The Big Draw-In... the Tsunami of Life Underway.


Earlier in this month, thru the readings of course, spirit had said that the energies released thru the 11:11 started on Nov. 3rd and would culminate by Nov 18th.  What they never said was that as soon as it finished, we would all go into a proverbial tsunami.  I had assumed that on the 19th, seeing granddaddy rat the first thing in the morning, twisted me to the point of not being able to connect.  Nope, wasn't that at all.  He was just part of what we are calling, the beginning of the tsunami.  

Keep in mind, I am in no way trying to be accurate in how a tsunami actually works, but how the analogy is working with and thru us.

If we look at the ocean waves themselves, we can change that into the collectives of consciousness.  Each wave crashing the shore near obscuring any other collective but the one resonant by the observer/participant.  Because we allowed this game on earth to reach a really deep and dark game point, (again, dark simply being void of light... love/compassion and so on)  these waves are what has been on top hiding most of what is beneath the surface of life on earth, out of view.  

This year, 2017, a series of Light quakes have been happening, intense, life altering Light Quakes, shifting the sea (see) floor tremendously.  

OMG, I just got the rest of the story from a few months ago.  Remember spirit kept showing a "trap door" located in the center of the elliptical timeline "Oct thru Dec?"  We have officially entered that trap door on November 19th, the collapsing of the sea floor and the drawing in of Life's waters.  It is drawing into itself all the dark and mucky waters, which are much more abundant on earth that I gave a second thought to.  With its withdrawal, so much is being exposed, finally!!!

For the waters of light keeping the shores hydrated, our job is not to play in what is scattering, except if you have a plan to take whats scattering out of Life.  Otherwise, you feed it and believe it or not, give it options to overcome (see yesterdays rat post.)  Even the need to "warn others" is something unresolved within you, get out your dusting rag, and remove that smudge within, that magnetic field that keeps you holden to that vibration.  It is not long lasting on this earth.  

Dehydration/Starvation is the key to releasing any and all outside sources.  Allow the ocean of life to do what it has done since its inception.  With this analogy we are only talking about humans, not the areas in distress caused by humans.  

There is so much we can do to starve the system that is in play.  Take the militaries around the world, no longer fighting for freedom, but control of other people's stuff (mostly oil.)  Freedom has become such a tainted illusion anywayz.  This, is the start of true harmoneous freedom.  

We can never take back our full power for as long as we play in theirs.  We can look at the many corporations who have changed their ways because people stopped going there.  

Focusing on the plan of change.  Hell, it is what each and everyone of us had to do, within, to get to this amazing light stream we are living in.  There was no room for blame, but self responsibility for choosing to take on whatever energy... valid or not.  Now let's clarify the "or not" part of validity.  Often times, we take something in completely misconstrued, emotionally, by the experience itself.  Especially (but not always) in childhood that is still controlling our participation in life.

With this tsunami we are ALL currently in, much is being exposed in our emotional bodies to clear once and for all.  With that, my team is asking me to bring back one of my original reading styles, that targeted the emotional body and its affect on physical life.  Give me a day to get the details worked out and embedded on my calendar and detailed on my website.  

We are ALL in an accelerating energy/emotional body that cannot and will not support the weight of the past.  This is as true for all of life as it is for each one of us.  

Spirit had said many times this year, especially as we were heading into the Oct thru Dec energy system, there will be no mercy.  Change or be changed.  

Take my rats for example, every obstacle for partnership was placed in front of them, they choose their old ways of Being.  Their end game is now underway.  It may, at first glance, appear merciless (hence spirits statement of no mercy) but it is truly merciful for all involved.  The rats stuck so solidly in their old rat ways, and my ongoing, futile attempts to create partnership and coexist.  It becomes wasted energy.  The universe is not about waste in any way.

I do not know how long this tsunami will last, or at the very least, prevent me from seeing anything on the field.  At least yesterday I wasn't fully disconnected, I did receive what I will call, generic (not related to anyone one personally like in a reading) information thru the conversations, hence this whole tsunami understanding.  

It also may be affecting you/us physically in many ways.  I now understand my ass and leg pain more, especially on the left side these last few days.  And odd, intense cramping in my diaphragm and feet areas.  The ocean is retreating into all of us.  

Even our children are being affected in some way.  My grandson yesterday started to have a 103.3 fever.  I had to go to daycare and pick him up.  His fever completely broke while he was at my house (5 hours) and instantly returned the moment his mom walked thru the door and remained thru the night.  I just got a text from her, he started phase two this morning, projectile vomiting and diarrhea.  Our babies are really astute and burning off/removing what we (immediate family) do not need, they take up the task for parents when the parents more often than we may realize.  It is something they choose out of love, out of honor, out of knowing how to access what needs changed, and change it at their DNA level.  You and I are doing it for the whole planet.  Mutation at its finest!! (smile)

Well I am going to end here and work on my new readings and packages.  

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