The Conscious Partnership of Change and Illumination!!

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I had the most amazing, surprising experience yesterday  that truly, left me in a state of awe all day long.  I share it this experience, so that it may assist you in finding your own inner power, your collective center where you live.

The moment my daughter started moving out of the house we shared together, I started changing the energies within the walls.  Cleaning on the physical level, bringing down heaps of white energy from the ceiling down to the floor.  Walk from front door to back door (inside) with purposeful gratitude.  Grateful for all that got us to here and grateful for all that has allowed it all to change.  

By yesterday morning, I finished all by the baby's room, only because he needs a toy box for me to find his floor.  Yesterday was also a day off, a day I needed to have to get the last batches of crystals out in the mail (they are out) and start going thru the video recordings from the Void workshop and start their uploading (that is going to take much longer than I realized, due to my internet (lack of) speed.  It took me close to 10 hours to upload 3 parts of one session entitled "How the body communicates."  I will be working on this every day until it is finished (hopefully by this weekend!!)  

However, before even starting any of that, something I had not felt in so long, in many many moths, swept thru me.  A call to enter meditation.  I long gave up hitting that platform here in my new home, the chaos energy that became my environment, was way to disruptive to hold my space that I connect to for longer than a minute.

So I poured my holy bath, dumped some dead sea salts in the waters, and got excited!!  Getting into my big bad bathtub I remembered clearly why I loved this place so much.  The cathedral of bathtubs is surrounding my whole body.  I closed my eyes and wondered where I was in the field.

Instantly I was in center of the backyard, of the field.  A brilliant full moon was directly overhead.  My body was dancing akin to the opening of Outlander and I had to giggle as I thought to myself, Yes, we are the witches of Fentress (the name adopted by the women at the workshop.)  

In this counter-clockwise, circular and fluid dance I was watching myself do, strands of pure white moonbeams started to lay themselves on me like yarn melting into my Being straight from the moon.  I smiled to myself and wondered... what do I do with this.  Well... ask and we shall receive!!! 

I was suddenly and instantly transported to the outside building of the new prison my daughter was housed at, Fluvanna Womans Prison in Troy, Virginia.  I was not alone, the face of the wind was situated at the left front of the building.  The moment I arrived (he must have been waiting for me) he started blowing... and blowing... and blowing... very particularly in a counter-clockwise motion all around the building.  Each completed lap had the winds of change picking up speed and pace.  Then it entered inside the building, at first all I could see was something that resembled black cockroaches scattering on the floor, moving out of the way to reveal the light that is there at the floor level.

The wind penetrated the walls, until we found my daughters cell.  When we entered her cell, it was already basking in intense light.  I knew it was from all the prayers and love being sent for days now.  My view of her was on the top bunk, to show her elevated energy body.  I could also see both sets of grandparents there (my parents and her fathers) sitting there with her, helping her any way they can.  

Thru this moment, I was simply a witness to the wind, following along with his flow.  And indeed, the wind was male. very very male/masculine!!!  I then decided to use his energy and placed my own face in with his and use my voice thru the winds, thru the cell, thru the entire facility.... "have my daughter call me."  Let me assure you, it was not just words being streamed into the winds, but pure emotion, pure love of my baby girl and the desire to connect with her, to understand why and how she got herself into this unexpected place.  

It is kind of funny, after I infused the air with my desires, I tried to change the meditation to something else.  Nope.  It remained at the prison with the winds of change blowing.  OK, maybe I am just done for today.  I got out of meditation and hit the back porch to start packaging up the crystals.  

Two hours after my meditation experience, my phone rang, OMG it is the prison.  I had not put any calls in yesterday, hell I hadn't called since early the day prior when a sympathetic guard told me that valorie "made a very bad choice" which resulted in where she is at now.  I knew that was as much information as I will get from anyone until I can actually hear directly from Val.  She is the only one who can give me the full details. 

I was a little disappointing that when I answered the phone, it was not the familiar recording from an inmate.  Instead, it was yet another guard who heard my plea on her answering machine and felt compelled to call me, even tho she has nothing to do with my daughter.  This guard is housed at building 5 (winds of change) and my daughter is at building 8.  She took the time to look up all the information she could get about my daughter and called me.  Like every other guard, she explained that it is illegal for her to tell me the details of what happened, that she believed I was her mother, but in truth,  I could be anyone and they have a need to protect the inmates too.

The rules of segregation are not kind.  Those housed in segregation are only allowed 2 phone calls per month.  PER MONTH!!  If she had not had her hearing yet, then she will not get a phone call prior to that.  However, the lady did say that Valorie can write physical letters and that she will make sure that Val gets the note to write a letter home.  

The information I received from this wonderful soul was nothing new that I didn't learn from my previous 3 calls talking to guards... but really, the event was not about that at all.  

For the last few weeks, thru the readings, the information has come thru that the elements of life, of earth, have changed, we have changed.  What we are capable of doing is much more refined than ever before.  

Going back to the central point of our rocket ship (meditation) is essential.  I am going to be bringing back the meditation reviews thru the Nation every 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month from 4-6 pm CDT.  I will get it on the calendar today.  

We have a full on conscious partnership with the elements of Life... key word here, conscious.  Let's take the very real example of the wind, there was a partnership there, one where he waited for me to participate.  To become a conscious player with him.  Granted, the winds of change has been my closest ally thru my whole life.  I cannot say one I loved until maybe the last 10 years, but there, changing my world consistently nonetheless thru my life.

This event would not have played out had I just wished for a call... or even threw out a visual of a call... my energy was as intermingled in this place as the winds were, as the emotional light of the moon energy is.  

The moon entangled its luminous vibration to assist the emotional frequency within an otherwise dark encasement.  This precious lady connected to that light, to the love of the mother (me) and took action.  

I even told her that I did this meditation and then thanked her for hearing and responding to my prayer.  Her whole body smiled.

The moral of the story here... we now have the power to separate the darkness from the light so that the light has more power, more control within the darkened structures of life.  You and I must participate in new ways with consciousness, with action in motion.  Granted, one can say my body was not in action, it was in the bathtub... we are ALL so much more than our body!!!  

When I was setting up classes for the Nation, everything that assists me insisted that the all of October be about Earth Magic.  I now understand why.  We will begin a collaboration like never before.  Partnered in new ways that I cannot wait to understand thru class!!!  

For this past week, my whole physical and mental bodies have felt... off.  Borderline anxious even.  Like I am not sure if I want to sit still or do something.  I get up to do something and that is not what I was feeling, I sit back down and I feel like I need to get back up.  I attributed it to all the asthma medicines I am taking which does leave you with the jitters... but I realize, especially this morning... it is how the body powers up, comes online in new, heightened ways.

On that note, a new day begins in the field!!  Happy full moon to and thru the ALL.  Use its power to illuminate the good in life.  There are those in the darkest of places who need our assistance to shine and create the changes... let's Light up life, together, from the heart of Love, from the heart of the All thru the All within each other!!!

(((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))) of power and illuminated change!!!

Lisa Gawlas


Using the 10 of October and the 5 of the moon date...


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