Energy Transmutation, Expansion and The Children known as The Golden Ones.

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There is so much happening inside our bodies, inside the DNA level as well as the energetic bodies too that it is really hard for me to put into coherent information.  Each person I read for is so different from the next, so unique in their attributes, infusions, and how it is effecting and will continue to effect them and we are still undergoing a radical system of change.  So what is happening within us and withing life this week, will alter next week.  Just when we thought we got ourselves onto some solid footing... not!!!

We are still in relationship to what I have been calling that multicolored energy system, the wall of the whirlpool energy band.  Yesterday we started to see our initial relationship to the ground or floor area, which is where I want to focus my attention today.

This wall, according to my eyes, osculates up and down in individuated, unique patterns that is very breath like.  The ground itself is a series of rings, like a whirlpool emptying itself into the center, that is drawing from the wall, as well as the humans associated with (within) the wall and moves the energies to the center and I assume outwards, I have not seen that far into the "flooring" yet tho.

If I could only make a video, this would be so much more clearly understood than by my humble and extremely inadequate words of description.  But alas....

The first thing that is happening is the infusion of many aspects of our multidimensional field of Life.  Unlike anytime in the past, this is all simply coming online inside of us.  Prior to this moment, this intense space of inner and outer evolution, the higher fields of our DNA laid in wait for us to not only consciously participate within them, but truly to allow them in too.  We could have had quantum energy parked by our doorstep for decades, waiting.  Not now.  Ready or not (consciously) here it comes.  But ONLY for those within the whirlpool band.  Not anyone outside of it.  Those that read and resonate to anything I share, can almost be assured, you are inside this band of energy called the last quarter of 2017.

With this higher infusion of energies within your whole life stream, many of your senses are going to be heightened, if not appearing to be turned on for the first time.  We are not only expanding in every way within ourselves, we are also serving as Life's clean up crew, emotionally and physically, which could almost seem to contradict the enormity of the gifts unfolding.

I started to mention (and forgot to get back to) the emotional sadness I started to experience with the entrance of October 1st.  It is now three continuous days in a row that I am experiencing this immense sadness rolling thru me.  It even has a distinct start time... about 3 pm each day until I got to sleep.

Seeing a few people at the ground level, at the oscillating rings level of the floor of this whirlpool yesterday gave me much clearer understanding of what is taking place.  Bear with me as I try to put this into story form instead of individuating into the readings of information.

All around this whirlpool barrier life is changing, breaking up, deep dense energy is now swirling around topside.  Mother earth got everything ready August and September for where we are right now with her storms, quakes, volcanoes and such.

You and I are the smoke stacks or scrubbers (if you will) bearing the brunt of the energies coming in and thru for purification.  Everything must be done at the biological, DNA level of purification to fully hold itself in the full on next version of Life here on earth, on and within Gaia and removing the dirt of history, so that the Light is what prevails.

Because I am intimately familiar with myself and the ongoing process happening, I will simply use me as the real example to understand from.  On August 12th my body decided to start to have daily asthma attacks.  I have not had this series of symptoms since 2012 going into 2013, not to this intense degree.  Even going to Scotland, my puffer intake was a several day event all the while I was there.  As we know, the last day in Scotland, my whole system seemed to collapse into itself, putting me in a full on timeout for a week after my return.  

My body started preparing to Be a new chimney before leaving.  The intake of such amazingly pure, untainted energies served to build new receptors and processes in my entire chest area, at the breath level of intake and expelling.  

I barely had time to recover and went straight into the Void workshop with 5 other amazing Beings of Light WILLing to change their All!!  We worked 8-10 hours straight every day.  I lost my voice three separate times thru that workshop, reboots into purer energy streams from lungs thru the vocal chords.  They all were changing, every moment of the days and changing me with their changes.  Releasing, invoking, trusting, creating action templates of their New DNA.  

The workshop no sooner ended and I was back in time out and in a physically unpleasant way.  My chest, lungs, ribs and throat all hurt, I mean... HURT.  During this time, my daughter and grandson moved out of the house and now, I am in my own space once more.  I am still taking my puffer daily, I am still using the nebulizer several times a day, but I do not hurt and I can talk and breath at the same time.  

This timing in my personal world (as it would be in any of yours) is crucial.  When we are pulling up and processing so much harsh energy from the collectives, doing in from your own sacred space is so important.  I have been able to (little by little) deep clean my space physically and bring in a massive light bath thru the airspace to help with my assimilation of all that is happening.  It is allowing the sorrow of the earth to come thru me and transmute into octaves of love, of hope, and move back outwards to live again in Light.

Each one of you are working in your own way, in your own power source within your body.  Some glean from the legs, or arms, some the head, others the pelvis, abdomen and so on.  One size does not fit all and how the body assimilates and transmutes will be as personal and unique as you are in this life.  Don't be going to someone else's idea of what is wrong/right because it will be inaccurate.  Do not go and try and find someone else's idea of how to assist your body in this times.  TRUST the prompting from within your body.  From within your mind.  It may very well be the contradictory actions are being prompted thru your inner Being that saves your life (mentally and physically.)  

We are changing at the speed of light, no mercy.  We are cleaning up and expanding at the same time.  No mercy.  Just radical action that MUST come thru you!!!

Tomorrow is a very very powerful, Light exploding full moon.  It is bringing in even more heightened energies, thru your already changing DNA.  New passions will be arising, new powers of Life expanding, new teams on teh ground to help us thru it all!!

I am going to put this little tidbit that I do not fully understand yet, in here.  Twice now in this past week, when someone on the reading field asked about a child, I was shown each child as this golden Being in body. Both females, both had this golden tone to their skin, both (neither related to each other at all) called "the golden princess" and then the release of a bit of understanding yesterday.... Some of our children aged 15 years and younger (down to infant) are "the golden ones" now in body, now fully in physicality and are female.  No more information was released to us... yet.  I tried to google "the golden ones" but nothing felt right... not yet anywayz.  

To change the subject before I close for today...  It wasn't until later afternoon that I realized it had been one full year since my mother passed away.  As I settled into that fact and the love and gratitude I have within me for that magnificent change of events in our lives to kiss her goodbye, my whole heart and mind was flooded with you.  Your love, your kindness, your willingness to reach thru the field of life to make sure this lady I call mom, was well taken care of.  That her needs of well being were met, that the love she deprived herself of, was flooded back into her life, so that she transitioned from the field of love and not destitution and fear.

From my heart and my mothers, thank you for loving us so unselfishly much.  For giving more than we could have ever hoped to receive and transcend back into this place of New Life, together, as One!! 

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of ratifying Light Living the Golden Age thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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