Matter (Darkness) vs AntiMatter (Light.) It ALL Matters!!

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This October 5th full moon is one like any other.  Thru the readings yesterday, it was explained that we should see it as a massive hologram of constant light.  One that is there for constant access, penetrating deep into its fibers and pulling from it what is needed to accomplish our tasks.  Within this lunar energy is a new, highly usable emotional energy, if accessed with purpose and consciousness.  But I have gotten ahead of myself...

As I was checking my calendar to see who was the first on my dance card, something really odd happened.  I could see the full moon in head, right about the bridge of the nose level, and it started moving upwards towards my eyes with each passing moment until I met with my first lady.  

She showed up in the middle of the yard (as did everyone for the rest of the day... yay, we are out of those whirlpool bands/wall.)  My lady was spinning in a clockwise circle faster than I could count rotations.  From the pores of her skin streams of energies of all different colors elongated and moved outwards from her, without ever leaving her.  Radiating a new full spectrum of energy thru her and to everything and everyone around her... for miles!

This outward affect on that which is around us, miles around us, became a common theme in the field yesterday.  I really want to focus in on the importance of what this means to all of us.

By virtue of breathing (not even consciously, wink) you are having a profound affect on your neighbors, your city and surrounding cities to some degree.  The words "enlarge my territory" comes to mind with this expansion.  With it, an intense responsibility as well.  

The Light of Love, of Hope, of Wonder and Knowing is You.  It is now a part of your core energy.  It is who and what you are and have always been.  Our job is to turn on lights, turn up the frequency and luminosity of Light, of Love, Hope and wonder on this plane.  It is done with every ounce of your... of our, Beings.  We MUST keep ourselves in purity.  Free from denser debris of thought.  The moment one points a finger and says... beware (for example, pointing towards something we would call dark, unloving, deceitful, etc) then you inadvertently aligned your high quality light energy to match that which you are pointing at, drawing the energies in and marring the signals within your stream which will have an adverse affect on your field.

When we were assigned to clean up the earth, no one asked us to look into every container that is contaminated with greed, power and control... nope, not at all.  We agreed to clean it up thru love and action.  Of looking at what good is happening, focusing there, expanding there, feeling it in our bones and assisting others to allow their light to be their focus, their only focus.

With that in mind, if we can look at ourselves like the amazing Beings we call our spirit guides, those loving, patient Beings that removed us from the depths of our own darkness, not by calling our or focusing on our darkness, but showing us the true light that is within our darkness.  Amplifying the good, the positive changes that can be applied thru that light.  

Let me be more clear on what we are saying here... if you are pointing a finger declaring corruption, deception, wrong doing, whatever, you are giving more enhanced power to that arena.  And draw that energy into your own.  Here is a surprising thing for me to hear.  Those that take that stance, in their desire to illuminate what is "wrong," are not acknowledging within them, that very discordance, which is why it pulls in that energy and something of like experience to fully overcome that discordance.

This new season of earth has very strict rules.  What I am hearing as the laws of nature.  These higher elements have come here to build the city of Light known as Gaia and will take no other task on.  Which means, to use the elements, our focus MUST be on Light and only Light, even in... especially in the darkest of corners.

We will never truly be able to see the gift all this darkness has brought to us if we are constantly squashing it like a bug.  Trying to eradicate it.  The dark energies are as essential in this field of matter as the light.  Because we have long associated the darkness with bad, negative, and the like, so many do not know its value, its needed strength.  Its ability to freeze light into amazing expressions of matter.

Matter (darkness) vs Anti Matter (Light.)  I took to google to get a full explanation of this analogy:  Antimatter is the same as matter in every way, looks the same, behaves the same, except its particles have electrical charges opposite to matter. E.g., our electrons are negatively charged, whereas a positron (an antimatter "electron") is positively charged. The positron is the "anti-particle" of the electron.

Back to the field yesterday (smile.)  My second lady had 4 cauldrons in which she was working the moon energy.  Talk about keeping the "witches" energy alive and in play!!  It was actually thru her reading that we understood the elements of earth will only bind and assist in the full spectrum of Light.  

If you cannot sustain yourself there, that trap door is always at the ready to bring us back to the old world template for manifested understanding and experiences.  (Please also know, the word "you" as I have been saying it today, is subjective.)

Before I close for today, I do want to add in something that snuck its way into a reading yesterday, that kinda excited me.  

The 11:11 mid-point.

This three month, intense energy system has a mid point of Light.  As my lady's team talked about it, I could see the degrees of Light amp up, become so much clearer than they are even today as she talked about the 11:11.. November 11th.  Even with this mention, I am being asked to put a special class gathering together within the Nation for this powerful event.  So, I will.  It is on the usual Saturday class day, so that's good.  I am just going to call it "Harnessing the 11:11" since I have no idea yet, what will come of it.  It does begin my 18th year on this crazy and amazing journey back to Self tho!!

That aside, the way I see the light field right now is like this massive white glowing light.  It is not see thru, but intensely white.  When we were shown the midway point of the 11:11 yesterday, there was a clarity to the light itself.  Near see thru, but not fully.  It will be reflecting us, our own clarity and well, more!!  I do not understand the more, yet.  

Well, I am going to leave off on that note.  My day in the field is about to begin.  Let me apologize for any delay I am having in responding to emails or facebook posts.  When I connect to each and every reading, it is like my brain disassembles itself as it speeds up to higher light frequencies.  Reading anything at all, is challenging at best.  My first priority on any given day is getting readings done with efficiency... everything else comes second.

(((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))) change made manifest thru You, thru US!!! 

Lisa Gawlas


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