The Full Moon and a Peak Into 2018


Holy heavens, if this last full moon isn't giving us everything it has, energetically!  The first reading of the day on the last day of November, stays etched in my field of vision, at least, the first part of the reading.  

The ground was exploding beneath my lady's feet.  It was a series of ongoing explosions.  Each time the earth spewed its dirt upwards, her body went with the explosion, higher and higher, never getting marred, but truly going with the energy.  I placed my vision way down under the earth, an easy, 30 feet down, to see what was causing these explosions.  I could see what looked like three large clear plastic (looking) tubes connecting in a T formation directly below her.  Each of these pipes had a black substance running thru them, looking very much like oil, but wasn't oil at all.  Instead, her team explained it was three energies of the earth, moving towards that connecting point (her) blending together to become one new energy.  As it mixed together and ran upwards, to create ongoing explosions of new energy.

It was explained that there is an intense magnetic field to this full moon, redirecting the energetic flows deep within the earth, recallibrating packages of energies and creating new blends (if you will) for our assimilation and use.

By the start of my next reading, I couldn't even breathe, I had to use my puffers to get my breath stabilized again.  Thank you god, for the inventors of Albuterol, magic in a puffer!!  Instant breath and ongoing readings lol!!   But by the 4th one, the field closed up and my viewing ability, gone.  

I woke up the next day, rough.  Every ounce of energy was gone.  I could barely haul my ass from room to room, without complete exhaustion.  My butt all the way down to my legs were so uncomfortable,  Not in pain as much as a constant, radiating (up and down) achiness with a loss of energy.  AS the day went on, the achiness started to be coupled with a series of vibrations, which did not make anything pleasant let me tell ya!!  

I tried to do readings, but talking was creating coughing.  I went into voice protection mode.  When the field is going thru change, and I do everything I can to push into a reading, my body becomes first casualty to set me back and wait for the energies to subside.  I became affixed to my couch!!  But even that was not comfortable, any pressure on my butt was seriously uncomfortable.  Let me tell you, Friday was a very very very long day in this body.

I woke up yesterday with vim and vigor running thru my veins.  I had so much energy and felt fabulous!!  YAY!!  I sat down to write and decided, its about time I take a bath meditation.  I want to understand what is happening in my body and my field.  

As soon as I laid down in my bath, a small, baseball sized portal opened up at my shower head.  There poking their tiny bodies thru this opening was my mother, father, grandmother and a whole bunch of other family and friends who are now on the other side of the veil.  My immediate question was... what the hell are you all doing here???  My father poked his arm thru and started tapping on a watch on his wrist.  it's time!!  Time for what??  I am not ready for a family reunion yet.  No words, just a repetitive tapping on his watch.  I couldn't even change the channel for other news I could use.  Dammit, I got out of the tub and took hold of my handy dandy pendulum.  Alright Mikey baby (AA Michael) I need clarity, you gonna give it to me??  He swung out yes!!  

Let me just skip to the last thing that was said (swung out) to me, what I call a clarity question in the exchange and a sentence I will never forget.  "Return Home before the floods and gases arrive."  

My thoughts went immediately back to the 11:11 event we had in the Nation's class that day.  Thru the experience, 4 of us present seen either flooding or tsunami waves coming in (when prompted by what is arriving in our future we need to be aware of, or something similar to that instruction.)  The spelling out of gases really took me aback.  

My memories went back to the summer, the information about chaos at the ground level, which we are all being prepared for as we end this last quarter of the year, of earths history.  

The only thing I am sure of, is we are looking at 2018.  I asked four different ways for a date line, three with the confirmation it is 2018.  One very illusive dateline, swung out as 4 and then 5.  None of my questions returned an answer... April 5th?  45 days??  45 weeks??  The pendulum (and my hearing) was in complete stillness. 

OK, I will mine the field when we do the readings shortly.  Not.  The field was unviewable for the second day in a row.  Dammit!!  Today is my day off, so no readings, but I may just try and take another swim in the deep end of my tub!!

Have a glorious day basking in the illumination and magnetic pull of this final fully moon energy!!!  

Big big (((HUGZ)))) new energies and Light infusions to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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