The Preparation for 2018 Energies/Life Events Underway...

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Man I have been under such lag these last several days.  I am having a hard time loading and replying to emails, loading facebook and worse, loading my website to do sharings!!  It like watching my world struggle to become, especially the readings.  On the 5th of December, thru a couple of my attempts to read, I would get what I call a preview, a visual before the reading started and then nothing once connected.  My second reading of the day will forever be burned in my memory.  

I was sitting on the couch after rescheduling my first appointment for the 4th day in a row, bitching to spirit, like they care about my bitching lol, when I started to see an explosion. I knew my next appointment was a precious soul very connected to Mount Shasta, so I knew it was in relationship to her when I seen this snow covered mountain suddenly blow.  Snow and ice were flying every which way and continued to repeat itself for a good 15 minutes.  When I went outside to do her reading, I realized the temperature outside had a serious drop from my first appointment.  It dropped 20 degrees from my first appoint to my second (a span of 45 minutes.)  I turned around and got my coat.  Brrrrr

I was just coming off the heals of the lady turning my sky to dark gray the day before in her reading, so when I told my lady what I had been seeing before our call and the drop in temperature, I made it a point to say, it better not start snowing and icing in my world!!  

The snow mountain explosion was the only thing I could see in her reading, which I rescheduled, and the understanding that is reflective of her personal world.  Things that seemed stable and even, reliable, will start to explode away from her.  The beauty and chaos of change.

The temperatures in my world continued to plummet.  By the next morning, the day never got any warmer than 29 degrees with a constant rain that was supposed to last at least two days.  I thought to myself, well, at least its not snowing!! 

Yesterday evening I get a very excited phone call from my daughter exclaiming that it just started snowing outside.  What???  Sure enough, I went outside and made sure I took a picture:

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I instantly thought of my mount Shasta lady and her imagery.  This is not even possible... is it?  I had spent 6 years in New Mexico, snow in the winter time is not that unusual, I didn't realize just how unusual it was in Texas for snow to happen.  In just 30 minutes from starting, my grandson was able to build a snowman:

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My facebook news feed lit up with pictures from Austin to San Antonio with snow images.  Come to find out this is an extraordinarily rare event.  The last time Central Texas had any sort of snow accumulation was back in 1985!!  32 years ago!!

My mind was reeling!  It's one thing to have a lady's imagery start before her reading, denoting storm clouds and suddenly my actual skies reflect that same energy in the reading then dissipate as soon as we disconnected, it is a whole other thing for a reading to start to build its event over two days, as a literal display.  All I could feel last night was it takes longer for the elements to produce snow in a land that just does not get snow than it does rain clouds.  A day and a half long from start (temperature drop) to snow on the ground!  My heart and mind was flooded with the two day conversation I had with AA MIchael about the floods and gases he talked about.  A huge flair of warning is being shot out by spirit, thru the readings to our landscape.  

I know a lot of people want this "flood" so many people are seeing in their meditations and dreams to be figurative... a flood of light, I know when spirit is showing me something literal (well, usually I know, this snow really has me reeling tho.)  

Even the readings the last two days, thank god no more weather related analogies, is really showing us how important our final touches in 2017, within ourselves, will be needed in 2018.  The urgency of assisting those in need.  What I am not seeing yet, is what is creating the urgency or the many people "in need."  One visual remains today, that I may not have interpreted fully yesterday, hangs in my field of vision right now.

The energy moving and expanding thru my lady was preparing for a full on shift of earth connection next year.  When I see 2018 in any reading, it is still an energy vibration about 30 feet above the field.  Everything I see up there is still created in outlines of energy, nothing solid or recognizable from the earths standpoint.  This particular lady had tons of boxes, cubes from the platonic solids department, starting to stack and arrange themselves on the 2018 line.  The only thing I knew for sure was it represented a new format/construct for her and her participation on earth.  As the energy stretched into what I feel (but could be wrong) was the middle of the first quarter of 2018, suddenly she was catching people by the hand as they started to fall off the earth, the energy, not sure.  The only thing I knew for sure was her team stating over and over again, she is going to be needed to help the many others that will need her help.  How, when, why... dunno.

A good friend of mine put something on her facebook that she recently understood about herself and her life experiences that I want to share with you.  It is from Charlotte Phillips, a precious soul I will be doing facebook live events/conversations with every other Friday Starting December 15th:

"All of our experiences and programming cause us to place filters over us. We view and experience life through these filters. These last couple months of 2017 have been about finding the filters and removing them. Is it possible you are not experiencing the same conversation as the person you are talking too? Are you hearing everything through a filter? Sometimes we don't even hear what is actually said our ego changes the words and has us feeling defensive, the whole while we don't even realize. That just one example of just one filter. Find the filters and remove them. By doing so we begin to experience life differently and begin to grow. Remove the filters and let in the light.. <3 "

The filters, when in place, allows you to see something as good or bad, just or unjust, when removed and we are able to see thru the eyes of our soul, we can see the wonder, the beauty, even in something we once perceived as bad, wrong, destructive.  

Spirit, our soul, our spiritual guides are not running around pulling eye lids open, that would take away free will.  If we are hell bent on seeing something or even, someone in a particular way... it doesn't make it truth, just true for where one is at in the evolution.  

To embrace a changing world, no matter the catalysts of bringing on that change, and allowing our Selfs to do something different, that is truly an unfiltered, empowered life.  No restraints, no judgement, just Service to and thru the greater all.  

Another part of what is being shown these last few days in the field, is how earth is conspiring to assist us with releasing these long held filters.  Whether it be storms in our lives, snowy explosions in our entire landscape, or fires of resurrection, or floods of purification...  we are being given the intense choice to see clearly.... or not.  To remove ourselves from the need to blame or accuse and move into clear action, clear purpose of Self.  

If you are asking... how... can I give a shout out for meditation!!??  Equally tho, even with that, spirit knows where you are not willing to take yourself and that is allowed.  They will focus on where you WILL allow yourSelf to change, to become empowered.  

These are conversations we can have, in real time, every other Friday (smile.)  Between now and the 15th, let me leave you with the first invitation Charlotte gave me with her son, to share time on her youtube channel.  

On that note, my day of readings start extra early today... 

I love and appreciate you all so very much.  Big big (((HUGZ)))) of non filtered love to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Lisa Gawlas

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