Ohhh the Rat Race I Am In, and the Greater Understandings thru it.


This has been a year of intense light infusion.  Release after release.  The releases all contain different attributes/target areas for assimilation.  All, working in conjunction with itself as well.  We might even be able to look at each release, very much like a time released capsule.  Each timed release affecting some part of the whole, and as we conclude the end of this year (2017,) the original capsule will have completed its distribution.

My intimate focus has always been on whats growing and changing in the expanding field of light, in the expanding field of YOU.  Of course, spirit has said thru this entire year, this energy is effecting ALL on earth.  Not just those we call light, but also those who keep themselves in the dark.  The universe is always unbiased, of course.  

I suppose this great and wise universe knew I needed something to allow me to see what is equally taking place in the realm we call... the dark.  Dark not being bad, but void of much light.  Their actions are usually self survival and even predatory.  

In an unbiased world, even the darkness is allowed to strengthen its, darkness and survival skills.

The home I am living in came fully equipped with such contrast to understand thru.  I knew we had mice shortly after setting my office up on the back porch.  I have no problem with anything living outdoors, even if that is on my porch.  But once you come into my home, we got problems. 

About a month or two after moving in, my daughter and a friend witnessed a snake chasing a mouse in the kitchen.  When my daughter went to see what was making noise in the kitchen, the snake and the mouse fled in different directions.  The snake was never seen again, at least, in the house.  What we assumed was a mouse.... became a frequent visitor inside.  I am a firm supporter of relocation.  I had mice try to set up home in my house in New Mexico, I caught them in live traps and relocated them, with an agreement, they are not to return to the inside of my house.  The treaty was honored for the rest of my stay in that house.

My plan was to do the same here.  So I got a multi catch, live mouse trap and put a huge glob of peanut butter on the inside area, and smaller globs on the far inside, entrance areas.  They ate the entrance peanut butter, but never the inside area, which would trap them in there.  Once I seen the mouse (which I now know are rats, not mice) they were much bigger than the opening of the live trap. Their presence stepped up in my house.  Especially in the attic, were they were tearing up the insulation and throwing it down thru the vents into the living area.  Not nice!!!  

I bought a bigger live trap.  One for rats and squirrels.  They were able to gobble up the heaping peanut butter, even licking the plate (which should have set off the trap door closing) clean and still escape.  OK, too small for the mouse trap, too light for the rat trap, I got out packing tape, secured pieces of chocolate and cheese on the inside plate, so they had to struggle to get their free food.  Well, they accomplished stealing the chocolate and cheese and never tripping the latch to close the door.  

Sneaky, intelligent little shits!!  And now, they are just getting bold!!  I have since moved my office inside and for a few weeks, sat in the kitchen writing my blogs.  With the secured bate not doing what could have been their relocation plan, I had to step up the game to at least, keep them out of my living space and out of my attic.  I purchased ultrasound devices.  One large one for the attic, three small pug in ones for the kitchen.  The ones in the kitchen did nothing, within days of the larger one being in the attic, the activity ceased up there and changed to the crawl space below.  I am ok with this, at least they cannot be throwing debris down into the house from there.  But the little ultrasonic devices in the kitchen did nothing to keep them out.

Another plan hatched!!  Thru much research and many recommendations, we are going to stink them out or at least, away from the kitchen, MY living space.  

I got a bottle of pure peppermint oil, mothballs, satchels designed to repel rodents consisting of peppermint, ceder and rosemary essential oils and steel-wool for the entry points into my kitchen.  I used it all, all at once.  I wasn't sure what smell they would dislike the most, so why take a chance... I must have had at least 1015 month balls in each port of entry and under my fridge, where I would see them scamper to.  

My house freakin stunk to the high heavens.  I had to invest in a air purifier to help tone done the stink of mothballs, which actually worked, not completely, but to the point of almost bearable.  Interestingly enough, my lungs were never adversely affected by the mothballs, my nose was, but not my ability to breathe!!

I felt so accomplished, for close to two weeks, not a rat in sight.  I could still hear them under the house, but I am ok with that.  I guess what I didn't realize what I was actually hearing, was them planning their plot to overcome the challenge I set for them.  I about shit when I realized one day, they were once again scampering around my kitchen, the moved the satchel packets, AND the steel wool out of the way.  They must have grown an immunity to the stink of the mothballs (wish I did.)  I replaced the steel-wool, made it pickier and they moved it too.  Well just... shit!!  

I am now a few hundred dollars into finding a way to coexist with these creatures who are not willing to strike up an amicable deal with me!!  I really do not want to kill them.  I finally sent out an SOS to my landlord, asking if he would go half with me for a pest control company.  He agreed, but said they will poison and trap them.  He already knows I didn't want them dead, just gone.  He agreed to go half on more ultrasound thingies like I have in the attic since it is working well up there.  

I found better ones on amazon that not only have surround sound speakers, but include pressure waves with the ultrasound waves.  OK!!  I ordered several of them and decided to put on on my kitchen floor.  I have a small kitchen and these baby's were designed for large open spaces like attics and garages.  Finally... not a peep.  Not even a scurry heard beneath the house.  ...for two weeks!!

I think I pissed off the beast!!!  Yesterday morning as I woke up and went to the bathroom, there was the granddaddy of rats, at least 8 inches long (not including the tail) standing a foot infront of my ultrasound thingie (which there are two now on the kitchen floor) looking me straight in the eyes.  Bite my freakin ass!!!  I don't know what they tore into in the attic, but now there are pieces of black plastic on the floor under each vent.  My kitchen has tore up napkin pieces everywhere and rat shit all the way thru to behind my couch in the living room.

Talk about entering the dark night of the soul!!  (A topic we just went over in the Nation's class on Saturday.)  Now I am just pissed, but equally, in awe as well.  The freakin determination of these creatures!!  They are not about deal making at all.  

I must have been so twisted with this new turn of rat events, I could not harness the first spiritual flow to write a blog.  Instead, I researched rat poison.  Even when it became reading time, I did not have one iota of connection to the field.  Dammit!!  

I was sitting on my cough, stewing in my own juices, pissed because I cannot see and have to reschedule, and more pissed because I now must use the last resort I did not want to resort to.  Kill the rats!!  (And before you even email me, a cat used to live here, there are many that live outside, and I still have rats!!! Many rats!!)

In my disconnected day yesterday, I suppose I was only disconnected from the expansion and understanding of Light, cuz I was able to see, hear and understand how equally what we call, the dark, is growing in strength and determination too.  Truthfully, they do not care how much light is shined their way, they will find a way to overcome any obstacle we throw at them.  

We can get oddly comfortable in outing someone or something, thinking that is enough to change their ways.  NOT EVEN CLOSE!!  They just device internal defense systems and overcome that blockade!!  

Their determination increases with ours.  Fighting fire with fire has never done anything but increase the fire.  I am a living example of that.  I have more rats running rampant inside my house than I ever did before setting all these barriers.  

We can simple just look at what the Trump administration is doing and even parallel it with my rats.  

I did a reading the other day that really hung in my heart.  Her origin was the true aboriginals of the US, what we now call Native Americans, only much more in harmony with all of life.  In this reading, she was being hammered on her head, and all I could think of was the whack a mole game at carnivals.  Then she turned into one of the original drums here on earth.  A drum that used a hollowed out tree, animal hide, and crushed up rocks as paint.  All of which, had to die to be transformed into this drum and mallet I seen hammering her over the head.

Death and transformation is a privilege given to us here on the earth realm.  Only, we primarily see it and experience it as awful, and to be avoided.  A tree would gladly give its life to create board for your home.  This was a lesson I learned way back in 2002 living on the mountain side in Vermont. Many tree's volunteered their life as a tree to become housing, if the healing center ever came to be.  (It never did.)  

For anything to reach its next state of incredible transformation, death must happen first.  You and I,we have died to the old so many times while in body, our lives changed, our way of being has changed and not for a moment was it easy.  Some things, many things, not willing to change, must experience physical death to transform into their greater creation.  

My rats are so in tune with their survival skills, they cannot get beyond it.  Most of our government systems are the same way as these rats.  They cannot see the light, even when they are standing, exposed within it.  Instead, they are already developing another plan.  Another, more determined way to remain in their life.  Often times, without even realizing it, we are feeding them in strength and determination by the very barriers we set up to repel them.

I gave up the lets live in harmony aspect yesterday.  I went to Walmart and bought me some Rid-X.  I realized once I got home this (being the only rat poison at Walmart) is the kind that dehydrates them.  I have a river in the back yard, they have easy access to a water source, if they so desired.  Oh well, lets see what happens.  I am at my rats end!! (smile)

I woke up this morning to a chorus of screaming rats behind my fridge.  They ate every morsel I put out yesterday.  But I inadvertently gave them a treat as well.  I accidentally left a donut on the counter, wrapped in paper towel from my daughters house.  They took the whole damn donut and left ripped up paper towel in their wake. 

As the morning wears on, there is less screaming rats and a lot of pounding in the walls.  I will keep these pellets well supplied until there is not a single rat left invading my house.

Dehydration.  When I take into the spiritual realm of analogy, it is removing all emotional food from their field.  They have nothing left to overcome, because its not longer an obstacle course, but a full removal of all energy that can sustain life.  

Old, tried and true ways, DO NOT WORK!!  It all simply strengthens their ability to become more devious in their survival skills.  You and I are gaining super powers, well... so is that which we call dark, or void of light.  The hazard of an unbiased universe!!  Or is that a blessing??  Because in their strength, we must devise new ways of removal.  Talking about it, is food for them.  Pointing fingers just allows more creativity to unfold thru the darkness.  

Pluck a weed from the garden and it will grow back, because its roots are strong and deep.  

We need to first, be familiar with the landscape we are working with.  Obviously, the methods used in New Mexico will not... DO NOT work here in Texas.  But then again, they are two very different energy systems as well.  One of compassion (New Mexico) and then this one... an emerging compassionate system still dictated and run by the old... for now.

Ohhh I just remembered something from yesterday morning that I need to share.  My remote control batteries died.  I didn't have them long enough for them to die already.  The clock on my living room wall was now running 15 minutes too slow.  I have changed the batteries in that clock, and even the clock it self, many times in the last few months.  Something shifted in the timelines.  Even my daughter could feel it, who also discovered she has a rodent of her own yesterday as well.  She lives with a cat and a dog and a rabbit.  

When a tsunami is about to hit, the first thing that happens is the ocean retreats from its shorelines.  Often times, spirit has said, we must move backwards before we can move forward.

Something HUGE is afoot.  In the retreat of the ocean, much is being exposed.  You and I, we are the proverbial Rat-X pellets.  The removal of all energy, ALL emotion (good or bad) thru a system that must die to transform.

How we do that, become that... are that... I do not know... yet.

On that note, my day of readings is about to begin (I pray!!)  

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with determination of transformation of the greater ALL in Light, Love and peaceful harmony!!

Lisa Gawlas

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