The End Births the New in a World of Thanks Giving.

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Today, in the USA, is Thanksgiving Day.  A day set aside for family, friends and sometimes, even strangers, to get together, and rejoice in the bounty of each other.  To reflect on what makes us stronger, together, to set aside any troubles that we may have had, and strengthen what is good.

It really shouldn't be about what we have in our lives, but who.  Who is pushing us, who is supporting us, who catches us when we fall.  Who celebrates with us as we overcome something, or discover something within ourselves, or even in others.  

For the last 18 years, you, every you that has come and gone, that remain, that will come in the future, is ever more at my celebration table of thanks giving, daily, hourly and thru every moment.  Thank you, each and every one of you, for Being my rock of change.  

It is no wonder that it is we, the ones who diligently seek a higher light within ourselves, that set off this tsunami of change that all the world is experiencing at this moment.  We so often give the credit to something outside of ourselves, for creating planetary change.  The incoming light, the sun, the earth shifts, but at the end of every day, it is really us.  

If we sat down at a thanksgiving meal with a heaping plate of food set in front of us, we have the choice to eat it or not.  To take in the bounty of nourishment, the love that it was set in front of you with, to consume and digest... or not.  The same with all the energies that ever filled this planet.  We have always had and continue to have the choice to take in or push away.  There are many out there in the world who have their eyes and hearts closed so tight, they cannot even smell the aroma of loving change bouncing off their senses.  Equally, many others who feel so starved of their own light, seek to take yours, to take ours.  

I remember the first of a three dream series I had in 2002, while I was on the mountain side in Vermont getting to know earth in a new and true way.  The dream experience was of baby Bush in my house, in my kitchen, going thru my fridge and taking the food out to make himself a sandwich.  In this dream I heard someone downstairs and slowly came down the stairs to see him eating my food.  I was so pissed off!  The moment I invoke anger for him not even asking, his body guards surrounded me and removed me from my own house!!  

What I didn't realize then, from this dream, that i see so clearly now, with his presence in my house, it was dark, there were no lights turned on and I could only see him by the presence of my nightlights.  Once I was shoved outside, the world was so bright, oddly bright, illuminated, which allowed me to use the anger I was feeling from the invasion to see and use the world around me in a different way.

With this ongoing tsunami wave, exposing so much of the old, ongoing, invasion energies, and god knows, they are plentiful, choose what you are going to consume and how.  What is being exposed do not care as much as we may think they do, and serves to bring us into their fold, not them into ours.

Which brings me to the rats that were living here before I was.  Of course, I thought they were mice, which releases a friendlier energy tone (in me) than rats.  I fought a very futile fight.  They strengthened their determination and ability with every known obstacle I placed in front of them, for harmony.  Without even realizing it, I was feeding them and they were taking away my own energy, to include, money!!!

Their combined strength seemed to hit a high point this past week, which culminated yesterday morning when I realized they ate a whole thru the ceiling.


I then realized they threw tore up plastic and insulation down from the vent in the ceiling in my bedroom onto my bed.  I did deep cleaning in the house (again) to discover they are eating my grandsons plastic toys.  My grandson who still puts so much in his mouth and just came out of a two day illness after sleeping at my house.  I am done.  I cannot wait a week for this Rat X poison to do its job.  I took pictures of everything and sent them to my landlord, who called me immediately after seeing my grandsons eaten plastic egg.  

One of the hardest things for me to do, is release responsibility and hand it over to someone else.  Well these rats found that place in me, I handed it over to my landlord.  I have invested hundreds of dollars and now, its on him.  I called the company that does our pest control, they very successfully got rid of the tons of fire ants at my place and my daughters place.  If they do rodent control, I trust them to get it done.  They do, for the tune of $455 for a months service.  This includes trapping and removing as well as sealing off any and all entry points.  I think they heard the tears of desperation in my voice as I begged them to come sooner than Monday, and they did.  By evening, the man was here and set 10 traps (which all he had on his truck) in the attic.  He wasn't gone 5 minutes when the first trap went off, then the second minutes later, the third and fourth trap went off.  The thumping in the ceiling and hearing the rats cry like dog whimpers was more than my heart could take, I went to visit my daughter.  

The moral of the story here, sometimes, the very best thing we can do, is let go and allow the professionals who know how to deal with invasions, do their job.

Often times we feel so responsible, once we know there is a problem, it is our job to take care of it.  No, it is not!!!  It will take more energy and more life force from you than you may realize.  WE are here to build the new.  There are those who are well equipped to bring down the now very visible system of pests!!  If we keep it in our own hands, we really are prolonging the death of the old and diverts our energy to what we could and should be doing!!

Since I got back from Scotland, I have been trying to get a loan to pay off these little (but many) bills I have created for myself.  Denial after denial.  Which I really did not understand, since I had a loan with them last year and paid it off early.  I think this rat invasion brought me to the shore line of my new... I could feel in me.  I called teh company after yet another denial only to find out, it was my damn address that kept the denial going.  I live in a place that gets no mail delivery, so the post office does not have my address as verifiable.  Talk about living a life that is not readily seen by anything outside of ourselves!!  I had to use my mothers old address to get an approval and the approval was twice as much as I anticipated (or that I was approved for last year.)  

The moral of this story, I had to let go of all I felt responsible for, give it to someone else and put my energy back into a place that fills me with so much gratitude (my mom) and the light of day is brighter than I had hoped for.  This year will not end stressed out, but with growing ideas for future expansion and the ability to expand!!  

As the rats slowly return to the Light, let's take a moment to celebrate and lean into their message as a totem.  Taken from my favorite animal totem site:  Star Stuffs


Rats are social animals that are highly adaptable and expert survivalists. They drive for success maybe too hard or not hard enough, if restless with others it helps to become more adaptable to them and the situations. Rat medicine will teach how to be resourceful in the midst of environmental and emotional changes. He will give strength and trust in the process of current changes and lend security in overcoming worldly ideals. Have you accumulated too much mental and emotional baggage? Rat will aid in examining what is not needed any longer and allow truth to come forth in the midst of worldly illusions. Is it time to let go of thoughts, ideals, perceptions or people and places? Rat medicine will instill self assurance and transform fear into abundance. There is much wisdom in how Rat moves, watch and listen.

I give tremendous thanx to the Rats, to my landlord and to The Bug Master for restoring my sanity and direction of Life without delay!!

I thank each and every one of you for allowing me a place to share, to understand, and to find excitement thru the chaos.  May the blessings of this tsunami wave nurture and nourish everyone one in new, hydrating ways of new light and new expansions in your life!!

I love you!!!  ((((HUGZ)))) of eternal thanks giving!!

Lisa Gawlas  

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