The Obvious Turbulent Energies of Dark and Light, Already!!

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If I could call yesterday anything, it would be an absolute contradiction from the field of light to the field of matter.  The most radiant and powerful energy coming on line thru each of you and the worst of who we are fully exposed at the same time.  The most insidious and the most loving on the same playing field, in the same spotlight at the same time.  

If we wondered at all (I had) what this whirlpool of 3 month energy will look and feel like, now we know.  Choice points that have become blatantly obvious.  Are we living, acting, Being on the side of Life, or on the side of death??  That is not as obvious an alignment/choice as we may think it is.

  With the end of September, I could feel my own cellular body pulling itself back together.  My mind was starting to work as a whole unit again instead of fractured energy spitting and spurting and not able to hold full thoughts longer than a minute.  Then we entered the whirlpool energy on the field, each reading disassembling my molecular structure once again.  On the 1st by late afternoon my whole Being became filled with overwhelming sadness.  Of course, in my own personal world, I just found out my daughter was suddenly and unexpectedly transferred from a low security prison to a higher security prison over her birthday weekend with no information as to why.  One day I call and the most they can tell me is she is in the infirmary in the new prison.  I google the new prison (Fluvanna womens prison, VA) and holy shit, it has multiple law suits pending from inmate deaths.  Two of these deaths just happened in July from lack of medical treatment.    Then of course, my mind can panic, she had not been sick, not even a sniffle... a fight??  Did she get stabbed??  She said tensions were rising recently (these energies are everywhere.)  

I called yesterday, she not in the infirmary but in segregation and no one is legally allowed to tell me why except for Val.  What the hell!!  She is in solitary confinement, obviously without phone privileges and she is the only one who can tell me what the freak is going on??  

The spot Light is on the dark, everywhere we look it is being illuminated.  The legal system, the prison system, the gun system.  Even the news system.  Jesus the news declared Tom Petty dead before he even died, and understandably so, sent his daughter into a tailspin of release on social media.

In the field of readings, super high light energy is infusing into the molecular body of everyone I am connecting to.  Not fully usable yet, as it still takes hold and form within our biology and energy systems, but expanding and vibrating rapidly... to change.  To BE the change in this massive system of.... turbulence!! 

I once again woke up late, so this is going to be short and sweet today as my day of readings nears the corner.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of Light loving the darkness into Light, together, with the All!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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