Stretching Into the New as the Old Drops Away.

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I think I fell into the abyss yesterday.  I woke up in plenty of time to put out a blog, instead, sat at my computer and stared blankly at it.  Not for the lack of information, but instead it was like my head was wiped clean while I slept and I could not recall a thing to share.  Instead, with the exception of one reading on my dance card (Wednesday are technically a day off) I fell into the world of mundane stuff.  I didn't realize until this morning (how am I so delayed at getting this stuff processed lol) that she really gave us a view of what is happening right now. for many.  

She was being stretched upwards and downwards (from head to toe) as well as from arm to arm (left and right) like rubber.  All of this constant stretching, then releasing back to original form, then stretched out again, released again, over and over, was releasing so many of things within her energy field.  I seen them like cogs falling away.  Her team explained these cogs can be relationships that served her thru now, life experiences, places, many things that are changing out.  Two main cogs seemed to remain stable.  One to the left side of her base heart, which was much bigger than any of the others I had seen, the main cog.  The one up at the top of her sternum, the high heart/passion center, was also constant.  Everything else was being stretched out of her and new ones started to emerge and find their placement in the running matrix that (should) be finished by the end of this month.  

For those going thru this, it is not a time to make major decisions in our life, even tho the pressure we may be feelings, seems to be calling for that.  Think about it tho, if something is falling away from our lives, we have a tendency to want to replace it with something else, instead of allowing for the void space of the new to be interconnected thru our energy field. 

Also, thru this life expanding time, we are equally going thru a change of guides/teachers/assistants.   By now, this should be a common theme in your journey.  Every time we have a major change within ourselves, we get assigned (for lack of a better word) a new teacher(s)/assistant(s) to help us orient and enhance these changes.   Seek them out!!  Granted they are still doing their work in our unconsciousness (of their presence) but man oh man, we can zoom into our new expanded state when conscious of what that even means to us!!

I can hear the questions now... HOW??  Meditation is the greatest gift you will ever give to yourSelf.  For some, it may be the most challenging gift you ever give yourself too, but I promise with All that I AM, it is worth the frustration!!!  

How timely is this!!  I just received the youtube video of the EastCoastMom WestCoastSon I did with the amazing Charlotte Phillips and her son Tevin Marsh last week.  Keep in mind, my beautiful Charlotte did what I have done so many times in the Nation's recordings, got so excited she forgot to hit record until 20 minutes in.  So the first 20 minutes are missing, but let me embed the video here, my hope is to lead you into tempation!! (smile)

I have also been mulling around in this crazy head of mine, something new.  Well really, kind of old that I am making new again!  Thru the Nation of Lights membership, I offer "Meditation Assistance" classes twice a month.  In the beginning, when everyone was "new" we had a good turn out for these classes.  Lately, as so many become fluid in meditation, class participation has fallen off.  I was going to reduce the class to once a month and eventually, not at all, but instead, I am going to offer it differently.  To ANYONE who needs or wants help.  The class is held on Webex and limited to the first 25 people who sign on.  The next class will be on November 26th at 4pm CST.  If you want to attend for free, no obligation whatsoever, send me an email and I will put your name/email address in the attendee's invite list.  Keep the invitation when it arrives in your email, that will contain the link to join the class.  Just bring your questions and/or challenges and we will overcome them!!!  Can't make that one, its ok, there will always be more.  Just watch our online calendar to see what upcoming classes are being offered.  Due to the Holidays in December, there will only be one meditation assistance class offered on December 10th.  

My email address is

I will also save all the audio's of the meditation classes, free to everyone, on the "Information Portal" page, under the "Mastering the Emotional Body" section, on the Nations website.  

I suppose my team had a grand conspiracy happening all the while, given my new specials that I released the other day (and at the end of this sharing.)  Something that in my 15 years of reading, we have never ever done.  It is time!!

I love you all so much and thank you for Being Here, Being You and especially Being a part of my world, my field of Life and Love!!!

Big big expanding (((((HUGZ))))) stretching beyond all of our comfort zones into the Light of the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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