The Intensity of 2018 and More.

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There are times that I am just so surprised with myself, I can almost fall off my own feet.  Yesterday, thru a beautiful soul in reading, a doozy was given to me, that just dropped my jaw from the fact not once, did I ever put the connection together.  That is, until she mentioned it and I just stopped in my tracks, trying to steady my feet and pick up my jaw from my own surprised shock at myself.

A few days ago, I not only referenced Tom Keyon's new channeling entitled: Spatial Cognizance, I took paragraphs out to share.  Then referenced it again the next day.

How did I not, for a single second, connect spirits words of spatial light in the morning sunrise to the very name of his channeling... spatial cognizance???  I was dumbfounded with myself!!  Still am really!!  lol  

So I am going to harvest a few more paragraphs from Tom's channeling before I share the stunning revelations from the readings yesterday:

"In other words, your reality, as well as ours, is fundamentally a temporary illusion brought about through holographic projections of light, transitory in nature, insubstantial and magical in nature.

...You also possess this innate ground of consciousness, but it is obscured by your embodiment in time and space. Your nervous system is hard-wired into your five senses. This is a biological imperative and necessity for your physical survival, but the ground of your consciousness transcends all sensory phenomena.

At the moment of your biological death you are faced with infinity, specifically the infinite nature of your own spacious awareness.

...When you make contact with your own spacious awareness, i.e., Spatial Cognizance, you are able to deal with difficult situations more effectively. This is because you do not identify yourself as being solely bound by any situation. Rather you reside in an expanded state of Mind in which you do not feel the pressure of sensory experience as you normally do.

As you progress into greater mastery of Spatial Cognizance, you understand that the situations you face are not how they appear. They are not as solid, or unmovable, as you perceive them to be. They are temporary standing wave patterns of holographic light. And you see the magical nature of all phenomena, whether they are deemed to be “good” or “bad.”

Who knows, maybe I needed to dive deeper in the spatial light, modulations, energy, and circle back to what was so missed, that is now so freakin obvious!!  I have always stated, I am a bit slow on the uptake lol.

I made two sentences bold above, because they so relate to the information coming thru the readings yesterday.  My first reading, I did not understand the planetary implications until after we were done and I was pondering before my second one arrived.  

Her image was part human and mostly snowman/lady.  I could see this radiant sun beaming down on her field from above the 2018 energy field.  It was an intense sun and she was melting right there in front of me.  Melting back into the ground, the ground that is 2017.  

What we are not willing to let go of, remove from our energy fields, the sun itself will do for us.  In my in between moment, it is when the information came thru that "this" is what causes the floodings next year.  It suddenly made so much sense.  If we are hanging onto anything as a solid part of our existence, the sun will melt it away.  The more people hanging on, suddenly the waters of earth rise, spill over to remove the remaining obstacles from the path of Living, Being, Occupying heaven on earth.  

I barely came to terms with what I understood with her imagery and this precious man showed up on the field, confusing me.  I am easily confused these days!!  lol

His entire imagery was jogged towards the right (emaitional/spiritual field.)  He had a long long ladder that was placed from the ground up and into the very end of 2018, which to my view, remained so dark I could not see a single detail (and trust me, I tried every trick I knew.)  

On this ladder he had many helpers, ET's that referred to themselves over and over, as his minions.  I have to giggle at the definition of minion:  Define minion: a servile dependent, follower, or underling; one highly favored

Altho my peering eyes were completely blocked from the outcome of 2018, right now, according to the emotional trajectory of this planet, it is not going to be a pretty ending.  His team even used to words, very upside down and more devastating than it needs to be.

So he and his minions are taking some of the outcomes at the end of the year and placing the energy of them in the 1st quarter of the year, as his team kept calling these energy things below the surface, placing landmines.  This is so, when someone is heading towards a major choice point that would be more devastating either to themselves or to others, the energy would explode upwards in that moment, to reveal the outcome and give yet another, final choice to put that into play, or not.

He and his minions are doing this not only for the likes of us, but also and dare I lean into the word, especially, the "powers that be."

As we talked about this, his team expressed quite directly that not even spirit or the many ET's assisting, can prevent what free will puts into play.  But they can work overtime to help redirect the energy's.

Sadly, I am going to leave us there for today and finish up tomorrow.  I have a lung specialist appointment this morning and if I do not shower first, he send me back home!! 

I have a pulmonary function test and a 6 minute walk test today and I had to stop taking my inhalers yesterday in preparation.  It is amazing how quickly the ability to breathe degrades without the inhalers.  But this is insight for another day, I gotta go de-stink right now lol.

Step into your Spatial Cognizance, Master it and become the living energy of Spatial Light.  

Super tight ((((HUGZ)))) of Pure Light and Illumination thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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