The Spatial Light of 2018

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First, let thank everyone who gave insight to my query yesterday about what is spatial light.  I got a lot of information on what a spatial light modulator is.  Even when I googled "what is the purpose of spatial light, the only things it produced were about the modulators and how they work, but the outcome, the light itself.  Thank god for readings!!  But equally, this one PDF file I found thru google, helped a lot as well.

It took in things that we have been seeing, incoming thru the readings, and really put them in a new perspective.  This PDF talks about using electrical currents, liquid crystals, optics, taking incoherence and making it coherent.  There are a few images in the PDF content that even show some of the new "periodic solids" coming into play as well. (Page 7 especially)

When I looked at the sky yesterday, spirit was focused on the light, not how it got to be there. Unless we are truly tuned into the modulation taking place, we completely miss its information system.  I go back to my lady and her pendulum non reading, if I was so tuned into her field, just try and understand what I was seeing, as spirit said, I would never have heard the tones coming from each swing of the pendulum.

 We can look at all the readings, doing just that.  Producing a modulated light field, important to the person being read.  The variance of "light" being seen depends on the clarity of the one looking.  The filtered ego will always see thru the filters.  I had a reading last year at an event in Austin, the lady was 100% correct, but everything she talked about, already happened.  She could not see beyond that light scape and to her, it all felt, incoming.  Has not happened yet.  

This is how there are so many stories, so many ideas out there in life, of life itself.  No one is "wrong" they are just seeing and experiencing thru their filters.  Once they release even just one filter, the field of light changes, enhances, reveals more than they ever thought they could experience or know.

This IS the journey we are ALL on.  Have been on for hundreds, and some, thousands of incarnations here in this land of love we call earth.  

I am starting to fully understand why there are more black out days than lit up reading days this month.  The incoming light is rarefied, directive and dare say, intense.  

My first man, a virgin upon the field, gave us such an amazing view of what spirit meant when he said "that's spatial light," in reference to the pinks and lavenders streaming across the morning sky.  (I was going to take a picture of the sky, but my team said no, the camera lens distorts the colors to its frequency, not the one I am looking a, seeing, ingesting.  Equally, once shared, it will be viewed according to the resolution of the computer and the eyes viewing it.  It changes by each viewer, until we one day, we see what is really being relieved, together, as one. ) 

My man showed up on the field sitting cross legged on the ground.  His legs were so bizarre looking.  His thighs and knees were where they should be, but his calves were elongated, wavy even and stretched out so that both feet were behind his body.  

Calves in my world of massage, represents the foundation (the belief systems) we build our lives upon.  The closer to the ankle energy shows up, that represents baby and child hood.  What our parents and those around us thought us to believe about life.  The closer we get to the knee, it goes to our foundation beliefs in present time.  His calves were showing the long, winding road of releasing belief after belief and reestablishing his life within each wave, removing and rebuilding thru his entire life.  His feet had converse sneakers on in what looked like overlapping palates of red.  His team explained it was the many versions of life he moved to as he rebuilt his sense of self and the world he lived in thru this particular lifetime.

All of which, was now completely behind him.

Once we understood all that, the next element to his reading came in.  Keeping in mind, 2018 is still 30 feet above the ground I read from, but becoming more prevalent thru the readings each day.  Suddenly I seen my precious man starting to be engulfed by what I can only call a tornado, intense energy coming down from the 1st or 2nd week in February and thru my modulator (smile) making sure he does not miss the mark of what he is being not only called to do, but what he came here and sifted thru so much in life, TO DO.  

Thru the opening visual, I was not seeing anything but the intensity of the energy coming down, so I had to ask him, if he knew what it was pulling him towards.  He did, but wasn't sure he should invest so much money into something so risky.  DO IT!  His team, over and over again, asked him to change his sneakers out from Converse to Nike's using Nike's slogan... Just Do It!!

My second lady was on stilts that connected the ground we are on to the energy system of (the first quarter) of 2018.  Just was about mid level on her stilts, using the foot rests to explore the energies of what she is going to do next.  She went a few feet, down a few feet over and over again.  Deciding.  When spirit talks about the hidden choices we are ALL making, this is exactly what they are talking about.  I could not see them, on purpose of course (hence the term, hidden lol.)  Tho, for her, a series of people will enter her life in January to help unlock the choices she does not even realize she is making.

The true spatial light is a removal of all teh distractions, all the filters and stories and everything else.  Spirit has said many times this year, it not only ends 2017, but all of earths history.  

In order for earth to fulfill her destiny, enter the golden years of blissful retirement, then she needs us to fulfill ours too.  She is as dependent on us as we are on her.  A true, genuine interdependence.  Unlike the earth tho, we are not entering retirement at all, quite the opposite really.  For those releasing their filters, their back stories, their fears and their perceptions of themselves and what they can and cannot do... a lot is going to be asked (excuse me, demanded) of you, of us.

I cannot help but remember back in 2002-03 being on the mountainside in Vermont.  I would wake up every morning before sunrise (still do to this day lol) and do a sunrise meditation outside.  The moment the light of day broke over the horizon, I was on a journey with the light and would often times be in that state, eyes open, but in a whole other holographic universe, until the sun was almost mid sky.  Hours!!  Everything that started out as Lisa, died on that mountainside and became... something else, something more.  This of course, was my choice.  Whatever is happening next year, is by spirits choice, which of course, includes that which we know as Gaia.  

Fear not the valley of death, with it, brings new Light!!

On that note, I am going to tip toe away and prepare for my day!! 

Big big big ((((HUGZ))) of pure Light and Pure Knowing in that Light to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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