What Are You Doing With Your Person Energy Field???


I stared at my computer yesterday, intent on putting out a sharing, and each subject that floated in my mind to share, started to collide with other subjects and became almost, jumbled.  It felt like an ongoing merger of different subjects and confused me to the point I just walked away from the computer.

I cannot say I am a whole lot clearer this morning, but there is a subject we would like to talk about that actually came up in last evenings meditation assistance class.  It is about our personal energy fields.

If we can look at our fields like a blanket.  We want to keep our blanket, our energy fields stretched taut always in a state of expanding or rest without putting anything heavy in it to depress it.  

I actually found a little science stuff to help me express myself (imagine that!! lol)  

From the Quora website:

According to General theory of relativity, mass curves the space around it like a ball placed on a taut rubber sheet. Anything else kept on the sheet will start traveling into the dip created in the sheet. So, a gravitational force is created indirectly through the curvature of space-time fabric.

depression in the field.png

Now imagine instead of talking about gravity and spacetime, we are talking about your personal energy field. And instead of "mass" we are talking about the energies from light to dense.  In this specific scenario dense being those energies that do not lift us up and expand us further.  The heavier, emotionally charged (with anger, blame and stuff) energies.

Now imagine as well, each one of these sheets equals a collective as well.  Each one of you, of us, will be the ball represented in the picture above.  Our personal choice (free will and all that) has that ball.our personal energy field, either staying level with the collective sheet, going back down to teh denser levels of sheets or rising above it, moving higher and when enough people move higher, a new sheet, a new collective forms to hold that higher vibrational Light in the earth realm.

Unless we are sleeping, we are either engaging where we are at, engaging in lower frequencies or working towards higher frequencies.  Let me give you a visual:


This image is obviously when we are engaged in the lower frequencies.  Let's say it is simply a conversation happening with another that many creates anger, or blame.  Or, what is happening now in so many areas out there in the world, whether its the talk about the storms and fires, or what is happening in the public news streams (and I am not talking about CNN or Fox, but between us as well.  If there is something drawing you in to something that at the end of the day, has no effect on your personal growth or Being, go play elsewhere.  If you cannot seem to shift your awareness away from drama's and trauma's, go into meditation and find out what in you is still resonating at that level of density and free it, let that shit go!!  It serves you not.

The understanding I am hearing is if it is out of your personal frequency or higher, then the engagement is creating drag on your field.  So I went to handy dandy google to understand more fully the word/experience of drag:  Drag force is always opposite to the object's motion, and unlike friction between solid surfaces, the drag force increases as the object moves faster. Air resistance, also known as drag, is a force that is caused by air, the force acts in the opposite direction to an object moving through the air.

When you are focused on your own personal growth and expansion and start to play and participate in conversations that focus around that and only that, something magical happens.



NOW you are creating a whole upward shift in your personal field and are accessing higher frequencies, understandings, Beings from other realms or dimensions to assist you upward.  

In this case, my team is using the word acceleration.  I found a great website that states this:

What does acceleration mean?

Compared to displacement and velocity, acceleration is like the angry, fire-breathing dragon of motion variables. It can be violent; some people are scared of it; and if it's big, it forces you to take notice. That feeling you get when you're sitting in a plane during take-off, or slamming on the brakes in a car, or turning a corner at a high speed in a go kart are all situations where you are accelerating.

Acceleration is the name we give to any process where the velocity changes. Since velocity is a speed and a direction, there are only two ways for you to accelerate: change your speed or change your direction—or change both.

Unless you are physically sleeping, each one of us is either in drag or acceleration thru our day, depending on what our focus and feelings are thru the day.  Once we go to sleep, we review what we experienced and focused on thru the day, and wake up anew.  With that in mind, we may wake up in a higher field of energy or lower, depending on what is solidifying in our consciousness thru our days.

If you can look at anything, whether its a news article or conversations taking place and just ask yourself, is this adding to my personal growth or pulling me back to a place that no longer serves me and the Now place I reside in... and choose. If you are unsure, pay attention to how you and/or others are feeling.  Is there blame happening, anger, sadness (personal sadness that arises) or, are you feeling excited, uplifted, expanded in consciousness.  

Something else just came into my awareness too, from my own personal body.  So many of us are going thru cellular mutations, whether obvious or not, we are.  The word mutation has a negative connotation around it, but really, its not at all.  That is how evolution happens, at the mutation level of cellular life.  In truth, from our very first breath of conscious Light, we have been mutating steadily.  Leaving one paradigm for another.  Changing our personal vibration to sustain and eventually grow beyond that paradigm (also known as collective consciousness.)  

Each moment of each day, we are giving our cells instruction, even in their mutations.  We are either instructing them (via thought and emotion) to go higher or decay (go lower.)  

If I can complicate things just a wee bit further (smile.)  Sometimes, we must dive into a vat of shit in order to transmute it from the core level of shit.  I know many a high vibing person taking on various roles in what we call, disease.  From the soul level of their Being and their personal high vibration in body, that allows them to move into something, whether we are labeling it cancer, autoimmune stuff, bone stuff (thinking of osteoporosis) and a long list of other things too, to change it from what it was and is to what it will be in the future, pure light energy that can no longer be degraded.

Not everything is as it appears to be.  Nothing is etched in stone, either.  Free will and all that!!

I want to completely change the subject and look to something so new in our field it took me a while to really realize what is happening.  

I started doing personal one on one ET connections several years ago, while I was still in New Mexico.  In that time, our ET's would show up for their connection completely opposite the "field" in which I do readings from.  They showed up in the horizon out my front door and regular readings always unfolded in my back yard.  Even in Florida, or here in Texas, when we connected, they were always in teh distance somewhere, not over anyone's personal field.  Until this month.  

Now when they appear in their ships, the ships are hoovering over the field itself.  That is so brand new and exciting to me.  At first I thought it might just be that persons team, nope it is consistent now.

It is the very reason they could not come thru the last few months, too much altering energy in the field.  Sort of like an atmospheric reconfiguration taking place and they had to wait until it was finished.  I suppose the end of September finished that up!!  

Which means, we have achieved a state we can call, highly evolved.  Our personal fields now support their highly evolved frequencies directly.  I am sure you realize that I am not talking about every person on the planet, but those who live in the higher planes of Light as their Life.

That is as much as I understand about the sudden.... closeness right now.  No doubt, more will be revealed as we move forward and upward!!

On that note, keep your ship tight and keep accelerating my beautiful Soul Partners!!  We are doing this Thing!! 

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of love and accelerated energies to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas  

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