The Solstice of Choice Begins

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Finally, I have enough time to write a blog again.  I have been having the hardest time peeling myself out of bed the last few days.  Today we enter the season of the Solstice.  Spirit has been saying it is 3 days entering and three days leaving and of course, the day of.  So this "season" takes us to Christmas eve.  

Once again, as I came out of my sleep state, thanx to my alarm clock, I knew I was switching from a dream experience to my mundane reality.  For the third time in the last few years, this dream experience was visually 2 feet above my sleeping body and the feeling was having to close that experience/realm up and enter the body.  And dammit if the details of what I was doing, vanished with the energy space too.  Except I know I was in the midst of making a major decision, but was not presented like that really.  More like a choice of lighting a fuse that leads to fire or an explosion or both or pouring water into a canal or stream that lead to ice or snow.  Thru the dream experience I got to experience each outcome, which is the very part I cannot recall since I would have chosen if my alarm clock didn't go off.

I do remember that the fuse that was being lit was on the left side of my vision and the water the right side.  Physical life on the left, spiritual life on the right.  Come to think of it, both were started/happening at the same exact time.  

Altho I have no idea what the outcome of either event means to any of us on this crazy earth plane, myself included, I do know. we are all in choice as to which stream of energy we shall experience entering 2018.  Fire or Ice!!  lol  Where is that sunny island surrounded by ocean breezes and 70 degree temps??  That's what I would like!!  lol

I have feeling that maybe there is some understanding to this indecision I (and others) are in as I reflect on the readings this last week or so.  Some are in the stream of fluid water, already building ice castles for their adventures in 2018 (without any real details able to see seen) and others are in massive change, explosive change and I cannot see even their present moment.

I know I personally wobble back and forth with my own indecision.  I have some new options pressing down on my head to employ in 2018, but, have not set them free yet, on purpose.  At the end of the day, I am not sure I want to do that... and when I say "I" I do mean the human.

There was one reading (maybe more lol) where my ladys team kept saying there are "hidden choices" that have not been decided yet.  All I could think about was the deep unconscious mind still working out the details.  This morning I realize it as actually the hidden choices of the soul itself.  

The soul is the one on the evolutionary journey.  Not the body, not the ego.  Both (body and ego) will cease to be upon death.  It is the soul that takes every experience back to spirit and expands or starts the redo process in the next incarnation.  

The choices of the soul often times, must remain hidden because of some of the experiences it must have to grow.  Experiences you and I would opt out of, like being in hurricanes, floods, fires.... individually and/or collectively.  That said, how any of it plays out is totally contingent on what the human allows for.

The only thing I am sure of, right now (cuz I hear it lol) is we have all entered the point of no return.  The solstice is highly magnetized and is pulling and each every one of us forward into choice, into initial outcome that begins the 2018 era.  

I must chuckle as I think of the movie, The Green Mile.  We are all walking that green mile into Christ Mass day!!!

Of course, the sun is playing its part too:  GEOMAGNETIC UNREST: A stream of solar wind is blowing around Earth faster than 600 km/s. This is causing intermittent G1-class geomagnetic storms and Arctic auroras. NOAA forecasters say there is a 55% chance of G1-storms through Dec. 19th as Earth continues its passage through the stream of solar wind. The gaseous material is emerging from a hole in the sun's atmosphere.  (From this morning)

Before I sign off, I remembered something that came up as one of my facebook memories from 2013.  It came up the very day I put the image of the carousal with horses leaping off.  The image I used then seems like the start of the conclusion we are in now.  I will give you the caption I used in 2013 with both images:

Sometimes, the choice is to take neither path set before you, but to create a brand new one that only the soul can see.

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Four in my simple numerology is a cycle of completion on earth.  4 years to choose which way we are going.

May we all enter the longest night of the year, with clarity of heart!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of clear inspirations (in-spirit-actions) to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Lisa Gawlas

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