A New Puzzle Emerges!!


I decided to take a bath yesterday instead of put out a sharing.  I want some news I can use in relationship to my own path.  Let me tell you, spirit can be as cryptic with me and my journey as they are with you.  Kinda pisses me off, not that they care about that!! lol  Again, they give us just enough information to be aware, but not enough to change it.  And sometimes, its so cryptic that we aren't even sure what to be aware of!!  That's why I dub myself a puzzle master in training.  For as long as I am in body, I will remain in training!!  lol

As the readings are all showing up (and even the non readings) we are all in massive preparation for the energy field I call, 2018.  2017 not only concludes a year, but all of earths history as we know it.  This is a constant declaration, tho I cannot conceive how that even works out in our minds or our lives.  

One thing that remains a constant when I sit down to talk with AA Michael, in relationship to my own personal journey, is his constant statement (or is that a declaration) of "Return Home."  I connect with spirit enough to feel when they are talking literally, but hey, I can put my foot out in the river of DeNile too.  But when I ask clarity questions like "do you mean be released from this body and return behind the veil to spirit" and I get a yes... I must slowly pull my foot up out of the river... and ponder.  I am ok with that.  I would, however, really like an estimated timeline so my kids can become ok with that too.  

All that said, and before I get into the release of information from yesterday swim in the deep end of my tub, I want to mention that something sprung into me from the Tom Kenyon's Hathor channel I shared the other day.  I am not fully sure what it is, in words anywayz...  

So, entering my meditation, I don't care about the floods or gases right now, but my own Return Home.  I want a timeline dammit!!  What I got surprised me... I mean the whole meditation surprised me!!

The first thing I got was one of my (spiritual) team members reaching down to me and pulling me up to their placement.  Then that faded away and I seen the energy of 2018, which, in the field of readings still is about 30 feet above the ground I read from and is still a high vibrational energy line that extends above us.

What they showed me was in the 2018 timeline and I did my best to humbly replicate what I had seen.  


"Time" is noted by the distance in the field.  Since a few people's readings have entered the energy of 2018 thru the 1st quarter into the second and now one, to the mid year mark, I can tell where some timelines are being revealed.  The distance is the marker.  In this visual, it would be somewhere about where the March equinox is, crossing over into the second quarter.

There was a massive amount of energy lines moving upwards to create a huge spike on the field, but very few of those energy lines returning down to the other side.  

Of course, you ask spirit one concise question, they give you something that creates 50 other questions!!  Instead of addressing my questions in the way I wanted, mostly the "what the hell does that mean" energy, they did something that has never been done before.  I had three people on my dance card yesterday and one by one, in the very order they were on my schedule, they were placed in my meditation directly after this spike thing in relationship to my own query.  I was even told, I am to reschedule all of these people once again today.  Spirit has zero mercy on my calendar at all!!  lol

My first lady appeared in complete darkness.  I could make out the form of a Christmas tree and all of these plugs that were at her core, quickly being removed.  

My second lady, in complete contrast to my first, her Christmas tree was so bright I could not see thru the illumination of all the individual lights.  I did see her, leaning into the tree on a ladder, placing a star on top.  

My third one, a man who is now a semi virgin on my field (smile, we did half of his first ever reading and been rescheduling the last 15 minutes since that first connection) was all about using the biceps and triceps in his arms, strength training to assist the many that will seek his strength out.  

I find something very interesting about these tree in particular.  They were all on my schedule the other day, the one I talked about in my last blog.  My unplugging christmas tree lady was one of the ones I got nothing on.  My decked out christmas tree lady was the one that came with such amazing excitement, and my man, all I could feel was energy radiating in my own arms, my own biceps and triceps on that day.   

I left my meditation more confused than ever!!  At least I can pick all of their light fields and hopefully gain more information.  I did, sort of. 

The use of the christmas tree is a timeline, not a dateline.  (Who knew there was a difference lol.)  The solstice energy runs from Dec 18th thru the 24th (three days coming, three days going and the day of,) which brings us to the end of all ends, the beginning of all beginnings on the 25th thru the 1st.  

New collectives forming then deciding where and how they will construct their fields in the 2018 energy zones.  

I can fully relate to my first lady, plugs not only unplugging, but being swiftly removed!  There is no..... hey, leave that there!!!  It seems to happen so fast that we can, at times, feel dumbfounded.  The old familiar life force that so diligently got us to "here" is now retreating so new adventures, new lights can enter.

Let's now look at my second lady on the field.  Her lights were glowing so bright that it brought the ornaments on the tree to the background and I could not tap into the ornaments for the glow of each Christmas light.  On her tree of life, spirit said this was purposeful (dammit) and a major reason they wanted everyone rescheduled yesterday.  The ornaments hold the details and it is not time for the details at all, not yet.  It is the light of the new that matters.  Even her placing the 5 pointed white/silver star on her tree, was in relationship to the story line of the star of Bethlehem... to be a light to the light.  To the Christ within each and every one of us.

Then comes my man, Mr muscles (smile.) I forgot he was the man I talked about a while back in relationship to the rocks covered in moss.  There is so much strength in rocks, a power so subtle we can often miss it in its entirety.  That is, until it is called forth.  When he reminded me of the rocks in his last reading, I was instantly looking at the picture and dateline in my gallery of the Scotland rocks and the Arkansas crystals with the dateline January 18th, 2038, with the prompting to send him a Scotland rock and some crystals, which of course, I will.

I am going to close on this confusing drop of information lol.  I suddenly turned my head away from the computer to look out my window.  The sky is a beautiful pink/lavender and blue. Instantly I head back "that's spatial light."  What the hell is spatial light??  I went to google, the only thing I could find was "A spatial light modulator (SLM) is an object that imposes some form of spatially varying modulation on a beam of light. A simple example is an overhead projector transparency. Usually when the phrase SLM is used, it means that the transparency can be controlled by a computer."

Still scratching my head, I looked for images.  

spatial light.jpg

Looks like my humble artwork.  Since I am not familiar with this at all, I do not know how to take it from a literal device to a spiritual expression.  Do you??  If so, I would love to hear your ideas either on my facebook or email, please!!

Ohhh the bizarre puzzle pieces being dropped!!  lol

Have an amazing day my friends.  I love and cherish you so much!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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