Be The Light of the New, Not the Echo of the Past That IS Falling Away.

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I want to pick up where I had to leave off on yesterdays sharing.  Something we should all do or at least, start practice doing, is releasing the thoughts of good or bad, right or wrong and just melt into the IS-ness of what IS happening.  By declaring anything right or wrong, good or bad, we are actually judging it and judgement is a form of fear.  

As we are walking thru this thing we call our life, we must always remember, we do not walk alone and the journey is two fold, for both our human experiences as well as our soul experiences.  The human mind would never purposely create challenges, especially the big ones, the soul absolutely would.  The soul absolutely does.  

There are two sorts of magnetic's always in play in our lives, the human magnetic field and the soul magnetic field.  These two fields are always in constant communication with each other, sending out and pulling in at all times.  Always conspiring to bring in new levels of growth experiences for us, to challenge us and take us further than we ever would have taken ourselves otherwise.  

All of this is probably obvious and known to everyone.  Lets talk about the word manifest.  The more we are in alignment with our mastery, when our energy body is at full throttle of acceleration, manifesting becomes close to instant, most of the time.  There are things, we are doing all we know how to do, to pull into our Now moments and it is like we became energetically constipated, it's just not happening, or so it seems.

There is this very very important thing our human minds do not account for, right time, right place.  Let's take something easy to use as an example.  Let's say you are putting all your energy into manifesting a better job for yourself and months roll by and no doors seem to be opening.  The first thing we should do, is make sure we are not anywhere near the fear vibration and if that checks out and you are in desire as opposed to fear, and it has not come thru yet, its simply not right place right time, even if your human self is so over where you work now.

Let's say you are looking at company A as your next best fit and they are not hiring yet, but you put an application in.  In order for you to get this dream job, someone else must be looking for their next best fit, and the universe is conspiring to move that person out so you can move in.  And we can look at the same scenario for that person, which has an affect on how soon or delayed you can get that job.  

The flip side can be in play as well, there is something you need to experience at the current place before you can be released into your next job and even that, the energies and right time, right environment has got to come together.  

We have been so programmed, on this path of awareness, to think if something does not happen in the time frame we want it too, we must be doing something wrong.  Not at all.  

That said, there may be things we desire from a human perspective that just will never happen in this lifetime, because it does not serve our growth.  The first thing that comes to mind is, winning the lottery.  That sure would overcome a lot of our daily obstacles... but then again, it is those very obstacles that are pushing us forward in our personal evolution.  

Many people confuse, or maybe better stated, interweave joy vs happiness.  I hear so often things like "I want (fill i the blank) that brings me joy..."  Let's take a quick look at the difference between the two.

Joy vs Happiness

Joy and happiness are wonderful feelings to experience, but are very different. ... Joy comes when you make peace with who you are, why you are and how you are, whereas happiness tends to be externally triggered and is based on other people, things, places, thoughts and events.

Joy is an internal stream of constant, like love is.  The two are intertwined and inseparable.  And I am not talking about our version of love, but that pure, unconditional love that we are created from.  That energy that allows us to look at a murderer or a terrorist and still feel love in our hearts for them.  Not their actions, but the creation of god that they are, that they have totally forgotten about.  

Now Happiness is that extraordinary moment when we get the call for the new job, or meet someone who sets our soul on fire, or our favorite chocolate is on sale!!  It (happiness) is not long lasting, but does add to our joy within!!

Then there are things that show up in our lives that are so unexpected and dare I even say, completely unpleasant to experience and move thru.  This is where so many people actually lower their vibration by pointing the finger of self blame at themselves.  Feeling things like "I must have done something wrong."  That is such a dis-empowering thought to ever have.  So, if that feeling lingers in your mind, cut the chord and free it forever.  Find a way to tap into your inner joy, and say... ohhh change is afoot, I am in a growth stage and can accelerate my Being even more now.  Let's see what I can do thru this unexpected event and where it will take me as I allow it to!!

Our job, our challenge is to find the gift and focus there.  All the wrapping (chaos) that once hid the gift will eventually fall away, the gift never will, if it is embraced.  Push it aside or be oblivious to it... it will reappear again, and again, and again until it is finally embraced.

We are all in an accelerated season of change.  The particles of light blowing into our earth realm are accelerated in every way.  If you think for a moment, you have experienced this already, recalibrate your thinking.  This is the next level of evolution for ALL Life.  

Destruction and creation are one in the same energy.  The more we hang on to a thought or self perception, the more energy we are attracting to ourselves to release it once and for all.

Patience is crucial for all of us.  That which springs from your heart of desires, KNOW it is coming.  Do not loose focus or loose heart.  If it is a job you are desiring, go into your current job every day as if it is your last day there, celebrate and be in joy.  Do not look at the clock or the calendar... it is irrelevant to what is arriving thru your heart desires.

Be mindful of what you are engaging in.  If there are conversations happening that remind you of pain you once experienced without fuller Self awareness being experienced, do not engage, it serves no higher good for yourself.  If you are in a conversation that creates anger... unless that anger is putting you into knowing how you are going to change whatever the topic is, leave the conversation.  It all creates a drag on your energy system.  

As more and more light comes down and shines spotlights everywhere, there are more and more puddles of old energy memories creeping up, being splashed in (via conversations,) we would highly advise to look for the puddles that are sparkling with love, hope and empowerment.  Building a new not rehashing a past that is gone and none existent, except for in the collective memories that keep those energies prominent in this world.  

There is so much more coming to earth, as a release of the old.  Not for anyone to get stuck in, but to assist others out of, and accelerate thru!!

Be The Light of the New, not the echo of the past that is falling away.

That is a statement so big my team wanted it at the beginning and end of todays sharing!!

Humongous ((((HUGZ)))) of joy-full Light and experience to and thru ALL!!

 Lisa Gawlas  

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