Finding Balance in Sudden Turbulence Arrivals.


Man oh man, I better be careful what I write about, or at least, make it all love stories!! Within hours of publishing my blog yesterday, I hit a major pocket of turbulence with the pest company I hired to help with the rats, brought on by discovering 6 places of rat droppings between my kitchen and living room as daylight flooded my home.  This is more droppings in one night than I ever had before and the traps have been set twice and have gone off, twice.  The whole freakin rat tribe must be living here.  So imagine my surprise when the man came to remove the dead rats only found two up in the attic.  I heard at least 5 of the traps go off, but these rats are getting wise.  I have already seen them overcome all the other obstacles I placed in their path, so why not snap traps too!!

When I initially talked to the pest company about my desperation and their ability to stop the rats in my home, the man talked about sealing entry ways and setting the snap traps and removing the dead ones for a month.  I about choked when the service for a month was $454 and gave that responsibility back to my landlord, which he accepted

When my man came to do the rats yesterday and he started talking about sealing off the entry points as a side business and I explained to him that the guy is coming to seal off the entry points, he was not so sure I was correct.  I called the company after he left to get the man here to seal off the entry points.  I had a major explosion (on the phone, in the mans ear) when he started quoting me an additional $50 - $100 extra PER entry point.  . Ohhh no no no no, this is not what I agreed to.  As the tears backed up in my eyes, I hung up the phone in his ear, to save us both from the Leo wrath that lives inside of me when I feel screwed over!!  

I paced and pondered for a good 5 minutes, equally allowing myself to calm down and find a new approach.   

Anger and fear are bedfellows. That built in device that says something is very wrong here and immediate action is needed.  Both were boiling out of me.  Not to mention, I was so twisted in this state, my ability to work, to do readings, non existent.  All I could feel were the knots of anger in my mind, the fear of cohabitation any longer with these rats, both of which were stomping around loudly in my head!!  I had no choice but to reschedule two of my ladies.  

The only resolution I could think of was calling the company and demanding a refund, which lead me to a manager, of course.  I explained to him that I would NEVER give someone a whopping $450 just to trap the rats for a month, hell I could do that myself.  I don't want to, but can.  Sealing the entry points was what closed the deal.  Not to mention, originally I was quoted 6-9 times a rep would come out to remove the dead rats and reset the traps, once I got my contract, it was only 5.  I had them out 3 times in 5 days, removing 9 rats already, there is still 25 days left in the month!!!  

We went back and forth, I hung up in his ear as I threatened to call the better business borough and demanded my money back and to cancel the pest contract I have on my daughters house too.  I will find a company I can trust.

When he immediately called me back, I let it go to voice mail.  I was now speaking thru nothing but anger, nothing good can ever come with that.  I had to bring myself back down to center before I approached this company one final time.  

When I called the manager back, I didn't even give him a chance to speak.  I worked out a solution.  I paid $454 for a month of service, I am 5 days into the service, I divided the time into the dollar amount and decided he can keep $75 for the time I had service, refund the balance to me and cancel the pest contract that I have on my daughters house.  He came back with a solution of his own.

I suppose while I was finding my way out of the boiling point he contacted the guy who was just here to remove the dead rats, was more informed about the layout of my home and agreed to seal off the entry points in the attic, continue with the rat removal and trap setting, throw in 4 bait stations of outside, since i have a crawl space, there is no way of sealing off the area around the house and give me free pest control along with it.  But there are things my landlord must do too, like trimming back the trees that overhang on my roof, which allows the rats easy access to their comfy home.  

I could feel the breath of life returning to my system.  This works for me.  The airplane I was flying came out of the pocket of turbulence to find steady air space and relief.  

I was actually able to do my last reading of the day.  All systems restored!!  Yay!!

But my day was not over, I was flying directly into the path of the unknown in another hour.  I have my first lung specialist appointment as an uninsured person.  I am not nervous at all about what he may or may not find, just how much it is going to cost me and can I afford it.  Not to mention, I am not ready to defend myself with smoking cigarettes to yet another health care professional.  That said, I went in there armed with my justifications.  None of which were needed, he didn't even talk about that, not even once.  Instead, his true concern was the need for a CT scan and my not having insurance.  Especially after we went over the family history of lung cancer, mom, dad, maternal aunt, maternal sister all diagnosed in the last 3 years, 3 out of 4 dead now.  (My sister has half of one lung and a third of the other left to use.)

I could feel his compassion, his genuine concern for well being and the tests I have to have so he has a clear view of what is happening inside of me.  His staff was equally compassionate and went out of their way to find areas to assist my financial flow with coupons for the meds and several places to call for price quotes on CT scans.  They scheduled me for a pulmonary function test and a 6 minute walk test on the 13th of Dec, and a follow up on the 26th of dec to go over all the test results.  I had to just find someplace to schedule a CT scan and pray for its affordability.   

The moment I got home I started calling the numbers the lady wrote on the paper.  I almost cried when I got quoted $247 if I pay the CT scan in full the day of the visit.  OMG, yes!!  I just had several new reading sales come in that will cover it all (thank you sooo much!!)  I was really anticipating a $1000 or more for this test...  all in all, the total investment (with all the testing, CT scan and the two office visits; $467, divided up over 4 payments (visits)!!  My Christmas present to mySelf from the universal flow!!!  I am so grateful and relieved.  I go for my CT scan today at 2:20 pm!!  

Sitting there in his very small waiting room filled with many waiting patients, my only thought turned towards my mother.  The one and only time I brought her to see a lung specialist, August 15th (my birthday) 2016, would be the last day she and I ever spent out in the world again, together.  Her lung doctor insisted she go straight to the hospital (her heart rate was 146 BPM) and that was the last time she ever got out of bed, 6 weeks later, she was dead.  That memory hung in my heart thru this appointment and created intense diligence within me to get all these tests done, no matter the cost.  

When got home and looked at the instructional paperwork (for the upcoming appointments) I was given when I left the office, my jaw dropped.  Hand written at the top of the instruction paper was my mothers name JULIE.  Thank you mom!!

So, a day that started out in a massive pocket of turbulence ended with bluer skies and higher light than I had even hoped for in all areas of the day.  

May this be the case for ALL as we change the storm clouds into sunshine and water our gardens with love and hope!!

I love and cherish each and everyone one of you so much.  Thank you for always having my back and my front!!  

Enormous bear (((HUGZ)))) of gratitude and bright sunshine to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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