Biology, Novembers Influx of Light and Mastery.


I want pick up where I left off in my last sharing.  That was about our energy fields, today, lets talk about our life.  The beautiful and often frustrating day to day life we live.  

As we have all experienced to date, and will continue thru this incarnation, life is a vast sea of experiences.  Some we rejoice in, some we would like to package up and send it back to whence it came with a do not return sign attached.  Every experience, necessary for our personal growth.

we have the misconception a lot of times, that we are supposed to be exactly like the soul we are when not incarnated.  Or at the very least, that is our goal in this body, in this life.  Not so.  We are already that all the time.  We came here, in body, to evolve in ways that is just not possible on the other side of the veil.  We came here to change the earth, our Self's on the earth, mentally and spiritually, while in the prism of matter.

Many seem to think that at our soul level, we know everything there is to know.  That is not true.  God/Creator/Source, knows everything, of which we are a part.  We a part that knows what we know and can gain more understanding as we move forward/evolve.  Nothing is ever held back from us, not ever.  That said, many things are out of our reach of understanding and application because we have not evolved to that frequency yet.  

Even that which we call ascended masters, are still evolving.  Just because they reached a high level of light frequency in the soul and (most importantly) application of that high level of light, does not mean they are not still evolving and learning as well.  They can just do it a lot faster because they are in a constant state of acceleration.

But lets really understand that phrase, "ascended masters" as my team uses it.  Ascended means that you/we have reached a level of light (which is what our soul is made of) that we are no longer playing or entertaining ourselves in teh fields that cause drag, that would slow our vibration down for a moment.  Instead, we reach into those places and help others up by showing them new ways of Being, new ways of moving thru that which drags them down.  Not by entertaining the subject of being a part of the experience.  

I suppose I can give you my own ongoing example.  Last Thursday, my oldest daughter who works as a Sues Chef at Texas State University, received via text message, a series of death threats (as did several of the other managers in her unit, named by name.)  They also received a series of bomb threats for the building they work in.  When my daughter was escorted to another building, another text message came in that threatened to bomb that new building she was in.  Of course she was terrified and kept in phone contact with me every step of the way.  The first thing I did was move into her energy field, she was going to be safe.  That is where I had to focus my conversation with her, while still understanding the details of what was happening.

She was terrified even once the police released her to go home.  I sat with her in her home for hours, talking her thru the terror obvious in her.  Fortunately this happened as she started her weekend (she works 4 on and 3 off.)  All I kept feeling was reassure her and get her past the hours of experience, it is no longer happening.  

By the time Monday came, she was a bit nervous about going to work, but not terrified.  Nothing unusual happened Monday, but it started again Tuesday, yesterday.  A new series of text messages to the same managers, including her and now an HR person threatening death and escalated to bomb threats.  

The first day these came in, so did the bomb dogs, the swat team and so many cops.  Yesterday, the FBI was called in to assist.

The energy in her field, started changing.  Not that she did anything to affect it, but who ever is sending these texts is escalating in their own field of harm.  I did not and for now, will not tell that to my daughter, no higher good will come of it if I did.  Let me get back to this...

We have entered November.  A month, an energy system where the energies are not just floating around the air, but entering the body, the biology, matter itself.  Keeping ourSelf in an accelerated state of Being is more crucial now than ever.  Monitoring what is taking place at the denser levels of consciousness, but not participating in it.  We can really lean on the common phrase "Be in this world, not of it."  

This light influx is not partial.  It is not just looking for those in an accelerated body, but also entering those participating and even creating, drag.  It's purpose, of course, is to lighten the biology up, when not accepted by the host (person in body) it will have, what we call, an adverse affect on the nervous system.  

Coming back to the ongoing experience with my daughter and her co-workers, the people creating this drama, instead of saying, man this is so not right, I am already looking at jail time if I get caught... is having the opposite affect.  The feeling I am picking up now thru my daughters field is, man look what I am getting away with, twice.  I might be able to take this to the next level.  At this moment, have done nothing to put that into play yet.  

Thru this ongoing chaos tho, something wonderful is happening.  This is where I tell my daughter to keep the focus.  There has not been a whole lot of harmony in her work place, especially between her and her immediate boss (another named target in this event.)  Since this event started, there has been a compassion building between these two and some of the other co-workers.  A relationship of caring, which was void until this event started.

When things go upside down and sideways in our lives, the best thing we can do is look for the gift and focus there.  Expand there.  Be vigilant with the energy creating drag on the environment, but do not feed it by matching it's frequency.  

This is where you are going to be a true way shower for others.  You can look for and find the gift of the situation, stay focused there.  Build up from there with the person or persons you are involved with.

Do not go into blame, even whatever is causing the event, needs... demands compassion, not anger, not blame, not threats to back to them, at that place, you put yourself in drag.  

My personal compassionate action in this scenario is to simply shine light thru each investigator and the people doing this, so that they may find each other.  There are suspects, but I personally get a hit on the who... which too, is a purposeful block in this heart changing event underway.

On that note, my day is zooming away already.  I go for the second time, to the dentist to get the impressions and wax teeth of my soon to be(next week) forever, snap on dentures.  Yay!!  Just so I am not confusing, the wax teeth will be exact replica's of my new "ultimate fit" dentures to try on, smile with, bite with, and make sure they live up to their name today.  Then the next week... after a 7 month journey, I will have completed this (lower jaw only) implant denture gig and am looking to be able to eat and bit with both sets in at the same time!!

See you tomorrow!!  Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of bright smiles and illumiated gifts thru All!!

Lisa Gawlas  

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