Conscious Participation as You Are the New CosmicNauts!!

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Ohh times and things, they are a changing!!  I so wish the words of our expression changed too, to be able to articulate the depth of these changes.  I want to sit down and write about it, share the details that are coming thru the field, yet, that becomes an impossibility these days.  The closest explanation I have, it is like we all have arrived on a new planet.  We barely got off the landing dock of our ship and now, we are experiencing the new energies that are permeating this planet.  At the same time, we are being asked to participate consciously with the elements and surroundings of this planet to open, expand and change our DNA in real time with little to no association from the past, the previous planet we came from.  Otherwise it becomes a distortion.

What we are getting in the readings is the onset of our expanded biological light fields.  With it, everyone now has the ability to connect with a new Master within your meditations, to assist you in understanding the elements that are binding to you in new ways, how to assimilate them and most importantly to me, what to do with them!!

Last evening in the Nations Earth Magic class, it became homework rich with these new energies and how to consciously start assimilating them into your Being and your consciousness.  On this new planet of (new) occupancy, there is little room for unconsciousness or prior association with anything.  

My team is leaning heavily on me to share yesterdays class with everyone.  It begins the conscious assimilation of the hybrid crystalline particles in the air (diamond-quartz configuration) and tuning our antennas to this frequency.  Then, participating with the air and wind to bring to you a series of elements that are important to you.  This morning, I realize there is even more to this exercises than I realized last evening as I channeled it thru class.  The air itself is in constant stillness, until the wind moves purposely thru it, participating.... in this case, it would be with each of you.  But there is more to this exercise...  much more.  I suppose that will be disclosed in our next class.  

Then we have our water, water like it has never been before.  Keeping in mind, we are on a new planet, so the water must be different than what we have been familiar with on our old planet. You are different than you were on the old planet... therefore, teh new conscious interaction and relationship with the most plentiful thing in our world, water, must be new.

The fourth exercise is for those still adjusting to their spiritual vision.  Your ability to see and experience is so important in this new world.  Do not talk yourself out of it.   What cannot be expressed in words, WILL BE expressed visually, in the visable silence!!  

I am going to close with something I am hearing from my team right now: "One Nation, of the new earth, conscious Lights exploring and assisting in their personal field of expression.  You are, WE ARE the new CosimcNauts!! "

I am also extending the 5 crystals mailed to you special thru October for new members of the Nation.  Please be sure to email me you physical mailing address once you join.  Thank you!!

Enjoy the exercises!!!  I love you all soul much!!! 

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of expansion and deLight to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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