way because that is programming.  Of course we all have seen similar things where the letters are so out of place yet the mind can read the whole story.  That is what it does, how it works.  Its not seeing what it really there, it is seeing what it thinks is there.

I did the same exact thing yesterday with my blog.  I seen the word discard, read no more, and deleted my entire freakin blog!!  This very real example is just words on a computer.  What about all the things we think we know from the past.  Energy, molecules, elements, how things work now.  Our minds are so repetitive in the programming, unless you slow your whole field down to really really REALLY see what is there, you won’t.   And because the universe does not come with bottom line that says “you read that wrong too” we assume it is the way it always was and maybe, even with a tinge of difference.

NO-THING IS the same!!!

Not even what we know as the 5 platonic solids.  Not that I know what they are.  I do not.  I know they are shapes, I know they have an element association, but that as far I know anything about that.  And yet, this new information is coming thru your fields via the divinely ignorant, me!!!  And trust me, I am using this definition for the word ignorant: lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular.

There is no lack, it does not exist!! lolMaybe that is why I do see it so clearly.  I have nothing to scramble your field in my pesky mind programming and assumptions.  Of course, that does create me melting down when I see science coming in and I just want to cry.  And to be clear, I am so anal about being accurate and understandable, that when science comes in it throws me a curve ball… well… shit.  Meta-physics I can keep up with… physics as we know it, ummmm… I was born allergic!!  lol

I go back to a couple weeks ago, as spirit was picking thru my mind, my memories and life experiences to relate whatever it was that I was seeing, and I could feel the presence of several empty rooms in my head.  White washed with light, but empty of anything in it, and spirit would smile while I simply got frustrated.

These empty rooms, the lack of knowing anything about anything, is the only place we can truly build this new world from.  Drag one single miss-placed letter to the party, well, it is no longer the party it could have been.

Allow yourself to let what we call errors, to be shared out-loud as a massive learning lesson for others.

Anywayz… lets boggle our minds a bit.  Two new shapes/platonic solids came in this past week or so.  One is a 6 sided crystal shaped thingie.

6 sided crystal.jpg

My lady was standing in the bottom part of this formation with the terminated part about a foot or so above her head.  It was explained this is one of the new platonic solids here Now.  It’s element would be the diamond-quartz.   That’s all I understand about that right now.  I am sure more information came thru for her, I am just forgetting it this morning, but had to add this in in today’s sharing.

Then one of my men showed up to party yesterday.  Shit, he brought brand new configuration to the party and the party changed!!  My poor mind melted down, as did my body system, but I’ll save that for the finish today.

The opening of yesterdays non blog was about the chain HO3 NO3 HO3 and the new (that is not new at all) asteroid/moon spinning around our moon and earth.


Looking only to the right side of this diagram, where the yellow lines bunch up, lets call that the last quarter (of 2017) whirlpool energy I see.  The outer bands that form the elliptical would be the HO3 connection.  Earth itself would be the NO3 connection.

Forget that science named this astroid HO3 for a moment.  Lets get a slice of what science says HO3 is (and this is a debated theory in science at the moment, so I am only using the words that DO apply) “The role of HO3 as a temporary reservoir of atmospheric OH radicals …”

So let’s look (loosely) at the science understanding of the OH radicals:  The hydroxyl radical•OH, is the neutral form of the hydroxide ion (OH−). Hydroxyl radicals are highly reactive (easily becoming hydroxyl groups) and consequently short-lived; however, they form an important part of radical chemistry.[2] Most notably hydroxyl radicals are produced from the decomposition of hydroperoxides (ROOH) or, in atmospheric chemistry, by the reaction of excited atomic oxygen with water.

Now lets melt it down into a language I speak and understand…

This whirlpool band (that is constantly in motion, moving much to what I have called the trap door in the center) is a previous of the atmospheric radicals.   The OH radicals are highly reactive, forming new groups (all these new elements from the old that is departing our atmosphere —>)… from the decomposition of the old.

NO3 would have to be the earth itself.  Nitrate.  Water soluble salt!!  But that water soluable is not really a true statement to what we are experiencing.  But hang on, let me talk about my crazy, beautiful man from yesterday.

He is bringing to our expanding party yet another new shape.  One that is not completely formed yet, so I could see what I can only call 4 intensely visible stars just out to his left and right sides, top and bottom.  There was an energy pattern forming that I have no way to detail yet.  If that didn’t frustrate me enough… dammit if a new science chain wasn’t presented thru his field, reflecting what he is bringing to the new party of Light.

HO3n2 NaNO3 HO3n2

Jezuz Caa..a-riste!!  I am still wrapping my head around the HO3NO3HO3, don’t boggle me further!!  Too late, he came to boggle!!

So the added things, are things.  I am always shocked by that!!  lol   “N₂, the chemical formula for nitrogen gas.”  (both of these I stole from google) and then… Sodium is a chemical element that belongs to the group known as alkali metals. It combines with other elements to form many useful substances. The most familiar compound, or combination, of sodium and another element is common salt. Scientists use symbols to stand for the chemical elements. The symbol for sodium is Na.”

So I look further into what the hell nitrogen gas is: Nitrogen (N2) is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that makes up 78.09% (by volume) of the air we breathe.  It is nonflammable and it will not support combustion.  

A protective agent so we all do not blow up at once as we radically (smile) change form while in body???  (Think of the greens trees thru the fires of California or even the statue-esque bodies of the animals in Portugal fires.)

As I pondered this new string yesterday, I was reminded over and over again about our oceans, they are SALT water.  One of the new periodic solids is associated with salt.  And right now, that trap door in the whirlpool… earth in the above diagram, is salt, the NO3 and Na-NO3 thingie.

But do not look to the familiar.  It does not exist in the packages we have been familiar with.  Assume (because it is true) that there are more chemical compounds being added) over time, over these next few months as we All close out earths history.

Employ patience to run everything slower, into the clearly visible field.  Assume nothing… NO-THING.  If suddenly something familiar pops in your way, start over again.  Then again and again until you can find the blank room in which to work from.  Otherwise we are like children scribbling on paper.

Last week thru the Earth Magic class, someone mentioned something about the merkabah… if we are bringing in new shapes (platonic solids,) even that is no longer a valid template of understanding… more of our story is coming in, changing it all up.

May I strongly suggest, you monitor what you are sharing or becoming involved in.  Creation creates.  It does not sit around pointing fingers, telling stories without the Light of change within it.  What is a story if we are simply feeding a growing awareness without the only energy that matters in this world… how you changed from the experience or how it is helping our changing experience.  No drama, no fear, no finger pointing.  Pure Love for the all and celebration of all the changes that needed to happen for this very amazing, potent time on earth we call NOW!!

Understanding the difference of feeding the old energy system vs nurturing the new, crucial for all of us!!!

And my last lady of the day, someone who spent the first few days in Scotland with us, was amazing.  I wish I had words to express what I vibrationally and energetically understand, but I do not.  I barely could express it to her.  But I do want to say, in her new light frequency and ummmm… geez I don’t know what to call it, it reminds me of wings, but is not.  However, if we think of velcro, this intense new silver-white light energy formed from arms down to her feet at her side.  When she opened her arm up, these massive series of circles and ovals, that penetrated my head and made my head rock back and forth and my whole body got seriously dizzy.  Thank god I was sitting in my chair or I would have been on the floor.

It wasn’t but 30 minutes after my last reading of the day did my nose start running, throat got sore, my lungs tight.  And this morning I woke up with a full blown energy cold with a serious sore throat.  BUT, I have my voice, so its all good.

Each and everyone of you are changing me to the core.  For which, I am eternally grateful!!

So on that note, slow down, see what is really there, not what we programmed into our consciousness as there

Lisa Gawlas

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